K80 Kratom Product Review

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K80 Kratom is the latest creation from the manufacturers of K Shot. This liquid kratom extract is purported to be stronger than your average kratom shot, but the veracity of this claim is up for debate. K80 Kratom may have the look of a black kratom extract, but not everyone is buying the hype.

This kratom shot is readily available from an array of e-commerce sites, such as Kures.co, My Kratom Club, Pop Kratom, and Pure Leaf Kratom. It is also distributed to a vast network of brick-and-mortar establishments across the United States, along with K Chill, Kryptic Kratom, and similar brands.

Jaded kratom connoisseurs are turning to K80 Kratom for a more pronounced aroma, but not everyone is appreciating the results. While some have praised K80 Kratom as a game-changer, others have noted its relative weakness. In today’s review, we’ll tell you all about its pros and cons, and compare it to its greatest competitors.


K80 Kratom Shot Review

K80 Kratom is a product of K-Chill and DBZ Enterprises, respectively. It is said to be superior to the manufacturer’s previous success, K Shot. This likely owes to its roots – K80 Kratom Shot is derived from Maeng Da, the so-called strongest kratom strain on the earth. The precise ingredients are another story, as K80 Kratom is short on the facts.

Each bottle of K80 Kratom contains a vague product facts label, minimal warnings, and nonexistent manufacturing info. The contents of K80 Kratom are said to be a “pure alkaloid suspension,” but no production details are provided. We have no idea how K80 is made, only that it has been evaluated by American Kratom Association.

Let’s talk about K80 Kratom’s packaging for a moment, as we feel it bears mentioning. Every liquid kratom shot looks somewhat similar. Most snub-nosed bottles of liquid kratom feature some sort of leaf logo or exotic backdrop, and many combine a range of eye-grabbing colors, but a select few go for a more minimalist approach.

image of k80 kratom shot

Ever since MIT45 rolled out its line of prestige kratom extracts, industry brands have been scrambling to bite its style. Nowhere is this more obvious than with K80 Kratom, a 5ml shot that pitifully mimics its competitor.

The K80 Kratom bottle aims for the alluring exoticism of MIT45 MIT GO Black Extra Strength, but it ends up looking more like a bastard cross between MIT45 Gold and OG K Shots. The uneven zebra-style background is clearly designed to draw attention to the brand name, but instead, it inspires a certain degree of unease.

If there’s a silver lining here, it’s not of the OMPS Silver variety. K80 Kratom does not measure up to that other giant of the kratom extract world. Rather, the silver lining here is K80 Kratom’s devotion to all-natural ingredients. According to product pages, the makers do not use added chemicals.

This supposedly potent alkaloid suspension is said to be made from crushed leaf kratom, which often exhibits a different aroma than traditional kratom powder. This may be due to the reduction in sifting and the presence of ancillary leaf particles. However, K80 Kratom does not seem to gain anything from its source material.


K80 Kratom vs K Shot

It is difficult to discern any substantial differences between the old-school K Shot and its successor, K80 Kratom. They both seem to be made from the same stuff. K Shot is also an alkaloid suspension derived from Maeng Da kratom leaves.

The only significant difference is one that’s hardly in K80 Kratom’s favor. The OG K Shot came in a 15ml bottle. By contrast, K80 Kratom comes in a 2 ml bottle. What’s worse, users seem to agree that it is less impactful than its predecessor and other forms of liquid kratom.

image of k80 kratom vs k shot

K80 Kratom Customer Reviews

Consumers seem to be confused by K80 Kratom since the name would suggest next-level potency. Instead, they seem to find it milder than the upper echelon of liquid kratom shots. Some have specifically compared it to other brands. For example, K80 Kratom vs MIT45, OPMS, and so forth.

“It works but not near as good as a regular MIT45 shot,” one user wrote. “A whole bottle (2 servings) didn’t match the strength of one MIT45. It’s not worthless. It’s not as good as the MIT shot.” Another user complained about the taste, calling it “truly foul.”


Best K80 Kratom Extract Alternatives

First, if you’re not quite ready to jump all the way into potent kratom extracts, we invite you to browse our collection of powders and capsules made from the most popular kratom strains on the market. If you’d prefer to have a more intense and faster-acting experience, we would suggest exploring the dozens of excellent extracts available from e-commerce kratom vendors. The following are our staff picks for the top three.


This one is relatively new, but it’s already making its mark on the scene. K-Tropix is a dazzling “kratom enhanced nootropic,” which blends mitragynine extract with cognition and other key ethnobotanicals. This curious proprietary concoction delivers a full spectrum pickup, unlike any standard liquid kratom shot.


image of mit 45

(Full Disclosure: MIT45 is now our parent company.)

MIT45 has set a new standard with its Gold shot kratom extract. Potent, reliable, and pure, this liquid kratom can deliver an intense experience even for many seasoned kratom users, or alternatively users can manage their serving size to get a ton of bang for their buck. Part of their namesake line of products with 45% mitragynine extract, you’ll also get the extra peace of mind that comes with their triple purification process for creating extracts.

OPMS Gold Liquid

OPMS is second only to MIT45 when it comes to innovation and excellence. This long-standing kratom solution specialist has created some of the finest combinations of kava and kratom are known to man. From enhanced kratom capsules to liquid kratom shots, OPMS has got it going on. We recommend their OPMS Gold Liquid for a taste of refinement.


Is K80 Kratom Legit?

K80 Kratom only saving grace is its industry approval. The manufacturer’s relationship with the AKA and the GMP certification of its products tells us that it is a legitimate brand. It may not be the strongest kratom shot, but it is certainly among the most trusted.

Though its alleged 80% mitragynine content is questionable at best, K80 Kratom appears to be a reputable product by a reputable manufacturer. It may not be the strongest shot, but it is among the cleanest in the current marketplace. In short, you can feel good about buying K80 Kratom.

image of is k80 kratom legit

Bottom Line

In closing, we have to give it up to K80 Kratom’s maker for participating in the AKA’s GMP Standards Program. This is one way that it demonstrates accountability and consistency. While it isn’t a kratom shot we would be likely to recommend, we wouldn’t discourage anyone from giving it a whirl, either.

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