Klean Vibes Kratom Company Vendor Review

Klean Vibes Kratom Company was established in 2018. They sell their Kratom at five different locations across TN. Additionally, they sell their own wares.

Klean Vibes Kratom Company Review

Take one look at their Google reviews, and you’ll be convinced. In fact, they have 62 reviews, and every single one of them is 5 stars! This is unheard of, and it really showcases the fact that happy customers will rave about their favorite products.

Klean Vibes Kratom Company Product Line

One thing that Klean Vibes doesn’t do very well is highlight the Kratom they have for sale. You have to scroll about halfway down their homepage to find their listings. It’s definitely worth checking out, though.

  • Powder: Red JongKong, Red Bali, Red Bentuangie, Red Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Green JongKong, White Maeng Da, White Borneo, Yellow Vietnam, & Gold Bali
  • Blends: Nomad, Sunrise Blend, Rose Gold, Debbie Downer, Pink, & White Gold

Their list of products also incudes capsule versions of the Kratom listed above.   

image of klean vibes kratom products

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Straight Up Kratom offers a wide variety of products, but they don’t have standardized pricing.


  • 1 pound – $90
  • 2 pounds – $150
  • 2-ounce starter pack – $25


  • 200 capsules – $65

Klean Vibes Kratom Company Coupon Code

We were unable to find any promo codes for Klean Vibes. On the plus side, you’ll receive free shipping with every order. If you’re within 20 miles of Johnson City, you’ll also receive free same-day delivery.

Klean Vibes Kratom Company Consumer Reputation

When it comes to their consumer reputation, Klean Vibes has got Google Reviews that would make other Mitragyna speciosa companies jealous.

  • “Great service. Speedy delivery and excellent quality.”
  • “Ordered 2 lbs. of quality Kratom and was very pleased with the product. Communication was clear and friendly. I received my order an hour after placing it. All in all a great experience and highly recommended.”
  • “Best quality Kratom I have tried so far. Fast, reliable, friendly services, and affordable! They even deliver and mail for free!”
  • “Quick to respond. As a first time buyer he delivered even on his day off. The product is good also. Decent prices. Thanks.”
  • “I mean, what is there to say? They’ll either meet you or deliver to your home. The prices are fair, but when you buy a larger quantity the price falls drastically. And the Kratom itself is potent and seems fresh. No brainer, they have my business. They have what you call a business model.”

Klean Vibes Kratom Company Customer Service

Their customer service gets the same high marks as their reputation.

  • “Excellent quality!!! She delivered to me within a couple hours. I HIGHLY suggest it!!!! She was VERY knowledgeable as well!!! Thank you!”
  • “I am so thankful I found this company! Ammanda was so helpful, took her time with me and helped me find exactly what strain worked for me and was so patient.”
  • “Top quality product at reasonable prices. Customer service could not be any better. Always a pleasure doing business with Klean Vibes.”
  • “Best quality and customer service around. I’m in Johnson City, and they delivered it right to my door… After Christmas… In the snow.”
  • “This is simply the best product in every way customer service, price, Purity and quality of product that I have had and I have tried quite a number of different vendors. You cannot go wrong ordering from this company.”

image of klean vibes kratom serviecs

Bottom Line

If you’re in TN and want to buy Kratom, Klean Vibes is a great choice. They are a little pricy, but they’re also one of the best headshop brands available on the market.

Are you looking for a vendor that sells Kratom at more reasonable prices? Check out The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors!

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