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Jaya Kratom is Oregon’s first all-encompassing kratom dispensary. This colorful corner shop has built quite a name for itself among the people of Portland, as well as those visiting the area. The runaway success of this brick-and-mortar business can be tied to its business approach, which favors customer satisfaction over all else.

If you’re planning a trip to Stumptown and you need to find a respectable local kratom vendor, you won’t have any trouble. There are several local kratom brands to choose from, but every vendor is different. Find out where Jaya Kratom ranks among Portland kratom vendors in today’s review.


Jaya Kratom Product Review

Jaya Kratom is a single-origin kratom supplier whose kratom strains come directly from the forests of Southeast Asia. This land-based apothecary has become such a triumph that its owners have branched out. Now, the brand can be purchased online by visiting its e-commerce platform at: www.jayakratom.com. It is a lovely website with a natural feel to it.

The first thing that struck us about Jaya Kratom was the authenticity of its design. Many online vendors present themselves as kratom experts and some even pose for pics with native kratom farmers. But very few capture the sheer beauty of being out in the wilds where kratom grows freely. Jaya Kratom does just that.

The mellow colors that adorn each bottle of Jaya Kratom Capsules – creamy orange and minty green – immediately signal an original brand. In a marketplace that’s otherwise clogged with copycats and wannabe luxury designs, Jaya Kratom stands out as a vendor who is genuine. This is true of its “journal” as much as it is its product pages.

We’ve seen a lot of deliberate obfuscation on the part of e-commerce sites. In recent years, we’ve noted a tendency among vendors to omit almost all information about kratom strains. This may be a way to avoid the truth about kratom origins.

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Some vendors are determined to conceal the source of their kratom powders. That’s because kratom is worth more if it comes from Indonesia as opposed to a Florida-based kratom co-op. Others avoid the question of strain origins because they don’t want to talk about lab results.

Fortunately for those who wish to buy kratom locally in Portland, OR, Jaya Kratom is one of those rare vendors who provide detailed information about its strains and the differences between vein colors. If you visit Jaya’s land-based shop, you will find a well-educated staff willing to walk you through the science. Curbside pickup is also available.

A lot of online kratom vendors have blogs, but few can boast of an actual journal in the classic sense of the word. The owner of Jaya Kratom has seen fit to share their personal experiences with visitors. The result is a first-of-its-kind guide to inventive kratom recipes. The journal’s tips for growing kratom in cold temps make it a true nonpareil.

Like all kratom brands, Jaya Kratom has its shortcomings. The online store suffers from a scarcity of background details, customer assurances, or industry credentials. There is no money-back guarantee, no refund policy, and no information about third-party laboratory testing.

On the bright side, Jaya Kratom accepts Bitcoin, direct bank transfers, and eChecks. You can even pay for in-store purchases with Bitcoin thanks to the shop’s BTC server. If you order online, your kratom will be shipped via USPS Ground or Priority. Free shipping is provided on orders in excess of $75.00.

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What’s in Store for You?

This vendor has a small but satisfying collection of exotic strains, including Central Borneo Maeng Da (Green), East Borneo Wild Harvest, West Borneo Green, West Borneo Red, and West Borneo White. Additionally, you can pick up some Jaya Face and Body Green Cream, a soothing salve made from avocado oil, chamomile, kratom extract, and shea butter.

Beginners can avail themselves of a full spectrum sample pack. More seasoned kratom enthusiasts can pick up a four-way split kilo. And if you’re sensitive to the bitter taste of kratom powder, you can buy kratom capsules.


What It Costs and How It Compares

Prices start between $12 and $15 for 30 grams of kratom powder. This is a pretty standard price for an ounce of kratom powder. Alas, the pricing doesn’t seem to get better with volume.

A four-way split kilo will run you $160, which is well within the acceptable range for bulk kratom splits. A 100-gram pouch sells for $40, while a 250-gram pouch goes for $90.00. These prices are extremely high compared to those of your average online vendor.

For the sake of comparison, Pure Leaf Kratom charges $29.89 for 250 grams. Meanwhile, brands like Herbal Realm and New Dawn Kratom charge under $90 for a full kratom kilo (1,000 grams). The same cannot be said of Jaya Kratom, which charges $140 for a kilo.

You can get a 30-pack of kratom capsules for $13, a 120-count for $40, or a sample pack for $65.00. By contrast, sites like ShopCBDKratom.com sell 30 kratom capsules for $20.00. Meanwhile, Jack B Goods charges $53.29 for a 120-count of Gold Label Kratom Capsules.

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Jaya Kratom Customer Reviews

This vendor has received a 4.8-star overall rating from more than 50 Google reviews. Customers call its Hawthorne Blvd storefront an absolutely great place for all kratom users. “Great quality and an awesome service,” one reviewer said. “This is the best kratom that I have tried,” said another reviewer.

Yet another customer said, “Beautiful fresh small-batch kratom, super happy to have found this place. Can really tell a huge quality difference compared to the typical stuff out there. Cool local owner, very patient, and answered tons of my questions.”

Over at Reddit, Jaya Kratom has been praised for its exceptional potency. One platform member said, “Jaya Kratom has white [kratom] testing at something like 1.8% mitragynine rn. It’s fire.” Elsewhere, a member said, “I’m digging their website, style, and whole getup.”


Is Jaya Kratom Legit?

Although Jaya Kratom does not participate in the AKA’s GMP Standards Program,  the brand has been accepted by the community at large. I Love Kratom has even added Jaya Kratom to its Approved Vendors list. And the reviews demonstrate the brand’s reach.

Based on our research, we are inclined to classify Jaya Kratom as a legitimate business. No formal complaints have been lodged with the Better Business Bureau, nor has Jaya Kratom been named in any lawsuits, pending or otherwise. We were unable to find any negative feedback concerning this vendor.

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Bottom Line

To recap, Jaya Kratom is an Oregon kratom vendor with a sizable regional following and a flair for wild-harvested native kratom. Its product line is fresh and robust, but its prices leave something to be desired. If you’re a user who needs a lot of reassurance, you may want to shop around.

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