Gothic Kratom Vendor Review

Gothic Kratom Vendor Review

Gothic Kratom relies more on proven results instead of flashy advertising.

Gothic Kratom Review

This vendor doesn’t offer a lot of strains, but when you buy Kratom from them, you should get a good product. This, combined with their Gothic-styled font, are what this vendor is best known for.

Gothic Kratom Product Line

They may only sell a few strains, but you should be able to get where you’re looking to go with Gothic’s products.

  • Powder – Green Elephant, Green JongKong, Premium Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red JongKong, Super Green Kalimantan, Super Green Maeng Da, Super Red Maeng Da, Super White Maeng Da, & Yellow Maeng Da

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Gothic offers surprisingly low prices. Additionally, their pricing is standardized, which makes the whole process even easier!

  • 28g – $8.99
  • 125g – $14.99
  • 250g – $24.99
  • 500g – $49.98
  • 1 kilo – $94.98

Gothic Kratom Coupon Code

If you’re looking for a promo code, all you have to do is a quick Google search. You’ll find Gothic’s wares on sale for anywhere from 10 percent to a whopping 80 percent off!

Gothic Kratom Consumer Reputation

When it comes to people talking about Gothic, Reddit is our best bet! Here’s the comments from a couple of different threads.

  • “I had my first dose of 3.5 grams at 10 AM and then I waited…..and waited. By now I’m 35 minutes in, and the effects are there but a little underwhelming (I was also on an empty stomach). I was getting ready to dismiss the super green, but then it hit me like a freight train. Surprisingly, 1 hour later, it crept up on me, and it was pure bliss.”
  • “I tried their super green and was very impressed.”
  • “You may remember my review I did for Gothic Kratom. I have to say the Super Green is one of the more potent greens I’ve tried.”
  • “Since my debut with kratom (’bout 6 months ago) Gothic Kratom has been my go to.”

Gothic Kratom Customer Service

While there aren’t any reviews of Gothic Kratom’s customer service, we can see on their website that they do offer a refund within 30 days. The fact that they back their Kratom in this way makes us feel much more comfortable about giving Gothic a try.

Bottom Line


Gothic Kratom may not be fully in the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean they’re not a decent brand. If you’re looking for one of the strains on their list, give them a try! Be sure to start out with a minimal order, though, so that you can make sure they offer the quality you’re looking for.

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