Kratom and Company Vendor Review

Kratom and Company began its life as a modest ma-and-pa herb shop in Fort Walton, FL. Its success led to a secondary location in Pensacola and an online store that’s among the most widely searched on the Internet. Kratom and Co. offer everything from kratom powder and kratom capsules to enhanced kratom and extracts.

This Sunshine State supplier has hundreds of followers, thousands of searches, and dozens of four-star ratings. But is this authentic kratom of the tropics or just another sketchy Florida-grown brand that brokered good ratings? Find out everything you need to know about Kratom and Company in our complete review.

What are Kratom and Company?

Founded in 2018 by Larry Nichols, a local businessman with an eye for botanicals,  Kratom and Company were designed to be a no-frills family-run wellness shop. However, the store’s immediate success resulted in Nichols launching a mini-chain. This includes its highly-rated Pensacola storefront and its online store.

You can visit K&C at kratomandco.com. There you’ll find a site that’s visually well-crafted, with flowing images and an easy-access menu. Unfortunately, the menu lacks much of what seasoned kratom enthusiasts expect when shopping online. We’d give it a 5/10 in terms of features.

This vendor specializes in varieties of Bali and Maeng Da kratom, as well as proprietary kratom blends.  The Kratom and Company name seems to be synonymous with Red Maeng Da, though its most significant attraction is its White Rhino. More on this in a moment.

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What Does It Have to Offer?

Kratom and Company stocks Bentuangie Kratom, Gold Reserve, Green Bali, Green Maeng Da, K&C Gold 50x Extract, Rainbow Blend, Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, Super Green Elephant, White Bali, White Maeng Da, White Rhino, and Yellow Maeng Da.

These strains come in a range of forms, including powder and capsule forms. Some are offered as both plain leaf and enhanced kratom powder. Others are simply stocked in their natural form.

White Rhino is our pick for its best strain. This white vein blend consists of the optimal combination of Bali and Maeng Da for a bold fragrance with the lingering duration of the horned leaf. White Rhino carries an invigorating aroma that’s redolent of black tea and jasmine.

What It Costs and How It Compares

Kratom and Company’s pricing is possibly its biggest handicap. A single ounce isn’t awful at only $15, though many online vendors charge $10 or less (we’re thinking of you, Phytoextractum). But this is clearly the most cost-effective as a small-batch kratom source. The more you buy, the more you’ll end up spending.

You can get two ounces for $25, four ounces for $45, or eight ounces for $65.00. This does not conform to current industry low pricing. On the contrary, it’s more than what most vendors would charge for 500 grams. For instance, New Dawn Kratom only charges $39 for this amount.

The brand’s kratom capsules are even more outlandish at $40 for 100 caps or $100 for 300.  These may seem like excellent prices to the uninitiated, but considering the milligrams of kratom powder in each capsule, these are hardly worth your hard-earned bread.

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What Does It Get Right?

At first glance, kratomandco.com is a slick site with an attractive, minimalist design, and a user-friendly interface. It’s worth noting that everything about this vendor’s online store is easily navigable, but that’s about it.

This vendor accepts major credit cards, something many online vendors do not. It also maintains a return policy that’s surprising for a brand that started its life as a headshop. Most brick-and-mortar shops refuse to issue refunds, but K&C gives you 30 days to request a return.

What Does It Get Wrong?

This site may possess an alluring design, but appearance isn’t everything. Any ad man will tell you, words matter as much as images. In Kratom and Company’s case, the introductory text does a lousy job of drawing us in.

It is poorly written by a native English speaker who nevertheless sucks at selling the brand in clear terms. They mention the science of kratom without any discernible explanation of that science. What’s more, there is no mention of kratom origins, labs, or product safety.

The company’s packaging is another problem for the discerning consumer. Its kratom powder is very plainly wrapped in flimsy pouches and slapped with generic stickers that feature the bare minimum of information. This is not in keeping with GMP standards of labeling.

As for the product itself, Kratom and Company powders are said to be fresh and clean. While freshness is something you can detect at once, cleanliness is more difficult for the casual consumer to confirm. It would be nice to see proof of this vendor’s purity, but certificates of analysis are not provided.

Kratom and Company advertises a 2-for $30 deal on OPMS Kratom Shots that is hardly a deal. In fact, it’s rather misleading to the beginner and quite baffling for the seasoned kratom connoisseur. $15 per liquid kratom shot is not what one could call a heavy discount.

OPMS Shots typically sell for under $15 before any so-called sale. For example, Kures.co sells OPMS Gold Kratom Shot for $13.74. These sellers give customers reward points for each purchase, something Kratom and Company do not.

For a real deal on liquid kratom extract, we would suggest trying MIT45’s MIT GO Black Extra Strength, a Mitragynine-dominant extract, which sells for just $11.97 per pouch. This product hits differently, with its brilliant blend of citrus and spice, including kratom potentiators.

Cheaper – and arguably better – products aside, Kratom and Company’s product line simply doesn’t earn its upmarket price point. This is not Private Reserve Kratom, nor is it Wildcrafted Maeng Da. It is debatable whether it’s actually kratom of the tropics at all. Many Florida vendors have taken to growing their own.

Something for every kratom beginner to know: kratom cannot grow properly in U.S. states, such as Florida or New Mexico. These climates may seem similar to Southeast Asia on the surface. Both are known for their humidity, but both are arid compared to the tropical rainforests of Indonesia.

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Customer Reviews

Google reviews have been encouraging, with one customer writing, “The kratom is hands down the freshest and best quality…I have found.” Another said, “David is well-versed…He provided me with a sample and explained the difference in products. The price is right, and the quality is great.”

Alas, we were unable to find any reviews for this brand in prominent online kratom forums. There is no mention of it on Reddit, nor has it received approval status from I Love Kratom. Generally speaking, the absence of info on such sites does not portend good things for customers.

Bottom Line

In summary, Kratom and Company have gotten some rave reviews from online consumers, but the brand lacks industry credentials. We generally advise against doing business with vendors who do not disclose lab results. For a list of the best kratom vendors click here.

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