Kratom Korner : Don’t Believe Everything That You See

Kratom Korner is a kratom vendor that’s known for its organic leaves and roots and kava drink menu. While it’s certainly captured the hearts of select customers, it hasn’t made as much of an impact as search results might suggest. Before you go believing the hype, we recommend checking out today’s review.

What is Kratom Korner?

Kratom Korner, AKA Healthy Buddah, is an herb shop and kava lounge. Kratom Korner Orlando is its flagship store. This independently-owned mini-chain specializes in organic herbs, including kratom powder and kratom shots.

It is unclear exactly what kratom blends this vendor carries because its official website is deliberately evasive. Google’s no help either, as results for ‘kratom korner’ tend to favor information about Soap Korner, the GMP-certified brand that has the great misfortune of bearing a similar name.

There is little information about the proprietor or their kratom products online. All we know for sure is this: Kratom Korner Orlando is its primary headquarters, with additional locations in Mt. Dora and Sanford, FL, respectively. There are approximately 150 shops offering kratom powder in Central Florida and this one doesn’t crack the top 10.

What You Should Know About Kratom Korner

This vendor does not participate in the AKA’s landmark GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. This is unfortunate because the program keeps participants honest by requiring them to submit to a third-party audit. Furthermore, Kratom Korner does not disclose lab results on its site.

You won’t find much of anything on its website, which functions less like an online store and more like some placeholder for advertising to come. There are no flashy avatars, no vibrant images of its leaves and roots, and no mention of kratom potency. It’s as if this supplier can’t be bothered with basic salesmanship.

Kratom Korner isn’t the only source for kratom + kava drinks either, as there are more than 60 kava lounges in the area. They include the five-star Leave and Roots Lounge, the rustic Driftwood Kava and Roastery, and the cheekily-named SpookEasy Lounge. Kratom Korner does not crack the top 10.

We called two of its Central Florida locations to request additional info. In both cases, we were turned away, as if they can’t or won’t share details about their kratom strains. After asking one location what kratom powder they had, a staffer simply said, “all kinds, come on down.” Then they hung up.

image of what should you know about kratom korner

Our second attempt at obtaining information failed even more miserably. When another location’s employee was asked about whether or not their products are made from authentic Indo kratom, they paused, and then the phone clicked off. Subsequent phone calls went unanswered.

According to Google search results, Kratom Korner’s Instagram account has more than 600 followers and 95 posts. This is far from the case. As a matter of fact, Kratom Korner’s account has zero posts and zero follows. Whether this is deliberate misrepresentation on the part of the company is not clear.

As digital marketing evolves, it becomes easier for brands to pay their way to the top. Between Google search ads and click farms, it’s all too common for companies to falsify their stats. This isn’t to say that Kratom Korner is guilty of such misconduct, but consumers should always be on alert when something seems fishy.

Kratom Korner Coupon Code and Discounts

This supplier is unlikely to accept coupons, though it may have a punch card program for return customers. You’ll want to inquire about such programs in person or by filling out its online contact form. If you’re anything like me, you won’t get anywhere over the phone.

As for discounts, prices may vary from location to location. For example, a reviewer of its Sanford establishment noted the reasonable prices and great deals, while others lament their cash-only policy and small batch kratom. Its Downtown Orlando location is prized for its happy hour prices.

Kratom Korner Customer Reviews

This vendor’s discounts aren’t the only thing that has earned it high marks. Many customers have mentioned the chill “hippie vibe,” well-organized menu, fresh herbs, and exceptional, intelligent workers. One reviewer said, “Excellent attention to detail and extra steps taken for elite quality. Plenty of variety.”

Another customer noted the stale product, writing, “Went to this place on 11/30/21…two of the ‘Superfoods’ had manufacture dates of 2017.” Although this same person was quick to note that the shop offered to replace the item or refund their money.”

image of kratom korner customer reviews

Top Kratom Korner Alternatives

We understand that it isn’t always feasible to buy kratom locally. For the privacy-conscious and cash-strapped consumer, the discretion and affordability of e-commerce sites make more sense than buying locally in Orlando, FL. Here are our picks for the best alternatives to Kratom Korner.


With nearly 21,000 followers on social media, including its regularly updated Instagram account, MIT45 represents America’s number one kratom extract brand. This industry disruptor has been revolutionizing the way we enjoy kratom since its launch in 2012. It remains the most innovative brand around.

MIT45’s latest game-changing brainchild is MIT GO Black Extra Strength, a bold honey-based kratom gel that comes in an ergonomic squeezable pouch for optimal portioning. This two-serving pouch costs less than your average singe-serving kratom shot, and it’s infused with kratom potentiators and vitamins for maximum aroma.

New Dawn Kratom

This GMP-participating purveyor of plain-leaf kratom may not have the extracts that put MIT45 on the map, but its fanfare is just as strong. Customers have called New Dawn Kratom a high-quality treat. Reviewers have afforded it four to five stars, with one customer saying “9 out of 10! I would definitely recommend…shipping time is amazing.”

This Colorado-based kratom supplier offers more variety than Kratom Korner from what we can tell (its catalog includes Horned Leaf, Maeng Da, Thai Kratom, and more). But more importantly, the pricing is as cut-rate as one can expect from a trusted, reliable kratom vendor. New Dawn has kratom kilos for $80 or less.

image of kratom korner alternatives

Bottom Line

While search results may lead one to believe otherwise, Kratom Korner is not as popular as it would seem. This regional kratom and kava lounge can make for quite an enjoyable atmosphere, but there is no proof of its purity. There are plenty of better kratom vendors if you want to buy bulk kratom online.

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