Herbal Salvation Kratom Review

Viable Solutions (better known as Herbal Salvation) has a long and solid history that definitely deserves a Kratom vendor review. Before we go any further, though, we need to clear up some confusion surrounding this vendor’s name.

Viable Solutions, LLC owns what used to be called Herbal Salvation brand Kratom. However, another company uses the name Herbal Salvation – along with similar branding – so Viable Solutions appears to have dropped that name altogether (except within their well-established URL). The products that are now branded as Herbal Salvation have nothing to do with Viable Solutions and also are not Kratom related.

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Viable Solutions (Herbal Salvation) Review

Now that we’ve got the confusion about this vendor’s name out of the way, it’s time to move on to a review! This Kratom vendor has a ton of loyal followers, as evidenced by a simple Reddit search. They’re also willing to do the right thing to protect their customers, even at their own great expense, which is always a good look for any vendor.

Viable Solutions (Herbal Salvation) Product Line

Viable Solutions sells a variety of Kratom products. You’ll find powder, tinctures, and Kratom extracts in their shop. All of the basics are there, including Green Vein Maeng Da, White Vein Borneo, and Red Vein Sumatra.

Herbal Salvation also offers Gold Reserve, Maha Kali Red Vein, Plantation Maeng Da, and several other strains. Not sure which to try first? There are three different sample packs available, starting as low as $25 (on sale for $15 as of September 2019).

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Viable Solutions (Herbal Salvation) has a very nice price structure that’s going to make Kratom enthusiasts quite happy. Pricing does vary by strain, but you can get 25g of many strains starting at only $5. Kratom tinctures range from $20 – $60. Extracts start at $35 (2g) and go up to $150 for 15g.

Most Kratom powder veins go up to $125 for 1,000g (1 kilo), although some are a bit more expensive. As mentioned above, there’s also a nice selection of sample packs that provide all the way up to 2,000g (2 kilos) split between eight strains. This typically retails for $280, but it’s on sale for only $180 as of September 2019!

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Herbal Salvation Coupon Code

Rather than providing a typical coupon code, Viable Solutions prefers to give built-in deals. For example, the type or payment you choose can give you between 20-30 percent off the total price. This Kratom vendor also usually has at least a couple of products on a great sale.

Viable Solutions (Herbal Salvation) Consumer Reputation

With a long history, it’s not surprising that there are tons of comments about Herbal Salvation Kratom on Reddit and several other resources. In a rare show of product quality, it’s actually difficult to find anyone who has something truly bad to say about this vendor.

What you will see over and over again while looking through Herbal Salvation reviews is a lot of praise about product quality. One customer said “Herbal Salvation absolutely wins” in terms of potency. Others have said that they’re “definitely one of my top vendors,” and that their Kratom “is on fire.” Yet another satisfied customer said, “I’m very impressed with their quality.”

Viable Solutions Customer Service

Viable Solutions (Herbal Salvation) does not accept refunds for any opened products. They do accept refunds for unopened products within 30 days, less a 10 percent restocking fee. Several other top Kratom vendors back their products with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and it’s quite frankly surprising that Viable Solutions doesn’t do something similar. Despite their strict returns policy, Viable Solutions still has a lot of very satisfied customers. And that always counts for something!

This vendor also took immediate action when they became aware of a possible contamination issue in 2018. Unfortunately, something like that can happen to any vendor, no matter how excellent they are. Therefore, we can only really judge vendors on how they respond to such a potential crisis. Viable Solutions passed this test with flying colors.

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Bottom Line

When it’s time to buy Kratom, you can turn to Herbal Salvation (Viable Solutions) as a reputable vendor. Their sample packs are a great deal, and people rave about their Maeng Da products.

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