Great Lakes Kratom Review – Should You Buy From Them?

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In recent years, certain institutions have set their sites on taking down the kratom industry. Working in tandem with news media to stigmatize this Ayurvedic herb and its alkaloid content, these institutions have sought to prevent the public from experiencing kratom for themselves. This has made life difficult for everyone involved, including long-time kratom users, some of whom drive hours out of state to enjoy their tea of choice. Kratom vendors have dealt with scrutiny, seizure, or worse. In an effort to shield themselves from this kind of undesirable attention, many have doubled down on their commitment to quality and privacy. Some vendors have simply employed stricter quality control protocol, while others have made their online stores exclusive to members only.

A select number of vendors have had to change their names or have stripped the word kratom from their website entirely. One brand that seems shrouded in this kind of speak-easy-style secrecy is Great Lakes Kratom. If you want to hear more about this mysterious brand, read on for our comprehensive overview of this Wolverine State kratom vendor.

Great Lakes Kratom Review

Great Lakes Kratom is a Michigan-based wholesale kratom supplier with some surprising brand recognition. It seems people know this brand even though the name barely registers among online kratom users. The brand lacks any discernible digital footprint. There is no greatlakeskratom.com, no Great Lakes Kratom Facebook profile, and no Great Lakes Kratom Instagram account. In fact, the only time the company has been mentioned on social media it’s been a result of its philanthropic efforts; a Facebook user shouted them out for raffling off a mini-Segway, with proceeds to benefit the American Kratom Association. As it turns out, Great Lakes Kratom has been going by the name KRTM and operating online under the URL ‘krtmkratom.com‘.

This is clearly an attempt at keeping a low profile as the company continues to grow its network of retail locations. Great Lakes Kratom was founded in 2018 and has been selling to brick-and-mortar shops ever since. As of this writing, Great Lakes Kratom is stocked by five shops in Michigan and one shop in Ohio.

Great Lakes Kratom Product Line

Great lakes kratom products

This vendor specializes in jumbo kratom capsules, although kratom powder has been made available in the past. Products include plain leaf and enhanced kratom powder. Each strain is reasonably priced, and accessible to casual customers and retail affiliates alike.

Great Lakes Kratom Capsules: Great Lakes Kratom currently sells its re-branded KRTM kratom strains in capsule form. Encapsulated kratom is favored by many working professionals and athletes for its ease of use and compact size. This vendor’s large-size kratom capsules have caught on with many smoke shop customers. These large capsules come in varieties of green, red, super green, and white.

The KRTM collection consists of the following:

  • Green Malay
  • Maeng Da
  • Red Bali
  • Red Maeng Da
  • Red Vietnam
  • Super Green
  • White Kong

Great Lakes Kratom Best Strain: White Kong is without a doubt the finest strain of the bunch. This white vein kratom powder hails from Jongkong, a district of West Kalimantan. There it is cultivated by native farmers in a remote forest adjacent to the Melawi River. White Vein Kong is harvested at peak maturity just before turning green, producing a reliable specimen that’s pungent and long-lasting. This white tea’s aroma is as stunning as its duration. The fullness will leave a lasting impression.

What’s It Gonna Cost Me?

You can get a 10-count sleeve of kratom capsules for eight bucks. Unfortunately this is your only option at this time. All other sizes are currently out of stock. This includes the company’s kratom powder. Check back in the future for updates, as this vendor normally offers kratom capsules in a 60-count bottle and a 180-count bottle. Kratom powder is normally sold in one-ounce pouches and six-ounce bundles. These are sold out as well, but a fresh batch is likely to be listed soon. In the meantime, you can find more options for kratom powder and capsules at a great price with Golden Monk.

Shipping & Returns

This vendor provides free shipping on orders of $30 or more. All orders are shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service), with most customers receiving Priority packages. KRTM’s parent company—Vapejoose, Inc—reserves the right to offer refunds at its sole discretion. Customers are urged to contact customer service by email or phone in the event of an issue with an order. No money-back guarantee is given, so make sure to address your issue right away. You should anticipate paying your own return shipping and eating the cost of the original shipping if/when a partial refund is issued.

Shipping and returns of great lakes kratom

Great Lakes Kratom Payment Methods

This seller only accepts major credit and debit cards. You cannot purchase items with bitcoins, Google Pay, Venmo, or similar methods. No COD (Cash On Delivery) is offered, nor is cash or check an acceptable option.

Great Lakes Kratom Coupon Code

You can get 10% off your order when your sign up for a weekly KRTM newsletter. You’ll receive additional promotions and the latest updates about its online store.

Great Lakes Consumer Reputation

As we mentioned earlier, many consumers are familiar with Great Lakes Kratom. Those who have lived on the East coast are likely to recognize the detailed packaging the brand is known for. Alas, very few online consumers have heard of Great Lakes Kratom. Reddit makes no mention of this vendor, nor does I Love Kratom. That being said, Great Lakes Kratom has its supporters, most of whom reside in the greater Michigan area. One user posted to Double M Herbals.

“Hey guys,” they write. “I picked up some red bali from a headshop a few weeks back from a company called Great Lakes Kratom. They have a website with fairly decent prices if you want to check it out…Supporting small business because I like the headshop owner…this stuff is the real deal…I’d say it’s worth giving a try if you are from Michigan and want some fast shipping.”

Bottom Line

Great lakes/krtm kratom logo

Great Lakes Kratom is a trustworthy East coast kratom brand whose products are fresh, unadulterated, and somewhat reasonable in price. All things considered, this is one smoke shop brand we would be happy to recommend. While it’s not the cheapest on the market, it’s definitely some of the most potent.

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