Grow Kratom Utah Vendor Review

Grow Kratom Utah is an herbal apothecary in Salt Lake City with a highly-rated selection and a successful storefront at The Crossroads of the West. Its brick-and-mortar store boasts a classy streamlined design and a welcoming staff, but much of the company’s success owes to its virtual incarnation.

Grow Kratom Utah’s online store can be found at https://growkratom.com. Like its land-based counterpart, GrowKratom.com features a sleek, minimalist layout that is pure prestige. Where its competitors waste time with cheap gimmicks and false promises, Grow Kratom Utah prefers to keep things simple and straightforward. It is this devotion to the authenticity of the Ayurvedic herb that has garnered Grow Kratom Utah dozens of four and five-star reviews.

This Beehive State botanical vendor is famed for its wide array of CBD, kava, and kratom products, but it is this vendor’s plain leaf kratom strains that have received the most adulation from customers. Learn all about its products, pricing, and more in our comprehensive vendor review.


Grow Kratom Utah Product Review

Grow Kratom Utah has only been around for a couple of years, but it has established itself as a regional champion in that time. Grow Kratom has emerged as the number one kratom vendor in SLC, beating out twenty-four other suppliers.

This vendor carries a wide range of green vein, red vein, and white vein kratom powders, as well as signature kratom blends. Its catalog consists of Bali Blend, Cozy Blend, Green Borneo, Green Hulu Kapuas, Green Jongkong, Green Pinoh, Grow Blend, Java Blend, Kali Blend, Red Jongkong, Red Kali, Thai Blend, White Borneo, White Jongkong, and White Kali.

Grow Kratom Utah’s packaging is some of the most professional we’ve seen from brick-and-mortar apothecaries. Its kratom powder pouches are fairly standard brown paper affairs, but its labeling is clear, comprehensive, and coherent. The same is true of its kratom bottles, which include appropriate information about codes, servings, ingredients, and warnings.

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Grow Kratom Utah Red Kali is our choice for the best kratom strain of the bunch. This bracing red vein hails from the island of Borneo where it is cultivated in the Indonesian province known as Kalimantan. Hence, the name Red Kali and its reputation as the “Kalimantan strain.” Red Kali is a potent powder with a protracted duration and an inimitable aroma.

This vendor stocks an assortment of kratom capsules, including EXP Mé·nage à Trois Capsules, Third Eye Kratom Capsules, and its very own Grow Kratom Capsules. Legions of kratom connoisseurs have opted out of ye olde toss ‘n wash method and have made the move to kratom capsules. Users appreciate how easy capsules are to take and the caps themselves mask kratom’s naturally bitter flavor.

Its collection of extracts is even more eclectic, extending from traditional tinctures to liquid kratom shots infused with herbal blends. For example, there are numerous shots, such as Hush Energy Shot, Hush HK Shots, and Hush Ultra Shots. Other items include Hush Coffee Shots, Hush Gummies, and Hush Soft Gels.


What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices start at $12.14 for thirty grams, with two hundred fifty grams going for $58.20. This is one area that could use some improvement. At $12.14 for just over a dry ounce of kratom powder, you will be paying more than forty cents per gram. That is significantly more than other vendors charge for small-batch kratom.

Most vendors offer savings on bulk kratom powder by providing kratom kilos as an option but Grow Kratom Utah only sells its kratom in the aforementioned amounts. At $58.20 for two hundred fifty grams, you are paying almost a quarter per gram. Granted, this is a better price point than the ounce, but it is still far more than what most online kratom vendors would ask of you.

Capsule and extract prices vary depending upon brand, size, and availability. For example, Third Eye Capsules start at $9.66, while Grow Kratom Capsules start at $29.95. Kratom extracts range in price from $7.95 to $19.37.

If you are paying in person, you can only pay with cash. There is an ATM machine on-site if you need to withdraw funds from an account. As for its online store, you can pay by bank transfer or with CashApp/Google Pay.


Grow Kratom Utah Coupon Code & Discounts

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This seller provides a five percent discount to seniors in addition to its ten percent veteran discount. Not only does it provide this kratom military discount, but it also doles out special deals and exclusive offers via social media. Like and follow on Facebook and Instagram to discover the latest news, product updates, promo codes, and more.


Grow Kratom Utah Customer Review

Grow Kratom Utah has received copious amounts of praise from its in-person and outbound clientele alike. One customer wrote, “Jake really took care of me, and any time I’ve been in there I’ve had an awesome experience. Highly recommend!”

“Always greeted with a smile,” another user said. “That just makes the shop that much better. The knowledge of all the employees is outstanding … anyone of them has masterfully helped me to get exactly what I wanted and even better, what I needed.”

Yet another customer said, “Jacob was awesome! Very informative and helped me find the perfect blends … high-quality products, great results. He also offered a discount since it was our first time there! Super happy with our experience there.”

Still another user wrote, “This is an amazing store. People in Utah are really blessed to have a store that sells high-quality kratom and very reasonable prices. This store values education about this wonderful plant and they are very helpful. Let’s hope stores like this get to open across the U.S.”

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Grow Kratom Utah Complaints

Based on our research, Grow Kratom has not attracted any undesirable attention. There are no lawsuits filed against this business, nor have any complaints been lodged with the Better Business Bureau or Trustpilot. Its five-star Google ratings have gone uncontested.


Is It Lab-Tested?

Grow Kratom Utah makes no claims about its testing policy, nor does it provide any links to third-party certificates of analysis. There is no evidence to suggest that Grow Kratom Utah submits its products for third-party laboratory testing. However, its powders are fresh and seemingly clean, pointing to possible in-house inspection and remediation.


Is Grow Kratom Utah Legit?

Yes. Despite what its lack of credentials might suggest, Grow Kratom Utah appears to be a legitimate company. Its store is clean, well-lit, and well-organized, its packaging is secure and discreet, and its powders appear to be safe.

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American Kratom Association

Grow Kratom Utah is not approved by the AKA, nor does it look like it participates in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. This vendor is not listed as a pending participant on the AKA’s website either.

The AKA’s GMP program is important because it establishes standards by which kratom processors must conduct themselves. Its guidelines lead the way for better, safer, and more ethical packaging, labeling, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing.


Closing Thoughts

All things considered, Grow Kratom Utah is a reputable kratom brand with something to learn about internet-friendly pricing. Although it lacks AKA credentials, this vendor has demonstrated its inherent value. This is a solid vendor with some exotic kratom products.


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