Kijo Kratom Brand Review

Kijo Kratom is a well-regarded West Coast kratom brand that’s offered by one of the industry’s leading sources for quality kratom products. With its perfectly pulverized kratom powder and its highly concentrated kratom extracts, it is in the top one percentile of nationwide kratom brands. You can check out its entire line of products at:

Kijo Kratom is beloved by consumers and industry insiders alike. If you’ve been thinking about getting your hands on some of this first-class kratom extract, our Kijo Kratom Brand Review should fill you in on what you need to know. Read on for all of the pros and cons of this West L.A. Fave.


Kijo Kratom Product Review

Kijo Kratom is a product of Payless Kratom, an Internet-based shopping conglomerate that enables consumers to buy all of the best kratom brands in one place. For the last four years, the folks at Payless Kratom have given kratom connoisseurs a one-stop online store for all things Mitragyna speciosa.

In addition to plain leaf kratom powders and jumbo kratom capsules, Payless Kratom has delivered access to liquid kratom extracts, specialty blends, and kratom edibles. Its five-star collection includes Hush Kratom Extract Gummies, MIT45 Go Boldly Black Liquid Gel, and OPMS Gold Liquid. More recently, Kijo Kratom has become its foremost brand.

The Kijo Kratom collection consists of Kijo Kratom Gold Extract Liquid Shot, Kijo Gold Extract Capsules, Kijo Gold Malay Extract Capsules, and Kijo Kratom Extra Strength Thai Capsules. Additionally, Kijo Kratom Gold Kratom Liquid Shot combo deals are available, with six free shots included.

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This water-based extract is composed of 41% mitragynine and less than 0.01% 7-hydroxy mitragynine, making it less potent than MIT45 but more potent than your typical headshop kratom extract. If we have one problem with this GMP-compliant company it’s the less-than-subtle approach it takes to marketing.

Each bottle of Kijo Kratom Extract looks strikingly similar to MIT45 Kratom Extract, from its gold-on-black colors to the ergonomic design of the bottles themselves. However, that is where the comparison begins and ends, as Kijo Kratom lacks the detailed information typical of top-tier kratom brands.

Nowhere on Kijo Kratom’s packaging will you find proper warning labels, strain origin info, or serving instructions. More alarmingly, there is no QR code for tracking your product back to the lot from which it was derived. This concerns us given the incidence of contamination in kratom manufacturing.


What It Costs and How It Compares

You can get one to four 2-oz bottles of Kijo Kratom Gold Liquid Shot for $8.99 per bottle, with five to 14 at the discounted price of $8.79 per bottle, or 15+ at $8.39 per bottle. These price points effortlessly knock the top brands off their pedestals with the sheer depth of their savings.

For the sake of comparison, Hush Ktropix Kratom Extract Shot goes for around $20 per bottle, while OPMS Gold Liquid Kratom Extract generally sells for around $13.69 per bottle. Meanwhile, a bottle of MIT45 Gold Extract Shot goes for around $12.74.

Unlike its industry counterparts, Kijo Kratom offers optional shipping protection services, such as insurance and signature confirmation. And its expedited shipping is provided for free if you buy a minimum of $100 worth of kratom products. These are just two examples of Kijo Kratom’s superiority over other brands.


Kijo Kratom Customer Reviews

Kijo Kratom Gold Extract Capsules have received five-star reviews, with one user calling it their new favorite. “I saw these when I was here for an order of OPMS Gold,” they wrote. “I figured I would give them a try. I am very happy that I did because these are fantastic and I am back for more. I am… super grateful that this company has a good price point… it truly helps so much.”

Another reviewer said, “Take advantage of the combo… Cannot beat the buy 4 get 2 free deal! Always super fast service, the best company I have dealt with for the past several years,” while another reviewer wrote, “These are similar in strength to a lot of the other extracts I’ve tried, for a bit less money. Definitely worth a try!”

A Kijo Kratom Red Thai review noted the broad spectrum of its aroma and the mild, lingering notes that make it a favorite, while Kijo Kratom Shot reviews have highlighted the allure of its heavily condensed mitragynine-dominant alkaloid infusion.

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Kijo Kratom Complaints

Of the limited amount of consumer feedback that is currently available, the vast majority has been positive. That said, every product has its share of detractors. In the case of Kijo Kratom, some have suggested it isn’t particularly strong.

One user said, “They definitely don’t compare to OPMS gold caps.” On the other hand, a rather neutral party pointed out, “I have had better but I have had much worse… I really have no complaints other than I feel some other brands are just a little stronger.”


Is Kijo Kratom Legit?

Payless Kratom is known for its legitimate business practices. Although some of its kratom products lack appropriate labels or lab accreditation, the company itself is renowned for its low prices, high quality, and astounding variety. If there’s one thing that it lacks it is GMP certification, but this is easy to explain.

As something of a kratom emporium, Payless Kratom doesn’t simply produce Kijo Kratom, it manufactures and distributes a number of in-house and third-party brands. Some of these independent brands have been evaluated by third-party laboratories, while others have participated in the AKA (American Kratom Association)’s GMP Standards Program.

Though it would be nice for Payless to submit Kijo Kratom for participation in the Good Manufacturing Practices Standards Program, we can fully understand why many brands prefer to keep quality control protocol internal. There are innumerable expenses incurred in the production and distribution of kratom products.

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Bottom Line

To recap, Kijo Kratom could use some revisions in the packaging and labeling department. Its manufacturer would be doing us all a favor if it offered some certificates of analysis, as well. That being said, Kijo is a kratom extract you can afford from a vendor you can trust.

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