Hill Country Kratom Vendor Review (HCK Wellness)

Hill Country Kratom, also known as HCK Wellness, has been around for several years. Back in 2016, they attracted a lot of unwanted attention when authorities decided to conduct a raid of their Texas location. Even though they initially lost all of their Kratom and CBD supplies, Hill Country had been operating within the legal scope of their area. Therefore, they were eventually able to rebuild and relaunch their business.

Hill Country Kratom Review

Some Kratom enthusiasts have stayed away from HCK Wellness out of fear of another raid. Others have allowed the 2016 raid to color their opinion of this vendor. Does Hill Country Kratom deserve another shot? Do they sell high-quality Kratom? In this HCK Wellness review, we’ll explore these questions and much more!

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HCK Wellness Product Line

Hill Country Kratom takes pride in working with a small, Indonesian farming family. In fact, when you visit their website, you’ll get to see photos of the actual Mitragyna speciosa plants that produce HCK’s Kratom. Additionally, they have photos of the actual farmers and cultivators in action. This is something you just don’t see anywhere else, and it’s a very endearing touch.

Because of their connection with this one family, you’re not going to see dozens of strains on Hill Country Kratom’s website. What you will find are two strains that have gained many positive reviews. HCK pledges to sell only pure leaf powder, which doesn’t contain any stems or veins.

  • Kali Red Vein
  • Super Green Borneo

HCK’s Kali Red Vein was named the Best Overall Strain of 2017 by Kratom Chronicles. This speaks very well to this vendor’s quality. Keep in mind, though, that Kratom quality can vary from batch to batch.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Just as their selection of strains is extremely limited, you’ll also only be offered two sizes for each strain. The pricing is the same whether you pick Red Kali or Super Green Borneo.

  • ¼ pound (4 ounces/113g) = $45
  • ½ pound (8 ounces/227g) = $70

As you can see, Hill Country Kratom’s pricing is higher than many other vendors. They do offer a lot of coupon codes (see below), and it’s also nice that they donate part of their proceeds to the small village where their Kratom is grown.

Hill Country Kratom Coupon Code

It’s not necessary to leave HCK’s website in order to find numerous coupon codes. To make your life easier, we’ve collected them all for you. Remember: coupon codes can expire at any time, so always check that they’ve been applied whenever you buy Kratom.

  • PMS – 10% off orders over $50 (ladies only)
  • VETCODE18 – 20% off orders over $50 (veterans only)
  • HCKFAM – 20% off orders over $200 (everyone)
  • BITCOIN20 – 20% off orders over $100 (must pay with Bitcoin)

Every order is shipped for free, regardless of the total amount. There’s no coupon code needed for this deal.

Hill Country Kratom also offers freebies for each customer’s birthday. If you place an order on your birthday, call or text them at (808) 755-9105 to let them know. They will send you a free birthday gift!

Also, the following offer is included in the lengthy text on their homepage:

“If you are sick or struggling and would like to ask for our help, then email/call us about your situation and we will do our best to help you out, sliding scale payment plans, even donations depending on your situation.”

HCK Wellness Consumer Reputation

Many people have raved about Hill Country Kratom’s Mitragyna speciosa. There are also some critics, along with those who are simply nervous about the company’s previous issues with law enforcement officials.

On Reddit, there’s a thread with lots of love for this vendor. “They’re one of the best vendors for quality Kratom,” one person said. Others commented that “I really like HCK,” “I fu**ing love HCK,” and “they are by far my favorite.”

A recent thread on Double M Herbals showcases the concerns people have post-raid. “Oldie moldy vendor,” one person opined. “I would NOT recommend giving them money,” the same person stated. Another person countered this opinion by saying, “I wouldn’t consider them oldy moldy at all or anything else derisive.” A customer of HCK’s from before the raid said, “they did have some very good leaf back then…sure, I’d be cautious, but I wouldn’t call the guy names.”

Hill Country Kratom Customer Service

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With all the discounts and freebies that Hill Country Kratom has offered, it’s no surprise that most people have a very high opinion of their customer service. “They offer the best customer service,” one customer said on Reddit. Another person chimed in to say, “From their business practices to their customer service to their fresh product, HCK is the best I’ve encountered.” Hill Country Kratom has also been known to send out celebratory YouTube videos to people who have achieved their goals.

This vendor doesn’t list a specific return policy, but they do say that “if you are not satisfied with your order, contact me and we will work it out and make sure you are happy.”

Bottom Line

Hill Country Kratom is a small, family run company that works with a family run Mitragyna speciosa farm. They have a reputation for high quality and good customer service, but their pricing is definitely on the high side.

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