Good as Gold Kratom Vendor Review

Good as Gold Kratom was a popular provider of kratom extracts. The online store was widely celebrated by the global kratom community. Regarded for its premium-grade liquid kratom solutions, Good as Gold Kratom was one of the most successful e-commerce head shops of the 2010s. Unfortunately, this once-promising brand has pulled something of a vanishing act.

The site, which was once found at stores.goodasgoldpremium.com, is no longer active. If you are wondering what happened to Good as Gold’s e-commerce site, you are not alone. Those searching for an affordable source for premium kratom extracts will find the answers they are looking for in today’s Good as Gold Kratom Vendor Review.


Good as Gold Kratom Product Review

Good as Gold Kratom was a West Coast kratom supplier specializing in the sale of new and innovative solutions. Its products included kratom capsules, powdered kratom extract, kratom resin, and liquid kratom extracts. Its liquid extract was made using food-grade equipment and cutting-edge techniques, including the submergence of raw kratom leaves in an acidic edible solvent and the distillation of the same. Rumor has it, Good as Gold Kratom was the first domestic company to sell products forged from the kratom red bubble technique, though we were unable to find any evidence to support this claim.

When the Good as Gold Kratom store went belly up, a number of kratom consumers thought that it spelled the end for their go-to kratom extracts. We are happy to disabuse anyone of this notion. On the contrary, the Good as Gold brand has been reinvented by those who created it. To wit: Good as Gold Kratom was a famous kratom store, but that is all that it was – a store. The manufacturer behind Good as Gold Kratom was King Kratom, a Nevada-based vendor with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification.

Good as Gold Kratom may be gone, King Kratom is still very much active in the industry. You can visit its online store at: https://kingkratom.com. There you will find its full line of kratom

image of king kratom products

extract powders and capsules. King Kratom has received high marks from its patrons, including dozens of five-star product reviews and positive feedback from online kratom forums.

Good as Gold Kratom’s store is no longer functional, the King Kratom site offers all of the easy navigability and clear information kratom consumers value. Of course, no online store is perfect, and there are certain areas in which King Kratom is lacking; we would like to see certificates of analysis from a third-party lab, just as we would like to see a more detailed overview of its refund policy. On the other hand, King Kratom provides visitors with a fairly comprehensive FAQ page.

Alas, King Kratom is not a direct-to-consumer supplier, therefore kratom sales will have to be conducted via one of its many affiliated retailers. You can find this brand on shelves at your local smoke shop or online at several e-commerce sites.

Good as Gold Kratom, AKA King Kratom, is a true Gold Kratom, in the sense that it is a mixture of several different kratom vein colors. In this case, the mixture is composed of Maeng Da Kratom, in green vein, red vein, and white vein. This kratom blend is then sun-dried for a true Gold Kratom experience. Sun-drying results in photosynthesis, which naturally alters the alkaloid profile of the kratom powder.


What It Cost & How It Compared

Depending on where you buy it, Good as Gold Kratom Extract Capsules start at $15.99 for twenty caps, with a sixty-count going for $39.99, and one hundred twenty caps selling for $63.99. These are the prices as they are reflected at Earth Grown Wellness. Thirty kratom extracts capsules amount to eleven grams of extracted kratom powder.

Good as Gold Kratom’s prices compare favorably to those charged by other vendors in the current marketplace. For example, All Natural Artisan charges $50 for a thirty-count of its thirty-milligram kratom extract caps, while Amazing Botanicals charges an even more staggering $79.99 for thirty capsules (or one hundred milligrams).


Good as Gold Kratom Customer Reviews

Very few consumer reviews for Good as Gold Kratom remain now that its online store is disabled. Of the select number we were able to find all were effusive in their praise for the brand’s products. One blog entry regarding King Kratom Lancelot Mid Evil Vapes said, “Dorian (owner of Good as Gold) has come up with a suspension method … I recommend these flavors and the kratom … Vape on!”


Elsewhere, a reviewer said, “I’ve bought it out of curiosity … It’s … subtle …I say try it, ’cause I liked it.” Another user agreed, writing, “I bought some a while back. It works, though not strongly … more than straight juice. I don’t think it’s the best … kratom, though it’s kind of nice. (Adipex) ”


Good as Gold Kratom Complaints

There has been little to no negative feedback concerning Good as Gold Kratom Extract. In fact, we were only able to find one note of dissatisfaction. The comment in question came from a consumer who had placed an online order for its kratom e-juices, only to wait months without any delivery. Each time this customer checked the status of their order, the message displayed said, “Awaiting Fulfillment.”


Was It Lab Tested?

Yes. Despite what the King Kratom website might have you believe, Good as Gold Kratom Extract is submitted for laboratory evaluation. You may not find any certificates of analysis (COAs) on its website, but this is likely a matter of privacy and not some industry cover-up.

We can all agree that COAs are an added benefit when you are mulling a purchase, but so is appropriate association. As you will see in just a moment here, King Kratom is a member in good standing with kratom advocacy groups and its kratom products have gone through the proper channels for quality and safety assessment.


Is Gold Kratom Legit?

Yes. We cannot speak for the kratom e-juices that put this brand on the map, but the gold kratom extracts offered by Good as Gold Kratom’s manufacturer, King Kratom, are said to be of the highest possible quality. This is a claim made by many companies, but few can offer the assurances King Kratom is able to offer.

By keeping prices fixed and maintaining state-of-the-art facilities, King Kratom has managed to maintain potency and purity. All of its products are designed to exceed customer expectations, and every one of them is guaranteed to be one hundred percent unadulterated.


American Kratom Association

King Kratom was one of the first online kratom suppliers to take part in the AKA’s landmark GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standard Program. This is a sign of the brand’s excellence, as well as its honesty. King Kratom voluntarily submits its kratom powder to a third-party audit as part of the program.

image of good as gold kratoms gmp programme

The GMP Standards Program was established as a means by which to keep customers safe while holding kratom processors accountable for their actions. Participants are expected to adhere to the program’s guidelines where manufacturing, labeling, marketing, and distribution are concerned. This ensures consumer safety and manufacturer transparency.


Where to Find Good as Gold Kratom in 2022

The premier kratom brand of Good as Gold Premium was King Kratom and its organic kratom e-juice, which came in a variety of flavors and strengths. Although it no longer produces e-juices, King Kratom is still very much the site to visit if you are looking to purchase kratom extract in powder or capsule form. Alternatively, this vendor’s Gold Kratom Extract Capsules are available to order from Earth Grown Wellness (https://www.earthgrownwellness.com).


Closing Thoughts

In summary, Good as Gold Kratom was a site with groundbreaking products, but its passing has not left a gap in the market. There are plenty of viable options for fans of premium-grade kratom extracts. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for some helpful pointers.

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