Inland Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

Inland Botanicals Kratom Review

Inland Botanicals has earned itself a good reputation, even if it’s not talked about that much. But with so many other sites to choose from, what does that mean, really? Let’s find out!

Inland Botanicals Kratom Review

The Inland Botanicals website is decent enough, even if some of the font is too light to read easily. I don’t really care for the images they use, but they’re bold and eye-catching, so that’s still a win.

Inland Botanicals Kratom Product Line

There are lots of products available from this vendor, including several that have nothing to with Mitragyna speciosa. That’s not what we’re here, though, so let’s focus on the Kratom offering you can find at this website.

  • Yellow – Maeng Da
  • White – Thai, Maeng Da, Indo, Borneo, & Bali
  • Red – Maeng Da, Hulu Kapuas, Bail, & Borneo
  • Green – Malaysian, Maeng Da, Horn, & Bali
  • Gold – Bali & Maeng Da
  • IB Blends – Yellow Brick Road, The Bulgarian, Solar Flare, Green Lantern, & Counting Sheep
  • Bundled Packs – 50 Gram Sampler, 100 Gram Sampler, & Kilo Assortment

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Inland Botanicals has excellent to decent pricing, depending on what size you’re getting. Thankfully, the cost is uniform, which means you can get any type of Kratom you’d like for the same price.

  • 10g – $3.50
  • 25g – $7
  • 50g – $10
  • 100g – $18
  • 250g – $38
  • 500g – $70
  • 1 kilo – $110

Inland Botanicals Coupon Code

When you’re ready to buy Kratom, always take a few minutes to look for discounts. Fortunately, Inland Botanicals makes this really easy with their Facebook page. As you’ll see when you visit it, there are always new coupon codes ready to go! Right now, the following code is applicable:

  • SEPTEMBER10 – 10% off an order, $99 kilos.

Inland Botanicals Consumer Reputation

Over at I Love Kratom, a reviewer has given each strain its own score. Ranging from 70 to 95, these scores are all on the good side. The top-rated score is 95 for Solar Flare, with the two lowest items (at 70 each) are Red Hulu and Yellow Maeng Da.

On Reddit, we find more of the same. In one thread, a poster said, “I’ve tried their Red Bali and Solar Flare…I really liked it, top notch.” In another thread, a forum  member said, “…was very impressed. Wil order again.” In the same thread, another member indicated that “They are great people and good leaf.” Yet another person said, “Can confirm product is legit.” Finally, a fourth person stated “Inland Botanicals is quite impressive with their product.”

Inland Botanicals Customer Service

Be aware that as a general rule, Inland Botanicals does not accept refunds. However, under certain circumstances they may waive this rule. To be eligible for a return, you must have the entire unopened package.

Redditors say that “Nate and Gina run a great company and super nice peeps.” Other comments include:

  • “Customer service and accessibility go a long way.”
  • “Nate helped me out big time w/ a situation about using my debit card. For that, I say they care about their customers.”
  • “Quick shipping and their customer service.”
  • “Nate answered my calls, at midnight, btw. Awesome customer service.”

Bottom Line

Kratom leaf

Inland Botanicals is a nice Kratom shop. They typically ship their products quickly, and most people are impressed with them. As such, we definitely recommend checking them out if you’re interested in any of their strains.

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