Green Monkey Kratom Review: Quality & Cost Details

Green Monkey Kratom is a curious wholesale kratom brand that’s making a name for itself on the national head shop circuit. While its star slowly rises in the cities and suburbs of America, its online presence has gone all but unacknowledged.

Green Monkey Kratom is a product of Green Monkey Corporation, a company that’s shrouded in secrecy. Its selection is said to include premium kratom strains at standard market prices, but when you click on the Online Store link, you are redirected to its Lab Results page. If you were hoping for more information about the company itself, you won’t find it on the site.

The Green Monkey Kratom website can be found at https://greenmonkey.us, which is an odd choice for a URL. Most industry professionals go by something kratom-related, followed by a customary dot com. By contrast, Green Monkey Kratom uses a domain that is most commonly associated with government entities.

After scouring the internet for answers to who this vendor is and what it’s all about, this is what we have found. Read on for the full skinny on Green Monkey Kratom in our comprehensive vendor review.

What is Green Monkey Kratom?

Green Monkey Corporation is a Minnesota company that was first incorporated on September 5, 2006. This makes it one of the oldest and longest-lasting kratom brands in the domestic marketplace. Green Monkey was registered in Bruno, MN, by Michael A Van Slyke.

Unlike so many shady online sellers, Green Monkey Corporation has been diligent about following the letter of the law. It renews its business registration annually and pays all related dues without incident. This company has been in business for fifteen years without once running afoul of the powers that be.

Green Monkey Kratom Vendor Review

The business is currently listed at 305 Old Hwy 61 South in Hinckley, a quaint small town city in Pine County, MN. Its staff can be reached at (320) 384-7060, but don’t expect much. We let the phone ring eight times before we hung up. When we called back a second time there was still no answer after eight additional rings.

Although it doesn’t seem like much of a direct-to-consumer kratom brand, Green Monkey Corporation has succeeded as a wholesale kratom supplier. Its products have found their way into an array of herbal apothecaries, tobacco stores, head shops, and filling stations.

This brand claims to submit its products for third-party laboratory testing, but the certificates of analysis that appear on its website are not kratom results. Rather, they are outdated analyses of CBD and Delta-8 THC products.

Green Monkey Kratom Product Review

Green Monkey Kratom powders include green vein, red vein, white vein, and gold kratom strains. They include Bali Gold, Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, and Green Monkey Trainwreck Blend.

Its Bali Gold is one of the strongest and freshest smelling examples of fermented kratom that we’ve come across. Frankly, we were more than a little surprised to discover a gold vein kratom powder that was actually potent after some of the duds that have found their way to market.

Green Monkey Kratom Strains

Smoke shops are notorious for selling gold kratom that is either overwhelmingly strong or weak (and foul-tasting). Green Monkey Bali Gold was none of that and it actually smelled more like red vein kratom powder than anything else.

Trainwreck Kratom Blend is nothing new, but Green Monkey Kratom’s signature twist most certainly is. Suffice it to say that Green Monkey Train Wreck is robust and peculiar, offering a lasting aroma with lingering notes of jasmine and lavender tea.

Green Monkey Kratom’s packaging is genuinely one-of-a-kind, coming as it does in a sort of rectangular tin with a smooth finish and a stylish green-on-purple label. And that’s the other thing that distinguishes Green Monkey from others on the smoke shop scene—it is a brand that voluntarily provides detailed labels.

For example, the Trainwreck Kratom Blend label assures you that its contents are 100% organic, while listing servings, ingredients, warnings, and more.

Green Monkey Kratom Capsules are also available for those who loathe the tea or toss ‘n wash method. If you prefer your kratom powder in a small, easy-to-swallow cap, you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for with these 00-size all-natural caps.

What It Costs & How It Compares

We cannot speak for Green Monkey Corporation’s pricing, as its website does not reveal such information, but the prices offered at Kratom Point—one of its many affiliates—are incredible, to say the least. At a time when several top vendors are jacking up their prices to compensate for economic hardship, Kratom Point is keeping prices low for the people who need it most.

This supplier specializes in bulk kratom powder, which is why it only offers Green Monkey strains in one of two buying options—one hundred twenty grams for $21.99 or a kratom kilo for only $79.99.

