Indo Elephant Kratom Vendor Review

Indo Elephant isn’t just a strain, it’s also a vendor! Indo hails from South Carolina, and they’ve been stocking up on Kratom since 2015.

Indo Elephant Kratom Review

Although they have a pretty nice website, you’re probably not going to find it very easily unless you search for “Indo Elephant Kratom.” They also have a Facebook page with almost 700 followers. They’ve got a low profile, but that doesn’t mean their Kratom isn’t top-notch. Find out more below!

Indo Elephant Kratom Product Line

They may not be that well-known, but Indo Elephant definitely has a lot of strains.

  • Powder – Red Vein Thai, Red Dragon (Horn), Red Elephant (Red Maeng Da), Green Hornet (Horn), Super Green, Green Elephant, Dark Forest, White Lion (White Horn), Northern Lights, Bali, White Elephant (White Maeng Da), UEI Luminosity Extra Extract, UEI Luminosity Extract, White Vein UEI Illumination Extract, & UEI Green Vein Aurora Extract.
  • Capsules – Super Green, White Elephant (White Maeng Da), & Red Dragon (Horn)
  • Extract – Crystalline Extract

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

The one thing we don’t like about buying Kratom from Indo is that they have a wide array of prices for the same quantity of Mitragyna speciosa. For example, a 2-ounce bag of Kratom costs anywhere from $14.44 to $18.85 for the regular powder. For UEI Extracts, a 1-ounce bag runs from $21.14 – $46.84.

For capsules, a 2-ounce pack will set you back $29.44 to $36.29. Finally, 2g of the Crystalline Extract sells for $15. Be aware that some of their products are sold in-store only, while others are only available online.

Indo Elephant Kratom Coupon Code

Instead of relying on other sites to do it for them, Indo publishes regular promo codes to their Facebook page. You can usually get somewhere between 15% – 30% off your purchase, so be sure to stop by Facebook before you order.

Indo Elephant Kratom Consumer Reputation

image of kratom review

Not surprisingly, the place where you can find the most reviews for this vendor is Facebook.

  • “Love Indo Elephant! Great quality, excellent prices and fast shipping.”
  • “They have amazing quality Kratom. Best I’ve ever had!”
  • “I ordered Luminosity & Red Dragon. Haven’t tried Red Dragon quite yet but I tell ya what Luminosity is shhaweeet!!”

Over on I Love Kratom, this vendor also has very high marks for three of their products. In fact, Luminosity has a 9.4/10, Aurora weighs in at 9.2/10, and Illumination has an astounding 9.5/10! Even better, the reviewer wrote “I am proud to exclaim Indo’s triad as our (current) highest scoring kratom product.”

Indo Elephant Kratom Customer Service

When it comes to returns, Indo has got you covered! If you haven’t broken the heat seal, you’ll be eligible for a 100 percent refund. If you have broken the seal but have at least 80 percent of the product, you’ll be eligible for a 75 percent refund. Additionally, check out these great reviews from Facebook.

  • “Outstanding company! I’ve dealt with them quite a bit over the past couple years, and they are always on point.”
  • “Absolutely phenomenal quality and customer service.”
  • “Indoelephants is the best Vendor in the industry. The products are A+.”
  • “Loved luminosity! Fast shipping – customer service was great when I was confused about payment system.”

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves and powder

Their pricing is a bit on the high side, but it’s not so high that it’s unaffordable. With all of their good reviews on Facebook, we’d definitely be willing to give Indo Elephant a try. We recommend that you do too!

Perhaps you’d like a vendor with more uniform pricing? Check out The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors. We have more than 100+ vendors, so there’s something for everyone!

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