Kono Labs Kratom Vendor Review


There is no shortage of grift in the kratom industry, with vendors employing every trick in the book to get their hooks in prospective customers. In the last two years alone, we witnessed the rise of kratom chocolate bars, the emergence of kratom extract gummies, and the unfortunate Golden Road scandal.

While some customers fall for the latest marketing gimmicks and social media come-ons, others require a more gentle and professional touch. This is why consumers have fallen for Kono Labs Kratom.

KonoLabs is a website designed to fool the kind of folks who want to feel like they are buying something special. The punchline to this sad joke is what they are actually purchasing.

Kono Labs Kratom Review

KonoLabs is a website advertising kratom products that have been meticulously tested for purity. This would be fine were KonoLabs selling Kono Labs Kratom, but it is not.

Instead, KonoLabs serves as a glorified advertisement for Whole Herbs Kratom. As anyone who’s visited a smoke shop can tell you, Whole Herbs Kratom is a headshop brand that comes in its own original packaging.

KonoLabs’ logo—featuring a sleek blue beaker—would have you believe that this is a scientific organization with an interest in research and development. You might even get the impression that the brand is interested in peer review.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

KonoLabs does not concern itself with transparency or community. It is not a participant in the AKA (American Kratom Association)’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program, nor has it attempted to forge a relationship with online kratom forums.

No contact information is provided. No email address. No phone number. No mailing address. It would seem this company does not want customers finding out where it is located.

We can’t say we are surprised given the seemingly questionable nature of its business practices. After all, KonoLabs takes its name from Kono Labs, Inc., a privately-owned AI (Artificial Intelligence) firm.

There does not appear to be any legitimate association between the two organizations, which makes Kono Labs Kratom’s use of the name that much more suspect.

Further research suggests that Kono Labs is simply a phony name Whole Herb Company uses for its in-house laboratory. According to one of its business pages, its kratom products are screened by warehouse staff members for quality control purposes.

This explanation for the KonoLabs name would almost make sense if Whole Herb Company’s in-house lab page didn’t go on to read, “Testing at an independent, certified laboratory confirms negative E. coli and Salmonella counts.”

To clarify, this in-house lab page contradicts itself as to where lab-testing takes place, claiming Whole Herb Company uses its own in-house facility, only to turn around and suggest that testing takes place at a third-party lab.

To make matters worse, no certificates of analysis are disclosed or reproduced in any fashion. No satisfaction guarantee is listed on the page either, leading us to believe that KonoLabs is not a legitimate enterprise.

Kono Labs Kratom Product Line

image of kratom

KonoLabs’ product line appears to be non-existent, as its one Products page links to nothing. The only proof of any kratom whatsoever is the panoramic picture of Whole Herbs Kratom on its homepage.

Whole Herbs Kratom is a smoke shop brand that has been around for many years. KonoLabs’s copyright lists 2019, while its banner claims it was founded in 2015. This is bound to leave some people scratching their heads.

As if that isn’t confusing enough, KonoLabs claims to offer Kava and CBD products, but neither item is pictured anywhere on its site.

Kono Labs Kratom Powders

Whole Herbs kratom powder comes in a select variety, including the following:

Prices vary from retailer to retailer, with online vendors such as Jack B. Goods selling it for $16.99 per one hundred grams.

Kono Labs Kratom Capsules

All kratom products are offered in both powder and capsule form. This applies to each of the strains mentioned above.

Kratom capsules are relatively easy-to-swallow, although their contents leave something to be desired. The simple fact is, kratom capsules usually hold an insufficient amount of kratom plant matter.

Unless your stomach can handle choking down a gobful of caps, you may want to consider a more traditional method.

Kono Labs Kratom capsules start at $21.95 for a 120-count bottle.

What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

Wholesale affiliates like Jack B Goods offer Kono Labs Kratom in various sizes. You can expect to pay $16.99 for three-and-a-half ounces of kratom powder, with two hundred twenty-five grams going for $39.99.

A 120-count of kratom capsules will run you $21.95, while a 250-count bottle will cost you $39.95. You can bulk up with a 500-count for $69.95 or nab yourself multiple powders and bottles for a coupon code discount.

Shipping & Returns

image of shipping

As with pricing, shipping and return policies will vary from wholesale supplier to wholesale supplier. Jack B Goods lets you choose between carriers and shipping speeds.

You can go for free shipping via UPS Ground or opt for upgrades, such as UPS Next Day Air, FedEx Standard Overnight, or USPS First Class Mail. Motor freight may also be available on bulk shipments.

Returns are accepted on packages that were received in error. Additionally, it accepts returns on faulty supplies or orders containing the wrong products.

To request a refund or replacement, you can fill out a short online contact form, which asks for you to provide your order number and the reason for your request.

Kono Labs Kratom Payment Methods

If you buy Whole Herbs, AKA Kono Labs Kratom at Jack B Goods, you’ll be able to pay with bank transfers, Discover, e-Check, MasterCard, paper check, or VISA.

Kono Labs Coupon Code

Although kratom coupon codes are not accepted at Konolabs.com, Jack B Goods happily accepts promo codes on eligible items. In fact, Jack B Goods has delivered discount codes to its customers via social media platforms.

Kono Labs Kratom Consumer Reputation

This so-called brand has left no digital footprint whatsoever; you will not find a single reference to KonoLabs or Konolabs.com on Reddit or similar sites.

On the contrary, there isn’t a single mention of Kono Labs Kratom on any of the online kratom forums. Even the ordinarily supportive I Love Kratom lacks any information about this purported brand.

Kono Labs Kratom Customer Service

As we mentioned earlier, KonoLabs does not volunteer its address or phone number. If you want to ask a question or resolve an issue, you must do so by filling out an online contact form.

Based on our research, responses from customer support are slow and far from helpful. After reaching out with a question regarding kratom strains, we did not receive a response for more than twenty-four hours.

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves and capsules

If you’re looking for a professional brand with a forward-thinking look, KonoLabs is not the site for you. The beaker logo may give the appearance of something scientific, but there is no substance to this vendor.

With a limited selection, a dubious background, and a lack of third-party lab results, Kono Labs Kratom is not something we would recommend to our readers (or anyone else).

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