The Herbal Cafe Kratom Vendor Review

The State of Florida is often referred to as the “Land of Flowers,” which is fitting when you consider the popularity of plant-based products like kratom. There are more kratom shops and kava bars in St Petersburg alone than there are in any other US state. Its prevalence in South Florida has even been the subject of multiple news articles. So where do you go if you want high-quality kratom in the Sunshine State?


Herbal Cafe is a domestic kratom vendor in the Daytona Beach area and they just may be the brand you’ve been looking for. Read all about this supplier’s botanical specimens and special deals in our Herbal Cafe Kratom Vendor Review.

Herbal Cafe Organics, AKA Herbal Cafe Kratom, is a Flagler County kratom vendor located in the populous city of Palm Coast. It specializes in what it calls “authentic, traditional botanicals.” These botanicals include farm-fresh leaves, powders, beans, and more. Herbal Cafe also carries handmade goods and specialty blends. Blends are among Herbal Cafe’s most in-demand items, due in no small part to the unique aroma such combinations have to offer.

This Gold Coast kratom supplier has received five-star reviews from a multitude of customers and reviewers. The success of Herbal Cafe owes much to owner Janice Koppell and her singular vision for the brand. M(r)s. Koppell is a one-woman army when it comes to collaborating with native farmers and building the company’s online store. This vendor keeps customers smiling with regular free kratom samples, routine inspection of products, and a range of cutting edge takes on classic herbs.

The Herbal Cafe is a proud member of the AHPA (American Herbal Products Association), a national trade association and advocacy group for the ethnobotanical industry.

Although it does not disclose third-party lab results on its website, Herbal Cafe Organics always submits its new batches of kratom to independent labs for thorough analysis.


  • Wide variety
  • Exotic herbs
  • Fresh powder
  • Accepts major credit/debit cards
  • Proud member of the AHPA
  • Fast shipping
  • Free kratom samples


  • High prices
  • No AKA approval
  • No certificates of analysis on site
  • Does not accept Bitcoin
  • Does not accept COD
  • No kratom kilos

Kratom Product Line & Pricing Guide

image of the herbal cafe organics products

Herbal Cafe always carries a wide range of kratom strains, including plain leaf kratom powder and proprietary blends. This is in addition to its ever-growing line of international herbs, which include everything from Damiana leaf and Passion flower to Holy Basil Tulsi and Moringa.

There are many highly-rated kratom powders, such as Bali Red Private Reserve, Deep Jungle Private Reserve, Gold Vietnam, Green Bumblebee MD, Kaya Red Borneo, Platinum White Vietnam, Royal Green MD, Super Green Bali, Supreme Baik, Supreme Bali Indo, Supreme Green Borneo, Supreme Kapuas Red, Supreme Red Dragon, White Maeng Da, and Wild Red Bentuangie.

Royal Green MD is just as sumptuous as it sounds; this green vein is a dark, mix of green and white vein powder. The scent is more pronounced than other greens and more awakening than your average white vein.

Speaking of white vein, Platinum White Vietnam may sound like a Charlize Theron movie, but it’s actually an equally enthralling kratom strain.

This bracing blend of robust alkaloids smells as fresh as a rainforest and as sweet as a pumpkin pie. White Vietnam possesses rich notes of matcha, moss, durian, and chocolate. Herbal Cafe’s “mitra” teas start at $14 for thirty grams of powder, with sixty grams going for $28, one hundred twenty grams going for $56, and two hundred forty grams going for $99.00.

If there is one drawback to dealing with Herbal Cafe it is its insane high prices. These prices aren’t merely steep, they are insulting. The industry low price for a kratom kilo (one thousand grams) is around $120-130.00. By contrast, Herbal Cafe charges nearly $100 for around a quarter of a kilo.

Price gouging aside, Herbal Cafe has plenty to recommend it. Checkout is secure and easy, shipping is fast, and the items are fresh as a flower in bloom. Herbal Cafe signature blends include Cafe Energy Fusion, Comfort Blend, and Reset Blend. These sell for slightly more than their plain leaf counterparts.

You can get thirty grams for $16, sixty grams for $32, or one hundred twenty grams for $64.00. This vendor only accepts MasterCard and VISA. No additional cards. No additional payment options. No apparent exceptions.

Coupon Codes & Discounts

A recent example of an Herbal Cafe coupon code is ‘SUMMER15,’ but updated codes are available all the time. Be sure to email Herbal Cafe Organics to get yourself a newer promotional code.

Every user who signs up for this vendor’s email newsletter automatically qualifies for discounts and specials, including seasonal deals.

Shipping & Returns

You have the option of choosing FedEx or USPS (United States Postal Service) when checking out. Given the post office’s recent delays it is wise to upgrade to FedEx. This vendor provides free kratom same-day shipping on orders placed during weekday hours. You will also qualify for free FedEx 2-Day shipping if you spend $49 or more. You have your pick of shipping speeds, with Priority Mail, FedEx 2nd Day, Express Mail, FedEx Saturday Delivery, and FedEx Next Weekday Priority available.

Returns are accepted on unopened products only and all requests for returns must be made within fourteen days of delivery. Refunds or store credit may be granted, but these will likely be partial if your item is not in its original condition. If you wish to return an item, you should send a request for return by email to: support@herbalcafe.net.

The Herbal Café Consumer Reputation

image of the herbal cafe organics review

The Reddit community has long had a big argument about this vendor. Are they high-priced but worth it? Or is it a rip-off?

  • “People who want quality product and customer service as well should know about this place… This was one of the best packages I received.”
  • “The grind, freshness and potency of the product are great also. You will pay more but will be able to choose from many strains with descriptions and batch dates to boot.”
  • “The products look good to me with some interesting strains but not to my checkbook. Way too high of prices for me to try it out.”
  • “Herbal cafe is good, just overpriced.”
  • “It’s expensive but never disappoints.”

Several Reddit forums contain posts like these, so the bickering is really all about the price.

People may dis on their prices, but they love this vendor’s customer service.

  • “The owner was extremely attentive and caring.”
  • “I agree the Customer service is great and so is the packaging.”
  • “I’ve bought from her several times, she’s awesome. They’re a little pricey, but shipping and customer service are top notch.”

Every aspect of this vendor’s operation is appreciated by fans, with one customer writing, “Shipping is great, tracking number and all. The kratom is fresh and clean. Holy smoke when I open the bag! The packaging is great too. I know packaging isn’t so important, but it helps … after the first time you order, you get a VIP discount code, and I spent 50 dollars so I got to pick a free half ounce.

“Thumbs up to them also, for having stock! I was so annoyed seeing messages on sites saying, ‘be back soon.’ The herbal cafe obviously stands by their customers, and takes a chance to re-order regular stock instead of running a sale to sell out all the kratom.”

Another user agreed with this sentiment, saying, “I have ordered from many vendors over the last two years and the service and packaging are the best hands down. The grind, freshness, and potency of the product are great also.”

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaf

So, where do you fall on the “it’s good quality but very expensive” scale? If you’re willing to shell out some bucks to get Kratom, you probably can’t do much better than The Herbal Café. At the same time, though, you’ll also find some much cheaper vendors who aren’t too far off in terms of quality and customer service.

Are you interested in finding one of the cheaper vendors? Head on over to The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors. With more than 120+ vendors, you’re guaranteed to find the right vendor for you!

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