Kratom capsules start at eleven dollars for a 40-count tin, with a 300-count going for $21.99.

These prices are astonishingly low, especially for a wholesale kratom site offering direct-to-consumer sales. $79.99 for one thousand grams amounts to less than eight cents per gram. This price makes industry-standard price points like $130-140 seem like a joke.

Kratom Point pricing compares favorably to that of current industry lows, such as those charged by sites like Mitragaia and Titan Kratom, both of which charge around $120 per kilo.

Green Monkey Kratom Near Me

If you prefer to look a proprietor in the eye when you’re about to buy, you can find this wholesale brand in your very own neck of the woods. Green Monkey Kratom is on the shelves at a growing number of brick-and-mortar locations, including Titan Kratom and CBD Smoke Shop, CBD Wholesale U.S., 420 Smoke Shop, and Puyallup Smoke.

Bear in mind, however, that head shops and other land-based establishments tend to price gouge customers. You’ll be paying far more for kratom in person than you would have on Green Monkey Corporation’s website. Part of this price gouging owes to the increasingly high cost of rent and utilities for small business owners.

Green Monkey Kratom Customer Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, there is little information available about Green Monkey Kratom or its day-to-day operations. We know it is based out of Minnesota, but that’s about it. Customers have yet to rate this vendor on Google or Yelp, and its supporters have not acknowledged it on social media. ews

Green Monkey Customer Reviews

Surprisingly, this brand has not been mentioned on any online kratom forums, such as Double M Herbals, I Love Kratom or Reddit. These are the sites many kratom enthusiasts rely on for recommendations and vendor warnings, but we haven’t seen any activity regarding Green Monkey or its staff.

Green Monkey Kratom Complaints

They say “no news is good news” and, at least in Green Monkey Kratom’s case, that may be true. As of this writing, no complaints have been submitted to the Better Business Bureau or Trustpilot, leaving Green Monkey Kratom’s dubious reputation completely intact.

Green Monkey Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

Although we were unable to deal directly with Green Monkey Kratom or find any evidence of its promotional efforts, we did find plenty of things to appreciate about its wholesaler, Kratom Point. This Illinois seller offers all visitors a five percent off coupon code as soon as they reach the company’s homepage.

You can use the promo code ‘LAUNCH’ to get five percent off your total at checkout or sign up for its e-mail newsletter to receive deep discounts, special offers, exclusive content, and awesome promotional opportunities.

Is It Lab Tested?

Yes. At least that is the claim. Green Monkey purportedly performs a full spectrum analysis, which tests for microbes, heavy metals, alkaloid concentrations, and more. Alas, the results of this laboratory analysis do not appear on its website.

If you are concerned about potential adulteration or contamination, we urge you to reach out to this vendor yourself. You can inquire about lab results by phone or e-mail. Vendors must be held accountable for their products and the contents therein.

American Kratom Association Status

This vendor has not been approved by the AKA, nor does it take part in the nonprofit organization’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. This isn’t all too alarming, as only a few dozen vendors have opted to participate. However, their involvement would provide potential customers with some added assurance.

GMP Programme

The AKA’s GMP program establishes requirements for the manufacturing, labeling, marketing, distribution, verification, and sale of kratom products, which is important given the health scares and hazardous ingredients that have dogged the kratom industry.

Is Green Monkey Kratom Legit?

Based on our experience we would have to answer in the affirmative; Green Monkey Kratom’s Trainwreck and Bali Gold are two excellent strains that seem fresh, potent, and safe. However, we hesitate to call the brand itself legit in light of its lousy website functionality, lack of AKA accreditation, and poor consumer recognition.

Closing Thoughts

To sum it all up, we have enjoyed some of what this company has to offer, but we have done so with the advantage of a refund policy from a third-party supplier. We have not dealt directly with this company and cannot speak to its legitimacy (or lack thereof).

Our research suggests that Green Monkey Corporation is a small town company with some big-city ideas. It may benefit from bringing on a big city consultant, someone who can advise its staff on things like labeling, marketing, and more. Maybe then it would attract reviews and ratings.
In the meantime, those who are looking to compare Green Monkey’s prices to others on the market can do so by reviewing the top brands. Click here to visit our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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