Kratom OG Vendor Review

Kratom OG Vendor Review

Kratom OG is based out of the US, but they get their Kratom directly from Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Kratom OG Review

This site is particularly useful to people on a budget who still want to buy Kratom. You can get a kilo here for $89, which is one of the best prices in the industry. You can also split a kilo up to four ways without paying any extra fees.

Kratom OG Product Line

They sell a nice selection of different Kratom powders. Their choices may vary from time to time, but this is what they have in stock at the moment (May 2021).

  • Powder – Bali Gold, Chocolate, Complex 1, Complex 2, Crushed Aceh, Elite Elephant, Gold Magic, Green Aceh, Green Asia, Green JongKong, Green Ketapang, KalBar Premium, MD Ultra, OG Green Maeng Da, OG Red Thai Maeng Da, OG White Maeng Da, Green Paragin, Pink Elephant, Pink Sandai, Premium Gold Maeng Da, Premium Red Nano, Premium Red Maeng Da, Premium White Nano, Premium White Maeng Da, Red Aceh, Red Asia, Red Bali, Red Dragon, Premium Red Elephant, Red Indo, Red Paragin, Super Elephant, Super Red, Supergreen, Supergreen Nano, Superwhite, White Aceh, White Borneo, White Elephant, White Horn, White JongKong, White Paragin, White Slippery Rock, White Vietnam, Yellow Aceh, & Yellow Magic.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

If the huge variety of strains didn’t get you, then pay attention to their prices. Kratom OG only sells powder, and the rate is standardized.

  • 100g – $18
  • 250g – $35
  • 500g – $52
  • 1 kilo – $89

Kratom OG Coupon Code

Despite being on the cheap side already, you can also find a promo code in most instances. A quick Google search could save you up to 20 percent.

Kratom OG Consumer Reputation

This vendor has a good reputation on Reddit:

  • “His OG White MD is one of the best whites I have tried as far as energy.”
  • “Well you’ve made a solid choice. Harry at KOG rocks. I still have some stuff of his I haven’t opened yet but I’ve liked everything I’ve tried so far.”
  • “I like the premium kalbar which is a green. Some of the whites have been misses for me but I liked the white aceh and the OG md. Haven’t tried any reds but the golds were great.”

They also have good reviews in another Reddit thread:

  • “The Green Jong Kong is my favorite of his. Supergreen is good, Green Asia is good, OG White MD 2.0 is excellent, the Green Tayan is very good as well. Harry has very good leaf! Good luck.”
  • “That green bota is some of the best I’ve had. Which is a lot.”

Kratom OG Customer Service

Lots of people are also big fans of Harry, the owner of Kratom OG. As you can see from this Reddit thread, they’re not afraid to shout it, either!

  • “Harry is the best!!! I really enjoy his custom samplers since he’s got so many strains.”
  • “I ordered Wednesday and got tracking email Friday — but the pkg did get delivered to USPS that same day.”
  • “Send Harry an email. He’s a green & white fan but, he has LOTS of red customers… Just ask him. He’ll suggest a good Split for ya!!”

Bottom Line

Kratom powder

Kratom OG has got a good thing going, especially for those who like to get discounted Kratom. Be sure to check them out the next time you’re looking for something cheap but good!

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