Imperial Kratom Vendor Review

Imperial Kratom operates as an online vendor and an in-person brick and mortar shop. Based out of South Carolina, this company has a very suitable motto: “Living Your Best Life Naturally.” The three-person team started running Imperial Kratom in the early 2010s. Being in business for almost a decade is a big sign of stability, especially in the Mitragyna speciosa community. Does that stability equal high-quality products? Let’s take a closer look!

Imperial Kratom Review

Early in 2020, Imperial Kratom’s website suddenly had zero product listings. We were concerned at that time that the COVID-19 pandemic had pushed them out of business. Fortunately, their website was simply under construction, and they’re now back with an improved look. Their site is still relatively basic, but it also contains lots of information and an easily accessible online store.

Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, the Imperial Kratom team is available to help Monday – Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and on Sundays from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Imperial Kratom Product Line

There’s a nice variety of strains listed in this vendor’s online shop. They sell powder and capsules, and you can also choose between standard strains and those that have been blended. We love that low-priced capsule samples are offered for most strains.

  • Capsules – Green Maeng Da, Nam Da, Napalm, Red Maeng Da, Red Royal Bali, Super Green Malaysian, Ultra Premium Bali, Ultra Rare Thai, White Hulu Kapuas, & White Maeng Da.
  • Powder – White Maeng Da, White Hulu Kapuas, Ultra Rare Thai, Ultra Premium Bali, Super Green Malaysian, Red Royal Bali, Red Maeng Da, Napalm, Nam Da, & Green Maeng Da.

As of mid-May 2020, these were the only products listed on Imperial Kratom’s website. However, they’ve indicated that additional categories will soon be listed, including:

  • Blends – Capsules/Powder
  • Extract Blends – Capsules
  • CBD Blends – Capsules
  • CBD & Extract Blends – Capsules

If you’re looking for something specific from one of these four new categories, you may want to contact the vendor to see if they have it in their on-site stock.

image of imperial kratom products

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Although Imperial Kratom doesn’t have a completely standardized price list, they do have a fairly consistent range.

  • 1 Ounce of Powder – sells for $20 to $24.
  • 1/4 Pound of Powder – ranges from $75 – $110.
  • 1/2 Pound of Powder – goes for $125 to $195.
  • 1-Pound of Powder – costs $175 – $250.
  • Capsules – Sample packs (14 pills) sell for $6.25 to $7.40
  • Capsules – 100-count packs are available for $40 – $48.

Imperial Kratom Coupon Code

Imperial Kratom doesn’t appear to offer much in the way of promo codes or coupons. However, if you buy Kratom from this vendor, you can get free shipping with an order of $100+. Be sure to keep an eye on their website for any sales or future coupon codes.

Imperial Kratom Consumer Reputation

The online and in-person versions of Imperial Kratom’s business have both attracted high praise from many reviewers. Over on Google they’ve achieved a 4.2-star average from 33 customers. Highlights include:

  • “Love love love this place. Love every employee there. Always have what I need for a good price!!”
  • “Excellent quality Kratom and very friendly and knowledgeable staff.”
  • “Awesome people, wonderful store, and amazing products! A unique selection of a little bit of everything.”
  • “Great store the employees are very helpful and their prices are more than reasonable and their product is very good quality I trust them.”

On the flipside, some in-person reviewers had a few complaints, mainly about price:

  • “Incredibly expensive compared to other products of equal quality.”
  • “I agree with others, friendly staff but seriously overpriced… They charge $3.50 to use a debit or credit card… Overall, yes friendly, but the quality was garbage and the experience a little too sketchy for me to return.”

The I Love Kratom forum has an in-depth review of Imperial Kratom’s products. The vendor earned an 85/100 for their Kratom quality, but the price and shipping speed brought the overall score down to 68/100.

Imperial Kratom Customer Service

image of imperial kratom service

As you can see from the few negative reviews listed above, even those who don’t like Imperial Kratom’s products and/or prices still agree that they have great customer service. I Love Kratom gave their customer service an 86/100. Meanwhile, over on Google, it’s difficult to find a review that doesn’t point out how friendly and knowledgeable the staff is. As one person said, “Customer service is great, I wish every store had such friendly, helpful people!”

What we don’t like is the complete lack of transparency on their website about their shipping speed, refund policy (if any), and where they source their Kratom from. On the upside, there is a contact form, an email address, and a phone number listed, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for customers to contact Imperial Kratom if they experience an issue.

Bottom Line

It certainly sounds like the staff at Imperial Kratom is more than qualified to help you find the right strain to fit your needs. And, as an added bonus, everyone seems to agree that they’ll be super friendly while doing so. We do agree, though, that their pricing gets really high, really quick. After all, 1 pound of Kratom starts at $175, but you can get 500g (more than 1 pound) from The Golden Monk for only $69.99. Due to this, Imperial Kratom is probably best left for those who are looking for a very specific blend or who need to buy something in person.

Lower, much more reasonable prices are one of the main benefits of buying from an online only vendor. After all, these businesses don’t have to worry about the overhead expenses associated with a brick and mortar location. To find 65+ vendors that have a fantastic variety of strains and price points, be sure to visit The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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