Kratom Eye – A Complete Review

We have been keeping our eyes on Kratom Eye for quite some time. This Florida-based kratom vendor may lack the cachet of Kat’s Botanicals and other Sunshine State players, but it continues to evolve as time goes on. Unlike so many modern brands, Kratom Eye does not offer kratom extracts, believing that kratom is at its best when it is in its organic state. The result is a 100% natural line of lab-tested kratom strains. Read on for the full skinny on Kratom Eye’s slow but steady ascension from a small-time vendor to a bulk kratom supplier.

Kratom Eye Review

Since 2013, Kratom Eye has been serving up an eclectic catalog of CBD and kratom treats, which have been appreciated by keen kratom enthusiasts from all across the country. has become a one-stop shop for everything M. speciosa. Whereas many of its competitors close the door at kratom powder and kratom capsules, Kratom Eye keeps things fresh with new strains, kratom potentiators, exotic flowers, enhanced teas, and exclusive roll-outs. Reviewers have taken notice of this brand for its low prices, consumer incentives, and novel products. It has earned five-star reviews among bloggers and scored points with a popular kratom aggregation site for the diversity of its online store. Kratom Eye Strains have been heralded for their potency and freshness, while custom kratom blends, such as Kratom Eye Hocus Focus, have found favor among a rising number of consumers.

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Is It Lab Tested?

Since its inception in 2013, Kratom Eye has specialized in selling laboratory-tested Mitragyna speciosa products. This vendor’s M. speciosa strains are pure, smooth, and unadulterated. Although it does not publicly disclose its certificates of analysis, the quality and purity of its products is obvious once you receive it. We find this seller’s plain leaf powders to be very crisp. In a recent interview, Kratom Eye said that lab testing is mandatory prior to kratom sales. Each batch of kratom undergoes a purification process that includes sterilization by cold pasteurization.

Is Kratom Eye Legit?

Kratom Eye is a dependable brand run by bona fide kratom connoisseurs. It has made the Venice of America a veritable botanical garden. From its incredible deals to its ever-mushrooming catalog of exotic items, is the genuine article. We have been consistently dazzled by its smooth kratom powders, peculiar kratom blends, and robust garden-fresh cultivars.

Kratom Eye Product Line

These guys have everything from Akuamma and CBD hemp flower to Kava Kava and Kratom Soap. The Kratom Eye collection is famous for its live kratom plants, fresh kratom cuttings, handcrafted M. speciosa soaps, and custom kratom blends. Whether you’re on the lookout for bold hemp flower buds with frosty trichomes or horn-shaped kratom leaves with vibrant pink-red veins, you’ll find what you’re looking for at this expansive online apothecary.

Kratom Eye Top Kratom Powders :

  • Bali-Wood (Best of Bali Kratom Blend)
  • Big Red Blend
  • Borneo Yellow
  • The Deep End (Deep Red Blend)
  • Exclusive Green Vein
  • GoldenEye
  • Green Dayak
  • Green Elephant
  • Green Horn
  • Green Hulu Kapuas
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Sulawesi
  • Green Thai
  • Horn of Plenty (Horned Leaf Kratom Blend)
  • Morning Sunshine
  • Pangaea (Ultimate Green Vein Blend)
  • Plantation Red
  • Red Borneo Kratom
  • Salvador Bali (Unique Bali Blend)
  • Stem & Vein
  • Super Green Malay
  • Swamp Thing
  • White Lightning

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Prices start at $4.25 for a half-ounce (14 grams). More on this in a moment.

Kratom Eye Best Kratom Strain: Without a doubt, Green Vein Dayak is the best kratom strain in Kratom Eye’s catalog. This surprisingly pronounced green vein kratom powder is harvested along the banks of the Mahakam river basin by the farmers of the adat bumai discipline. This East Kalimantan tribe is among the most skilled private farmers in the Borneo region of Indonesia and Green Dayak is the crowning jewel of their ethnobotanical abilities.

Kratom Eye Live Kratom Plants : This vendor’s rooted kratom trees are sturdy, fragrant, and versatile. You can choose between Bumblebee Kratom and Rifat Kratom cultivars, which come in green and red vein colors. Each live specimen costs just $55.00. also stocks rooted and non-rooted kratom cuttings, which are viable options for those who wish to cultivate a fast-growing, easily pruned Elephant kratom tree. Cuttings go for as little as $22 and come pre-rooted in compact containers that are easy to transplant into your own soil.

What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

As we mentioned earlier, you can get fourteen grams for $4.25, with many additional purchasing options available. Most plain leaf kratom powders sell for $7.25 an ounce. You can pick up two ounces for $13.75, three ounces for $18.50, four ounces for $25.75, five ounces for $29.50, and eight ounces for $47.00. Five hundred grams will run you $83, while a kratom kilo will cost you $121.25. These are fair prices based on the average industry-low cost for bulk kratom powder. For example, Mitragaia charges $120 for one thousand grams of raw powder. At this price point, you are paying around twelve cents per gram, which is standard in the domestic marketplace.

Shipping & Returns

Kratom Eye ships all orders via the United States Postal Service (USPS). You can choose between Flat Rate shipping or an Express Mail upgrade. Free Priority Shipping is made available to customers who spend $49 or more. Kratom same-day shipping is available on weekdays before 12:30 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time). This vendor does not discuss its refund policy online. To inquire about the prospect of returning an item for exchange or refund, reach out to the team at [email protected].

Kratom Eye Payment Methods

You have your choice of seven payment options, which include bank transfers via CoinPayments, credit/debit card payments via CannaPaid, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ether, etc.), eCheck, and postal money orders.

Kratom Eye Coupon Code

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First-time customers are given a 15% off coupon code after adding items to their cart. Return customers are given a 10% off code that’s good for the same. You can get up to 45% off products with a free kratom coupon code. Kratom Eye runs regular promotions for customers new and old alike. As of this writing, the site has a summer sale going on, whereby you can score 25-45% off select items. Alternatively, you can get promo codes that are redeemable for a free half-ounce or full ounce of kratom powder. To learn more, you can visit . Additional sales can be found on this vendor’s kratom promotions page. Deals include 20% off kratom cuttings and sitewide discounts on enhanced kratom powder.

Kratom Eye Consumer Reputation

Customers have been effusive in their praise for this sublime Sunshine State vendor. One Reddit review notes the above average shipping time and superior quality of its kratom blends. Another user agreed, writing, “I would say yes, it is better quality. I have ordered from fresh-kratom, HS, Coastal, and MMM and I think that Kratom Eye is the best quality I have tried so far.” Kratom Eye has received inclusion in I Love Kratom’s brand spotlight and earned the site’s vendor approval.

Kratom Eye Customer Service

There is no shortage of ways in which to contact this supplier. You can fill out its online form, send an email, mail a letter, or give customer service a call at 786-258-8153. This seller typically responds within hours and may respond even sooner during weekdays.

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Bottom Line

Through its all-encompassing inventory and selective sourcing of all-natural kratom products, Kratom Eye has set a precedent that many vendors should adhere to. Its wide assortment of goods and potent strains make it a must-have for any discerning consumer. We highly recommend you check out Kratom Eye’s Green Dayak or any of its unforgettable blends.

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