The Herbal Cafe Kratom Vendor Review

The Herbal Cafe Kratom Vendor Review

The Herbal Cafe is a Florida-based vendor, and they also have an office in Northern Ireland. On their website, you’ll see that they’re a member of American Herbal Products Association.

The Herbal Cafe Kratom Review

This vendor’s website is decent. They offer same-day shipping for orders placed before 4:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. Additionally, if you order $50+ you’ll receive free Priority Mail shipping.

The Herbal Café Kratom Product Line

If there’s one area where The Herbal Cafe really shines, it’s in their selection of Kratom.

  • Powder: Super Green Bali, Wild Red Bentuangie, Green Borneo, Kaya Red Borneo, Reset Blend, Baik, Kapuas White, Kapuas Red, Bali/Indo, Red Dragon, White Dragon, Green Malay, Green Dragon, Deep Jungle Private Reserve, Kapuas Green, White Borneo, White Vietnam, Focus, Red Bumble Bee Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Bali Red Private Reserve, Green Bumble Bee Maeng Da, White Thai, Comfort, Serenity, Gold Vietnam, Café Energy, Café Energy Fusion, & UEI

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Before you buy Kratom, make sure you check out the prices of the vendor you’re considering and some of their competition. This particular vendor doesn’t have standardized pricing, so it makes it a bit more difficult to choose which Kratom you want.

The 30g packages of Kratom start at $14 and go up to $18. As you probably know, this is very expensive. But if you want a 240g package (1/4 of a kilo), it’s going to get even crazier. The cost is $99 to $134. This is pretty insane, especially when you consider that you could get a whole kilo for less than $99 from several vendors.

The Herbal Cafe Kratom Coupon Code

You can get promo codes for The Herbal Café, but you’ll need to sign up for their newsletter first.

The Herbal Café Kratom Consumer Reputation

The Reddit community has long had a big argument about this vendor. Are they high-priced but worth it? Or is it a rip-off?

  • “People who want quality product and customer service as well should know about this place… This was one of the best packages I received.”
  • “The grind, freshness and potency of the product are great also. You will pay more but will able to choose from many strains with descriptions and batch dates to boot.”
  • “The products look good to me with some interesting strains but not to my checkbook. Way too high of prices for me to try it out”
  • “Herbal cafe is good just overpriced.”
  • “Holy shit that kratom must be made of gold.”
  • “It’s expensive but never disappoints though.”

Several Reddit forums contain posts like these, so the bickering is really all about the price.

The Herbal Cafe Kratom Customer Service

People may diss on their prices, but they love this vendor’s customer service.

  • “The owner was extremely attentive and caring.”
  • “I like her stuff because the quality is always there, and she always sends samples on top of that.”
  • “I agree the Customer service is great and so is the packaging.”
  • “Lovely lovely company! I ordered from them a year ago. They sent me soap samples and a small wooden spoon with a hedgehog on it. Wonderful people!”
  • “I’ve bought from her several times, she’s awesome. They’re a little pricey, but shipping and customer service are top notch.”

Bottom Line


So, where do you fall on the “it’s good quality but very expensive” scale? If you’re willing to shell out some bucks to get Kratom, you probably can’t do much better than The Herbal Café. At the same time, though, you’ll also find some much cheaper vendors who aren’t too far off in terms of quality and customer service.

Are you interested in finding one of the cheaper vendors? Head on over to The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors. With more than 120+ vendors, you’re guaranteed to find the right vendor for you!