Green Leaf Kratom Vendor Review  

Green Leaf Kratom is a West Coast kratom vendor with questionable origins. Its kratom powder may look fresh and vibrant, but its products have sharply divided consumers. If you’re mulling a purchase, we urge you to read our complete review below.

What is Green Leaf Kratom?

Green Leaf Kratom launched in 2015. It purports to be a California seller, but its use of the English language suggests non-native speakers. To make matters more confusing, Green Leaf’s mailing address is located in Henderson, NV.

Let’s start with the perks. The Green Leaf Kratom website offers a tranquil touch thanks to its beautiful imagery and green theme. This vendor dedicates 100% of its shop space to kratom. You’ll never have to sort through a ton of other products to find what you’re looking for.

Green Leaf started out strong, but evidence suggests it let customers down. Former customers have lamented the high prices, low quality, and lack of third-party lab results.  It has also failed to answer commonly asked questions.

This vendor does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program, which is unfortunate given the need for safety-conscious suppliers. More alarmingly, Green Leaf Kratom does not disclose certificates of analysis for any of its kratom strains.

It’s always a real shame when we find out that a former heavy hitter has experienced a down-shift in quality. Hopefully, this is a temporary issue that will be worked out soon. On the bright side, Green Leaf is currently offering fair market pricing on bulk kratom.

What It Has to Offer


Green Leaf splits its kratom up into multiple categories, such as capsules, powder, house blends, and branded kratom. As of this writing, it carries 38+ kratom powders and 31 capsules. These include combinations and enhanced strains.

This seller’s blends include Bali Blend Crushed Leaf, Espresso Bali, Mystery, Super Indo, and Total Chaos. Yellow kratom strains include Yellow Sundanese.

Its green vein product line includes Green Asia, Green Bali Supreme, Green Bentuangie, Green Horned Leaf, Green Indo, Green MD, Green Riau, Private Forest Maeng Da, and Superior Green Malaysian.

Examples of its red vein kratom powder include Asia, Bali, Borneo, Maeng Da, Maeng Da Supreme, Private Forest Maeng Da, Indonesian, Malaysian, Riau, and Sumatran. White kratom strains include Private Forest Maeng Da, White Asia, White Bali, White Borneo, White Horned Leaf, White Maeng Da, White Riau, and White Sumatra.

In its Branded section, this vendor showcases the last remaining items from companies that are no longer with us. Right now, this includes Kratom Therapy.

What It Costs and How It Compares

When shopping for kratom, pricing should be second only to purity. If you buy Green Leaf Kratom, you’ll have a few pricing options to choose from. This vendor is relatively consistent, but there are some slight variations based on the exact strain in question.

Prices start between $11.99 and $12.99 for 50 grams. You can get 250 grams for an average price of $52.99 or less. Kratom kilos sell for $80-90.00. Not all of these prices conform to current industry standards. For example, New Dawn Kratom charges $29.99 for 250 grams, while Earth Kratom charges $49.99.

On the other hand, Green Leaf’s recent reduction in bulk kratom pricing is in keeping with the industry trend. Since the pandemic, a number of notable vendors have dropped prices from $120 per kilo to $90 or less. For comparison, New Dawn charges $79.99 for 1,000 grams, while Amazing Botanicals charges $99.99 for a two-way split kilo.

image of green leaf kratom cost

Green Leaf Kratom Coupon Code

Customers who use Bitcoin get 25% off their orders. No coupon code is required. Every order ships free, as well. You can also find Green Leaf Kratom coupon codes from time to time.

The latest discount codes we unearthed are ‘GLK10’ (redeemable for 10% off) and ‘GLK20’ (you get the idea). All promotions are redeemable at checkout.

Green Leaf Kratom Customer Reviews

Reddit users have been vocal about their feelings regarding this brand. One member said, “It’s decent, but waaaaaaay too expensive. You can do much better off the daily [Recommended Vendors] list.”

On the other hand, some customers have had better experiences than others. One user said, “I have used them for quite some time, they are very reliable. They are a few days behind on sending out packages, but I have received all of mine within a week.”

Elsewhere, a user said, “Their kratom is definitely among the weakest I’ve had. Good service for sure and good, fast shipping…but I’ve never had anything great from them. I’ve tried maybe 4 or 5 strains from…and they’ve all been decent, but none have been amazing.”

Green Leaf Kratom Customer Service

When Green Leaf Kratom was based in New Jersey, it got rave reviews for its customer service. Now that it’s relocated to California, things haven’t been as rosy. One person who said she’d been ordering from them for years expressed frustration over the orders taking three days to ship now. She also said, “customer service hardly responds, and product quality is inconsistent.”

Bottom Line

All research indicates that Green Leaf Kratom is less than legitimate. There have been widespread complaints of slow shipping, inconsistent quality, and poor customer service. You may want to place a small order before gambling on a bulk kratom purchase.

Do you prefer to try out a vendor with better reviews? Visit our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for many more options.

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