Kelimutu Kratom Vendor Review

Kelimutu Kratom was an international kratom vendor from Pontianak, Indonesia. This native supplier specialized in Indo Kratom Powder from the east Ende regency and beyond. The company advertised its wares on various internet forums at a time when backpack vendors could prove as popular as established e-commerce businesses.

What was once a word-of-mouth brand with a strong following has since devolved into something of a myth, as search engines have swept away any trace of old Kelimutu Kratom reviews or forum comments. If you are eager to learn more about this native kratom seller, you’ll want to keep it here for our comprehensive Kelimutu Kratom Vendor Review.

Kelimutu Kratom Product Review

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Kelimutu Kratom got its name from the Kelimutu volcano in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. This name was apt given Kelimutu’s penchant for explosive deals and exotic products. Kelimutu Kratom was among the first vendors to offer raw kratom tablets and all-natural kratom capsules on the internet.

This vendor began its life as a backpack vendor on sites like Reddit and Weebly, but it soon branched out with its very own online store – kelimutukratom.com. Not long thereafter, it was listed as one of the top kratom suppliers of 2019. Over the ensuing years, the kratom industry was shaken up by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. While some vendors have seemed to benefit from the public health crisis, others have gone under.

Adulterated products, consumer uncertainty, and supply shortages are some of the factors that contributed to brands deteriorating or fading away entirely. Distributors who procured their kratom powder from Thailand were thrilled to learn that farmers were stockpiling plant matter back in January 2020, but the tide turned in February with the termination of store operations by the mandated lock-down.

It is not clear whether mandate-related closures had a hand in Kelimutu Kratom’s dissolution, but they surely played a role on some level. Only a select number of kratom vendors were able to monetize the increased demand brought by the first wave of shelter-in-place orders. Many who attempted to exploit the situation saw themselves penalized or shunned by the kratom community.

What It Cost & How It Compared

Kelimutu Kratom was a bulk kratom supplier, with a three-kilo minimum on its website. Its prices are no longer listed online, but it typically charged no more than $60 for a kratom kilo, with bundle prices made available to its customers. This price is compared favorably to other international kratom suppliers. For example, Yo Kratom sells Indo Kratom Kilos for $59.99, while Koko Kratom offers the same for $50.00.

This brand wasn’t the cheapest Indonesian kratom source (brands like Sulawesi Kratom offers conspicuously low prices, such as $35 per kilo), but it was arguably one of the most talked-about brands of the lock-down. In fact, we recently met a land-based kratom vendor who remembers customers asking if he could get Kelimutu Kratom after the shelter-in-place mandate was lifted in his area.

Kelimutu Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

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Our sources suggest that Kelimutu was not known for its discounts or promo codes. No free kratom samples were given to prospective customers, nor were any coupons furnished to first-time patrons. This is not uncommon, but it is unfortunate, particularly when you consider the sheer preponderance of vendors who go above and beyond to entice newcomers with their savings opportunities.

Kelimutu Kratom Customer Reviews

This vendor has received a fairly balanced outpouring of enthusiasm and derision. You will find many of its pros and cons outlined in posts at online kratom forums. Customers have applauded the bulk kratom savings once offered by Kelimutu Kratom.

“I received excellent service,” one client wrote. “I ordered 10 kilos and paid a little over $400 and was e-mailed on every step, starting with a photo of packing list, when the package was shipped (with a photo of shipping label). when a package left Indonesia, when a package arrived in the USA, when a package arrived at my post office, and when it was delivered (actually, I was left a “signature required” slip and had to go to pick it up the next day). In all, I guess it was 8 days before I had my kratom in hand. but it was well worth the wait. I’ve only tried 6 of them but I have no complaints so far.”

Kelimutu Kratom Complaints

For every satisfied customer, there appear to be at least two to three disgruntled patrons. One former customer wrote, “Paid in dec and never received. Excuse after excuse for why I didn’t have it. Thanks for taking food out of my kid’s mouths a**h*le!”

“DO NOT buy from this guy!!!” another former customer warned. “I spent well over 200.00 US and received NOTHING!! Wouldnt responds to my messages after a while, a real SC*MB*G!! STAY away!!!”

Was Kelimutu Kratom Legit?

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No. This supplier did not demonstrate independent laboratory testing, nor was it a member in good standing with any kratom advocacy organizations. No certificates of analysis were volunteered and no satisfaction guarantee was provided.

In light of its lack of credentials and poor overall rating among consumers, we are inclined to classify Kelimutu Kratom as an illegitimate business. The little evidence that remains in print suggests a backpack vendor of dubious origins, with a tendency towards negligent behavior.

This lack of industry bonafides was surely a factor behind its sudden disappearance. Without proper accreditation or industry support, some vendors languish, while others run scared at the first sign of trouble. International suppliers like Kelimutu Kratom are not regulated and, therefore, they can take advantage of customers without ever facing institutional scrutiny or small claims court.

Top Three Kelimutu Kratom Alternatives

If it’s Indo Kratom you are after, there are plenty of worthy brands at your fingertips. You can deal directly with Indonesian farmers or work with one of their domestic partners to avail yourself of ethically-sourced Mitragyna speciosa powder.

The following are the three best Indo kratom vendors in 2022. Each has been thoroughly vetted and is known for its superior service. These Kelimutu Kratom Alternatives are highly rated and well-regarded members of the domestic kratom community:

  • Sumbawa Kratom
  • Kona Kratom
  • Rinca Kratom

Sumbawa Kratom is a bulk kratom dealer from Pontianak with lab-tested products and some truly alluring kratom strains. Its catalog includes fermented kratom, five-way split kilos, and a 100k bundle for retail partners. Sumbawa Kratom offers third-party labs and a multitude of payment options, including Bitcoin, MoneyGram, PayPal, and more.

Kona Kratom is fast becoming America’s number one independent source for Indo Kratom. This coastal kratom supplier features two dozen strains, kratom sample packs, and a hassle-free refund guarantee, among other alluring attributes. Its packages are as attractive as they are easy to reseal, and its affiliate program enables you to earn hefty points towards future purchases.

Rinca Kratom is relatively new to the conversation, but its prices are already generating buzz. This West Kalimantan kratom vendor has been cultivating first-rate kratom cultivars since 2014 and its experience shows. The company is widely regarded as the most trusted international vendor around. Superior hygiene, special offers, and state-of-the-art techniques make this one a must-try.

American Kratom Association

As an Indonesian business, Kelimutu Kratom was not bound by the expectations of a domestic marketplace. As such, it was never a participant in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. This may have contributed to its dismissal by discriminating members of the kratom community, but this dismissal would have been largely unfounded.

Good Manufacturing PracticesThe GMP Standards Program was specifically designed to address concerns surrounding the safety, purity, potency, and legality of American-distributed kratom products. It was never intended to police the globe, nor was it ever aimed at bringing in participants from native kratom-growing countries.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Kelimutu Kratom was a once-promising international vendor that purported to offer high-quality kratom powders. Unfortunately, it does not appear to have held up under the pressure of the pandemic. Luckily there are still plenty of solid Indo-Kratom suppliers operating in the global industry. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to discover some of the top Indo sources out there in 2022.

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