Kratom Alliance Kratom Vendor Review

Kratom Alliance Vendor Review

Kratom Alliance sells Nano Kratom. This is a slightly different version of what you’re used to. Basically, it means they use special machines to filter out anything bad, which creates a very fine grade of powder.

Kratom Alliance Review

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be into buying Kratom that’s different from the norm. Even better, this vendor accepts major credit cards, along with eCheck debit and bank transfer. On the downside, they don’t accept any form of cryptocurrency.

Kratom Alliance Product Line

KA has a nice selection of Kratom to choose from. With 21 different strains, you know you’ll find one that suits you.

  • Powder – Papua Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, White Maeng Da Horned, Super White Maeng Da, Premium Bali Green, Original Green Maeng Da, Super Green Borneo, Red Vein Maeng Da, Premium Bali Red, Thai Green Maeng Da, Malay White, Red Vein Borneo, Sumatra White, Kapuas Hulu Green, Bentuangie Red, Kapuas Hulu Red, Special BOETA Green, Gold Premium, Green Vein Maeng Da, & Yellow Vein

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Most of Kratom Alliance’s Mitragyna speciosa costs the same amount, although there are a few variations. For the most part, their Kratom costs:

  • 250g – $46.95
  • 500g – $80.95
  • 1 kilo – $145

Kratom Alliance Coupon Code

KA doesn’t currently have any promo codes. However, they do have a loyalty rewards program that will help you save some money.

Kratom Alliance Consumer Reputation

We found three pages that have KA reviews: Trustpilot, Reddit, and another Reddit thread.

  • “Great products and great prices, spend your money here, they’ve always been great to me.”
  • “I will say this Kratom Alliance is my new go to vendor. I’ve ordered from them 3 times now, and each time I’ve gotten three ounces in samples and very fast shipping. The quality is on par with the other vendors yet their pricing is a tad cheaper.”
  • “They sent me an ounce of green Malay, an ounce of red indo, and an ounce of Maeng da. They were all pretty good, to be honest. The prices are so cheap for 1/2 and full kilos.”

Kratom Alliance Customer Service

KA has had some problems with customer service, but it’s mostly related to their website. This issue does seem to be resolved now, but we’re putting the reviews here just in case.

  • “I assume, they must be really new because when I first went to their website, it was a mess but the other day it looked like they had cleaned it up and made it ‘friendlier’ to navigate.”
  • “Their marketing may be [email protected] and their website is currently f**ked up, but I’m happy with them, and will continue to order from them in the future.”

Bottom Line


Kratom Alliance has had some bad luck with their website. Aside from this, they seem to be on the up and up. If you’ve been wanting to try Nano Kratom, they’re probably worth giving a shot to.

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