Herb Stomp Kratom Vendor Review

Herb Stomp is one of those rare companies that doesn’t participate in bragging or B.S. It is a simple, straightforward business with some excellent deals and a whole lot to offer the kratom community.

Over the years this Pacific Northwest kratom vendor has earned itself a spot on Reddit’s Trusted Vendor list and a number of rave reviews from longtime forum members.

If you’re looking for a reliable brand with an ever-growing collection of fine herbs, you’ve come to the right place. Check out our comprehensive vendor review for a closer look at what makes Herb Stomp tick.

Herb Stomp Kratom Review

image of herb stomp shop kratom vendor logoHerb Stomp is an Oregon-based kratom vendor with offices in the heart of hipster-friendly Portland. The company was first launched in 2012 as a brick-and-mortar shop, but demand mushroomed to such a degree that the owners have since opened an additional location.

The original storefront on NE Sandy Boulevard enjoys a 4.8-star average rating on Google, while its secondary location on SE Belmont Street has earned a 4.4-star rating among nearly 170 Google reviews.

Unfortunately, there is limited information available regarding the origins of this brand. What we do know is that the company is renowned for its excellence and professionalism. Customers have called these guys straight shooters and it is easy to see why.

If there is one thing Herb Stomp Kratom has been known for since day one, it is its transparency. Herb Stomp doesn’t pretend to be something it is not. This isn’t one of the countless generic vendors you come across that claims to be the best.

This vendor figured out a long time ago what it often takes companies years to realize—if you’re really the best, you don’t have to tell everyone because everyone already knows. And besides, there are customers who will do that for you.

Over at Trustpilot, you can find a top review by a former customer entitled “Simply THE BEST!” In this review, said user writes, “Herb Stomp has superior products and even better customer service. My experience with Rebecca has always been great when ordering my products.”

Herb Stomp Kratom has maintained excellence throughout the global health crisis, managing during the chaos to maintain quality and customer satisfaction.


  • Wide selection
  • Awesome accessories
  • Eclectic herbs
  • Accepts credit cards
  • Bulk pricing
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Free shipping
  • Satisfaction guarantee


  • No COD (Cash On Delivery)
  • No AKA approval
  • Does not disclose third-party labs
  • Does not accept cryptocurrencies
  • Does not offer insurance

Herb Stomp Kratom Product Line & Pricing Guide

image of herb stomp kratom products

This vendor carries 10+ kratom strains in a variety of vein colors. Prices vary from strain to strain, depending on whether they are in season or difficult to source.

Herb Stomp’s green vein kratom powders include Green Bali, Green Hulu Kapuas, Green Maeng Da, and Green Malay.

Examples of red veins include Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, Red Malay, and Red Sumatra.

Herb Stomp white vein kratom powders include White Maeng Da and traditional White Vein Kratom.

Prices start at $12 for an ounce, with four ounces going for $40, eight ounces going for $70, or a kratom kilo selling for $100.00.

Kratom capsules are available again after a brief absence and come highly recommended among the more gag-sensitive users.

Encapsulated kratom is easy to swallow and easy to store, making it a popular choice among itinerant workers, athletes, and entrepreneurs. What’s more, the all-natural capsules mask the naturally bitter taste of kratom powder.

You can score an ounce of kratom capsules for $16 or pick up four ounces for $56.00.

Herb Stomp’s prices compare favorably to other big-name brands on the current market. In fact, this vendor’s prices beat out most of their competitors.’

The average kratom vendor charges a minimum of $120 for a kilo, while Herb Stomp charges no more than $100, often with free shipping to boot.

Other items from this vendor include Akuamma, Dream Herb, Kanna Powder, Kava Kava, Wild Dagga, and Wild Dagga. Prices vary from botanical to botanical.

For example, Akuamma Seed starts at six dollars a half-ounce, with a full ounce going for $10.00. On the other hand, Kava Kava starts at seven dollars for an ounce, with sixteen ounces selling for $80.00.

You can pay with credit/debit card or CashApp. Alas, these are your only choices. COD is not accepted, nor are CoinPayments or Venmo. Traditional options such as money order or paper check are not accepted at this time.

Herb Stomp Kratom Coupon Code

image of herb stomp kratom coupon code

This vendor regularly advertises special deals on its social media accounts. You can follow Herb Stomp on Facebook to unlock promotional codes, giveaways, and more.

Shipping & Returns

All orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS), with most orders eligible for an upgrade from Priority Mail to Express Mail.

Kratom same-day shipping is provided on orders placed before 3pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). If you spend $100 or more, you will automatically qualify for free shipping.

Unopened products are protected under Herb Stomp’s 100% Money-Back Guarantee, which states that if you are not wholly satisfied for whatever reason, you can send this vendor an email to confirm you will be shipping the item(s) back to them.

Once your return has been processed, you will be issued a full refund less shipping. Opened items do not necessarily apply to this return policy. Therefore, you should contact Herb Stomp Kratom before attempting a return.

Herb Stomp Kratom Consumer Reputation

Herb Stomp Kratom has been embraced by all the popular online kratoms, including I Love Kratom and Reddit.

Over on I Love Kratom, seasoned reviewer @madmaxnightrider said, “Herb Stomp is an excellent vendor with some high quality plain leaf kratom … Shipping took around three days which is good. The little pouches were very good and were very easy to open and seal back … I would recommend Herb Stomp very highly.”

With a 4.8-star average on Google Reviews out of 44 reviews, this vendor must be doing something right.

  • “New favorite herb place!! The girl I talked to was SO helpful and super kind + friendly.”
  • “Best shop for all your kratom needs in Portland. They also have a great selection of other unique herbs and CBD. The staff, especially Rebecca, are always super helpful and pleasant. 10/10!”
  • “This is the best place in Portland to buy kratom, I have been using kratom for years and I have never had any as good as Herb Stomp’s kratom. The place is extremely clean and professional, it’s not like going to a head shop.”
  • “Herb Stomp (Sandy) is BY FAR the best Herb and Kratom store I have ever been to.”
  • “Herb Stomp is the best. You can order any of their herbs and have them delivered. They are always on top of shipping.”

As if the above review weren’t good enough, Herb Stomp gets extra special marks for their in-store quality customer service:

  • “I love going to the Sandy Boulevard herb stuff. They always treat me so amazing. I was searched from Jenna today and I could not have asked for better guest service. I would never go anywhere else to get what I need. Thank you for hiring such wonderful people.”
  • “The products and people here are top quality.”
  • “Amazing customer service, the best products you can buy! Definitely worth buying from here!”
  • “I highly recommend Herb Stomp. They’ve been really great during the Covid shutdowns in offering free delivery, which is usually only 2 days after you place your order (locally). Also, I recently made a purchase I ended up not liking and they gave me a store credit towards my next purchase, even though the product had been opened. Awesome customer service!”

image of herb stomp kratom vendor customer reviews

Bottom Line

Herb Stomp more than meets the criteria for a solid Kratom shop. If you can afford their slightly expensive pricing, they’re a great place to support.

Perhaps you’re looking for a strain that Herb Stomp doesn’t sell or a better price? Head on over to The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors. We have more than 115+ vendors, which means that someone’s got you covered!

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