Kozy Kratom Vendor Review

Kozy Kratom bills itself as one of the oldest kratom nurseries in the United States of America. This Florida-based manufacturer offers a crushed leaf, seed pods, kratom cuttings, rooted kratom plants, and bulk kratom powder.

The company has presented itself as if it is the largest and most progressive kratom farm in North America, but its facts can vary from page to page. Nevertheless, it has attracted a lot of attention on social media and has even achieved approved vendor status.

Is it everything it is cracked up to be or is Kozy Kratom yet another flim-flam clan? Find out everything you need to know about this seller in our complete Kozy Kratom Vendor Review.


Kozy Kratom Product Review

Kozy Kratom is believed to be a Florida-based vendor, one whose kratom trees are said to be cultivated in both Florida and Georgia. However, its phone number is registered in New Hampshire. To make matters more confusing, its URL location pings in Columbus, OH. Either Kozy Kratom really is the country’s most far-flung kratom co-op or something truly fishy is afoot.

According to its meta description, Kozy Kratom harvests its kratom leaf from five to twelve-year-old Mitragyna speciosa trees. This assertion is far-fetched; how would a company regularly replenish its products if inventory only grew once per decade? It also seems to be utterly false, as kratom trees take only two years to reach optimal maturity.

Any tree that has grown for more than four years is likely too large and unwieldy to use for kratom cultivation purposes. Many customers get hung up on the fact that kratom can grow to heights of eighty to one hundred inches. Some vendors take advantage of this information to sell patrons the older, staler products.

The truth is, Mitragyna speciosa reaches full maturity at two years or ten to twenty feet in height. Kozy Kratom claims its kratom leaves are grown on forty-foot trees and it isn’t the only questionable affirmation this vendor makes. More on this in a moment.

This coastal kratom vendor’s prices are almost as basic as its packaging. Compared to long-established brands like Amazing Botanicals, Kozy Kratom is overpriced and amateurish. Amazing Botanicals’ packaging also bests this seller’s pouches in every regard. This Florida company uses flimsy, generic see-through pouches that are difficult to reseal and far from discreet.

Presentation is key for many privacy-conscious consumers, especially among athletes and working professionals who intend to bring their kratom with them when they are on the go. Kozy Kratom is all but impossible to conceal in a public place.

As an e-commerce site, it has managed to earn a fair amount of support from online kratom forums, but it lacks the five-star rating typical of many popular brands on Google. You are unlikely to bump into many head shop customers who are aware of the Kozy Kratom name.

Orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS), with Flat Rate and Priority Mail options made available. Packages typically arrive within three business days, depending on your location and the size of your order. Purchases are generally fulfilled within twenty-four hours, with most orders receiving kratom same-day shipping.

Based on our research it would seem that Kozy Kratom provides products of middling quality. Although it has received some positive notes from select members of the kratom community its lack of participation in key initiatives and its failure to demonstrate purity raise some red flags.

image of kozy kratom products

Kozy Kratom’s web design leaves much to be desired; it boasts a basic, rather amateurish build and images that are shrewd at best and deceptive at worst. For example, the first picture that greets you on its homepage is a photo of an attractive, scantily-clad young woman of indeterminate ethnic origin. She is perched on a ladder beside a tree that may or may not be a Mitragyna speciosa tree. The way that this smiling girl leans forward reveals a hint of her backside beneath the hem of her pink blouse.

In marketing, we call this tactic “sexertising,” and it is an approach that is more prevalent than you might think. A study from the University of Georgia found that the health and wellness industry accounted for thirty-eight percent of the sexual imagery employed in advertising across eighteen product categories. In short, sex sells products because it grabs consumers’ attention.

This is understandable if you’re selling, say, cologne or sexual enhancement supplements, products that are marketed to individuals who are looking to be more desirable or sexually vital, but its relevance in the kratom space is ponderous and kind of preposterous.

If you continue to scroll down Kozy Kratom’s homepage, you will see a number of spartan images of rugged men, some half-clothed, others in working-class garb, surrounded by kratom plants, barnyard animals, and pick-up trucks. We believe these images to be equally misleading, as they suggest a down-home vendor of independent origins.

On the contrary, Kozy Kratom is an off-shoot of Kratomleaf.us, an e-commerce business that operates under the umbrella of CincoTech LLC DBA, a Florida-based co-op. While owners Walter and Will may be South Florida residents with a kratom farm, they are entrepreneurs first and foremost. With multiple websites in play, this is far from a blue-collar ma-and-pa undertaking.

Most alarmingly, there is a feature on Kozy Kratom’s checkout page where the site encourages you to donate a fifteen percent tip to “American Kratom Advocacy,” which is very obviously presented in caps to confuse prospective donors. It isn’t a coincidence that this option is offered after visitors have had the chance to familiarize themselves with Kozy Kratom’s supposed background with the American Kratom Association.

All of this seemingly deceptive advertising might not seem concerning were it not for the company’s “Watchdog” blog, which claims to shed light on “the truth” behind kratom strains and industry practices. Among other things, Kratom Leaf claims that ninety-nine percent of kratom strains are sourced from Indonesia, a statistic that is rattled off without the citing of any legitimate data.

