The Kratom King Vendor Review

The Kratom King is a Nevada kratom vendor with a long and checkered history in the kratom industry. Reddit users have made it clear that The Kratom King is a love ‘em or hate ‘em vendor.

Does its reputation affect its quality (or lack thereof)? We’ll delve into this (and more) in our comprehensive Kratom King Vendor Review.

What is The Kratom King?

The Kratom King is a Nevada kratom supplier with more than 17 years in business. Since its inception, this Reno-based vendor has gone through the trial and error that all great companies must endure to find their footing. Whether it learned from these missteps remains to be seen.

The Kratom King has revamped its website on multiple occasions over the last few years. Nevertheless, the front page of its website retains a basic look. There are no flashy graphics, and its FAQ page is downright laughable.

One thing we love about The Kratom King is its commitment to finding you the best deals. Anytime you visit its homepage, scroll down to the red text to find out about applicable specials.

This vendor’s e-commerce shop is relatively easy to navigate. It’s always nice to see a Kratom vendor list the current status of each strain (ready to ship, backorder, etc.). On the downside, it lacks the credentials typical of top-shelf suppliers. For example, The Kratom King does not participate in the AKA’s Good Manufacturing Practices program.

Although it claims to sterilize its products and submit its kratom to a laboratory for independent evaluation, no certificates of analysis appear on its website. What’s more, no QR codes appear on its labels.

What It Has to Offer

image of the kratom king product line

This Reno vendor currently stocks 16 unique kratom strains, such as Bali Leaf, Classic Green Vein Thai, Maeng Da Leaf and Powder, Red Bali, Red Thai Leaf and Powder, Super Fine Green Elephant, Super Fine Green Maeng Da, Super Fine Red Maeng Da, Super Fine White Maeng Da, Super Fine Super Fine White Sumatra, Ultra Red Indo Leaf and Powder, White Vein Thai, Super Green Malay Leaf and Powder, and White Indo Leaf.

Although the information on its product pages is scarce at best, The Kratom King clearly offers high-quality kratom powder. The strains we have sampled have been fresh, potent, and long-lasting.

The Kratom King best kratom strain has to be White Indo Leaf, a rustic old-school cultivar with an edge. This profoundly aromatic plant matter is earthier than most and has the right amount of bitterness to spice things up. With White Vein Indo, you can expect a smooth bouquet of matcha and durian with just a hint of fruitiness.

The Kratom King offers each of its strains in powder and capsule form. Many readers ask us, “Why use kratom capsules?” and we remind them of the naturally bitter taste of kratom powder. Seasoned individuals grow to love this acquired taste, but more sensitive consumers will find it is not very pleasant.

If you are prone to gagging, nausea, or stomach cramps, you may find kratom capsules to be the perfect solution. Not only do kratom capsules mask kratom’s bitterness, but they also make it easier to get it all down. Unlike the toss ‘n wash, which invariably leads to choking or coughing, capsules are easy to swallow and absorb.

What It Costs and How It Compares

An ounce of kratom sells for $6.50, with two hundred fifty grams going for $55.00. These prices are all over the map, so to speak. $6.50 for an ounce is delightfully cheap, while $55 is fairly high for a quarter kilo.

For comparison, Amazing Botanicals charges $5.99 for 30 grams of kratom, while My Brave Botanicals charges $15 for an ounce (28 grams). On the other hand, New Dawn Kratom charges $29.99 for 250 grams, while 49.99 for 500 grams.

This vendor’s prices start as low as $2.20 for a 10-gram sample pack, but kratom kilos sell for a staggering $210. That is more than double what most vendors charge for one thousand grams. You can also pick up a five-kilo bundle for $680, although we cannot imagine why you’d want to.

Kratom King accepts many payment options and assures customers that it will issue a refund if they are unsatisfied with their order. Payment options include Bitcoin, COD (Cash on Delivery), eCheck, wire transfer, and Zelle.

Coupon Codes & Discounts

image of stan david botanicals kratom coupon code

According to its website, this vendor provides a 5% off discount code to anyone who follows them on Twitter or Instagram. To get this code, you must email them after you click ‘follow’ on either social media platform. Additional codes can be found on its homepage.

Shipping & Returns

This vendor offers you a choice between FedEx, UPS, and USPS. That being said, USPS Priority Mail is the company’s default option for shipping. Packages typically arrive in three to four business days from the time they are processed.

The Kratom King gives customers 30 days from the date of purchase to return an item for an exchange. You can exchange your item for another item of equal or lesser value. Return items must be unopened and in original packaging to qualify for a refund.

Kratom King Customer Reviews

It doesn’t take much searching to find a wide variety of opinions about The Kratom King. Some Reddit users have complained about getting Red Vein Thai that “literally looks like it’s full of sawdust.” Another unsatisfied customer said the kratom they received was “absolute sh*t.”

Others have been pleased with The Kratom King for “hooking it up” with samples. One user opined that The Kratom King’s Red Indo is “not [a] bad product.”

Over the past several years, one of the most frequent complaints is that this vendor is overpriced. Fortunately, they do seem to be making some slight price adjustments.

The Kratom King alluded to a low-price guarantee, but there appears to be no price matching on its site. It’s simply the vendor’s promise to provide “the best value at the best price.”

Bottom Line

You can buy kratom online from this long-standing Reno-based vendor.

Due to a large number of negative or neutral Reddit comments, we suggest trying a few samples before you invest a lot of money into The Kratom King’s products. Looking for a better fit? Check out our complete list of the kratom vendor reviews. You can also learn more about state regulations and local buying tips for kratom in Nevada.

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