Komodo Organics Vendor Review

Komodo Organics is an international kratom vendor specializing in proprietary kratom blends and kratom capsules. Komodo bills itself as a force of nature, which is as fair a description as any for the allure of all-natural farm-fresh kratom powder. Komodo Organics’ mission is to ethically source only the finest environmentally-friendly kratom products to market.

You can find this vendor at: komodoorganics.com. There you will find an ILK-approved vendor and products that are tailored to the varied needs of its customers. Unfortunately, this is where the fun stops, and the red flags start to wave.

If this is your first time hearing about Komodo Kratom there are some things you need to know before placing an order. We’ll cover all of the pros and cons in today’s post. Read on to learn all about this native Borneo kratom brand in the Golden Monk’s Komodo Organics Vendor Review.


Komodo Organics Product Review

Komodo Organics is an international kratom operation owned by Cornerstone Organics, LLC. Cornerstone Organics is located in Las Vegas, NV, but its native partners reside in Pontianak, Indonesia. It is there, in the heart of West Kalimantan, that Komodo Organics cultivates its unique kratom strains using sustainable farming methods.

This vendor claims to be devoted to providing only 100% all-natural Mitragyna speciosa products, but little information is given to support these claims. Testing claims are also made with nothing to back them up. More on this later.

More alarmingly, Komodo Organics uses every one of its product pages as an opportunity to make bold, unsubstantiated assertions about the results of kratom and its aroma. These unsubstantiated assertions extend beyond description to include the names of its proprietary kratom powders.

On the whole, Komodo Kratom is not a bad choice, but it is certainly not one of the cheapest native brands. In fact, the price point for its fixed amount of kratom powder is more than what most domestic kratom vendors charge per gram.

Don’t let the graphics fool you, Komodo Organics’ packaging isn’t nearly as professional as you may think. Although its solid white plastic screw jars and vibrant labels may appear high-grade the containers themselves are flimsy and poorly designed. This is middling plastic that dents easily and may be difficult to reseal.

This supplier has a good sustainability rating with the Good On You Directory where it was evaluated against other brands in the current marketplace. More than five hundred users have shown support for Komodo Organics on Facebook.

On the other hand, Komodo Organics hasn’t been active on social media since October 18, 2020. Its security certificate expired on March 2, 2022, which means your visit to its online store will not be a secure one. Depending on your web browser, you may be cautioned against visiting this page, as your personal data may be compromised.


Komodo Kratom comes in three variants—Boost, Vibe, and Zen, respectively. The vibe is composed of green vein kratom strains, while Zen is a mixture of red veins. Boost is the only formula whose packaging color does not match its vein color; the wrapper is an icy blue, but the contents are white vein kratom all the way.

This vendor’s shipping is similar to that of many other suppliers in the industry; it offers flat rate shipping via a carrier it regularly uses. Orders are typically shipped within twenty-four hours of being processed. You are given a fourteen-day window in which to request a return. Safety seals must be intact in order to qualify for a refund.

Reviews, although somewhat scarce, attest to the quality of this brand, while its refund policy reinforces the notion of Komodo Organics as a trusted source for Mitragyna speciosa. Although the site’s web design leaves much to be desired in its spare menus and lack of lab results, the information provided all but guarantees satisfaction.

What It Costs & How It Compares

You can expect to pay $24.94 for sixty grams of kratom powder or $34.95 for sixty grams worth of kratom capsules. Each capsule contains approximately six-hundred fifty milligrams of plant matter. Single serving packs are also available for $59.00; each pack contains six capsules.

At $34.94 for sixty grams of kratom, you’ll be paying nearly forty-two cents per gram, which is more than what you would pay at Happy Hippo Herbals, a domestic vendor that’s arguably the most expensive big-name supplier on the market. For the sake of comparison, Happy Hippo charges $32 for one hundred twelve grams of kratom, which amounts to less than twenty-nine cents per gram.

Debit/credit cards are currently accepted via MESH Payment, but all other payment methods are unavailable at the moment. If you were hoping for COD (Cash On Delivery) or cryptocurrency, you are S.O.L. For the time being, all payments must be able to be processed through MESH.

Komodo Organics Coupon Code & Discounts

No kratom coupon codes appear to be offered, nor are any discounts listed on its products pages. Given the inert state of its social media account, it is unlikely consumers will see promotional codes from this seller in the near or distant future. If it deals you’re after, you should shop around.


Komodo Organics Customer Reviews

This native kratom supplier has received high marks from the vast majority of its consumer base, with hundreds throwing it Likes on social and several enthusiastic users posting five-star reviews. One satisfied customer said, “We have loved our experience with this vendor. Great communication, great product, and always working to help with any problems…and we have loved the consistency: no relearning products each batch, no low quality, always high, and always fast to get the products to us with all of that intact!”

Another customer said, “I cannot recommend Komodo strongly enough. As a vendor of botanical commodities in the EU, I rely on prompt responses and deliveries. They do both and go well beyond their commitment. Once we needed white label services and they just took care of it for us, no muss, no fuss.”

Yet another customer wrote, “Absolutely fantastic vendor. He is trustworthy and will make sure you get the product you paid for, no matter what happens. Very great quality kratom. I can’t recommend him enough.”

Komodo Organics Complaints

We were unable to find any negative feedback regarding this brand or its owners. There are no complaints referenced at online kratom forums, nor have any formal complaints been lodged with the Better Business Bureau. What’s more, Komodo Organics has not been named in any lawsuits, pending or otherwise.

Is It Lab-Tested?

Yes. If we take Komodo Organics at its word, this brand is the subject of in-house testing as well as independent analysis. According to the site, “All of our products go through rigorous testing before we put it on the market. This includes testing for microbial and heavy metal content, as well as product purity.”


Komodo Organics goes on to claim that it relies on third-party laboratories to maintain the loftiest degree of integrity. No further mention is made of these so-called laboratories; no names are mentioned and no certificates or links to certificates are posted. Whether you choose to believe Komodo Organics is entirely up to you, but many customers will be turned off by this lack of transparency.

Is Komodo Organics Legit?

We are inclined to qualify Komodo Organics as a legitimate source of native kratom plant matter. This brand has been granted Approved Vendor status by I Love Kratom and has demonstrated its desire to sell only the purest of kratom powder.

Most importantly, Komodo Organics has displayed the bare minimum of transparency necessary to be considered legitimate. It has revealed the name of its parent company—Cornerstone Organics, LLC—for all to see. Its parent company has been celebrated here in the US and in Canada, where it has received five-star ratings from nearly four thousand people.

American Kratom Association

This vendor does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as many vendors have opted out of AKA affiliation. It does, however, put some consumers on alert.

The GMP program was established to hold kratom processors accountable by setting forth standards in manufacturing, labeling, marketing, distributing, and verification. The program requires each participant to submit to a third-party audit. Those who participate in the program are seen as forward-thinking, trustworthy, and committed to the future of kratom legality.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Komodo Organics may not give customers the affordability or variety of its competitors, but it is said to deliver a purity that is all but unparalleled in the kratom industry. If you’re looking to try authentic native Southeast Asian kratom, you may consider this brand.

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