In fact, Kratom Leaf’s blog urges customers to purchase only the greenest examples of green vein kratom, suggesting in one post that there is little to no distinction to be made between greens and red vein. However, this does not stop the company from selling red vein and white vein kratom powders at its Kozy Kratom online store.

This is not uncommon – a 2021 study assessing the quality of the information provided by kratom websites found that the majority of such information was poor and largely biased – and it isn’t necessarily reflective of a lack of quality where Kozy Kratom products are concerned. That said, it does not instill confidence in discriminating and experienced consumers.

Kozy Kratom’s powder line consists of the green vein, pink vein, red vein, and white vein, respectively. Strains include Bali Kratom, Elephant Kratom, Green Malay, Hulu Kratom, OG Maeng Da, Plantation MD, Power Blend, and Premium Indo Kratom.


What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices start at $10 for an ounce of kratom powder, with two hundred fifty grams going for $40.00. You can score five hundred grams for $70 or a kratom kilo for $100.00. While these prices represent the lower end of the marketplace’s current pricing it is not the most affordable.

For the sake of comparison, 99kratom.com offers ½ kilos for $59.00, while Whole Earth Gifts has full kratom kilos and split kilos for as little as $69.00. Kozy Kratom also offers split kilos at a flat rate of $100.00. Customers are also encouraged to donate to “Support American Kratom” in the amount of $95-103.00.

Kozy Kratom’s crushed leaf starts at $20 for thirty grams, with one hundred grams selling for $45.00. By contrast, Amazing Botanicals only charges $5.99 for thirty grams of its crushed leaf, with one hundred grams going for $19.99.

Specialty products, such as Kratomate (Kratom x Yerbamate) Tea Bags, start at five bucks for two bags, with five bags going for $12.00. Meanwhile, kratom cuttings go for as much as 65.00 regardless of their size, maturity, or overall condition.

Kozy Kratom currently accepts cash, checks, credit/debit cards (AmEx, MasterCard, and VISA), cryptocurrencies, eChecks, and money orders. For additional options, you may inquire by email at: kozykratom@gmail.com.


Kozy Kratom Customer Reviews

image of kozy kratom customer reviews

Kozy Kratom Reddit posts have been largely positive where this vendor is concerned. One member said, “I’ve now tried Kozy, Kats, and MM [Speciosa] and I have to say, Kozy has my favorite white MD. It looks darker than some of the other white strains but it is amazing and definitely top shelf.”

Others pointed out that its white vein looked fermented, which seemed off for an example of White Maeng Da. This vendor has received a 50/50 rating across price, quality, selection, and service with Kratomaton.com.


Kozy Kratom Complaints

One underwhelmed customer said, “I had their premium indo select now I’m not sure if that one was grown in Florida or not because I think some of the powder is from Indonesia and some not also had their fresh leaf I don’t like a fresh leaf as much as powder.”

Another member agreed, writing, “Me either. The fresh leaf is more of a novelty thing than anything. The powder will always be better. Also, Indonesia will always have superior Kratom in general. Both leaf and powder. Also, you get more ‘Leaf’ per gram of powder. American Kratom is still very much novel and will never be able to compete with Indonesian Kratom at this time.”


Is It Lab Tested?

Kozy Kratom does not make any claims about third-party laboratory testing, nor does it disclose certificates of analysis on its website. There is no entry about GMP compliance and no information about quality control protocols.

This lack of transparency is disconcerting, especially when one considers its owners’ assertions regarding the AKA (American Kratom Association) –  the site claims that its co-owner was a co-founder of the notable nonprofit kratom advocacy organization, but no information on the AKA’s site appears to support this claim. Furthermore, Kozy Kratom is not listed on the AKA’s official website.


Is Kozy Kratom Legit?

This vendor does not inspire trust and does not function like most legitimate kratom suppliers. It offers no indication of industry acceptance or certification. What’s more, its website is devoid of vital information about strain origins, kratom powder purity, or related data.

One of its owners suggests that they have been growing Mitragyna speciosa trees for eleven years, but most seasoned kratom aficionados are well aware of the drawbacks to growing kratom in the United States. Simply put, Florida is an inferior environment in which to raise kratom to optimal maturity. Furthermore, it is a bit disingenuous for this vendor’s blog to discuss importation from Indonesia if it is growing its own kratom powders here in America.

image of is kozy kratom legit

American Kratom Association

Despite its co-owners supposed association with the AKA, Kozy Kratom is not a participant in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. Kratomleaf.us is likewise absent from the AKA’s list of GMP participants.

The GMP program was established to hold kratom processors accountable while protecting customers against unsafe kratom products. The program requires participants to submit to a third-party audit while abiding by the strictures of its manufacturing, labeling, marketing, and sales requirements.


Closing Thoughts

In summary, Kozy Kratom is a domestic kratom brand with a dubious background, bogus advertising, questionable quality, and a limited following. If you are thinking about placing an order, you should exercise caution. Without lab results or a money-back guarantee, Kozy Kratom is far from a sure thing.

Still on the fence? You can find viable alternatives to Kozy Kratom by shopping around online. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to discover a wealth of trusted vendors with awesome deals and exceptional products.

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