Herb Stomp Kratom Vendor Review

Herb Stomp Kratom Vendor Review

Herb Stomp is the Portland area’s premier Kratom vendor. They’re also an ayurvedic vendor that sells many ethnobotanicals.

Herb Stomp Kratom Review

This vendor advertises Kratom very heavily on their home page. However, if you do any actual searching under the term “Kratom,” nothing comes up. Because of this, you’ll need to access it through the “Buy Kratom Online” carousel about halfway down their front page.

Herb Stomp Kratom Product Line

They now carry every Kratom product in powder and capsule format. Their selection includes:

  • Lion’s Mane, Red Sumatra, Red Malay, Green Hulu, Maeng Da, Green Malay, White Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, White Vein, Green Bali, & Red Bali

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Unfortunately, Herb Stomp makes you buy Kratom that has a range of prices. As you can see, they’re all a bit high, too.

  • 1 oz – $10 – $14
  • 4 oz – $35 – $50
  • 8 oz – $60 – $90
  • 1 kg – $125 – $175
  • 1 oz capsules – $14 – $18

Herb Stomp Kratom Coupon Code

On the plus side, they do advertise several promo codes. This will help bring their Kratom down to a more normal price. On the downside, some of the currently available codes no longer work, such as “WINTER.”

Herb Stomp Kratom Consumer Reputation

With a 4.8-star average on Google Reviews out of 44 reviews, this vendor must be doing something right.

  • “New favorite herb place!! The girl I talked to was SO helpful and super kind + friendly.”
  • “Best shop for all your kratom needs in Portland. They also have a great selection of other unique herbs and CBD. The staff, especially Rebecca, are always super helpful and pleasant. 10/10!”
  • “This is the best place in Portland to buy kratom, I have been using kratom for years and I have never had any as good as Herb Stomp’s kratom. The place is extremely clean and professional, it’s not like going to a head shop.”
  • “Herb Stomp (Sandy) is BY FAR the best Herb and Kratom store I have ever been to.”
  • “Herb Stomp is the best. You can order any of their herbs and have them delivered. They are always on top of shipping.”

Herb Stomp Kratom Customer Service

As if the above review weren’t good enough, Herb Stomp gets extra special marks for their quality customer service.

  • “I love going to the Sandy Boulevard herb stuff. They always treat me so amazing. I was searched from Jenna today and I could not have asked for better guest service. I would never go anywhere else to get what I need. Thank you for hiring such wonderful people.”
  • “The products and people here are top quality.”
  • “I really appreciate the kindness of everyone here.”
  • “Amazing customer service, the best products you can buy! Definitely worth buying from here!”
  • “I highly recommend Herb Stomp. They’ve been really great during the Covid shutdowns in offering free delivery, which is usually only 2 days after you place your order (locally). Also, I recently made a purchase I ended up not liking and they gave me a store credit towards my next purchase, even though the product had been opened. Awesome customer service!”

Bottom Line

Kratom leaves

Herb Stomp more than meets the criteria for a solid Kratom shop. If you can afford their slightly expensive pricing, they’re a great place to support.

Perhaps you’re looking for a strain that Herb Stomp doesn’t sell or a better price? Head on over to The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors. We have more than 115+ vendors, which means that someone’s got you covered!