Gold Label Kratom Brand Review

Gold Label Kratom is a brand of Mitragyna speciosa that’s sold by various websites and brick and mortar vendors. The overall popularity of these products is questionable as online chatter about them is practically non-existent. We know that some of you still want to know all about the Gold Label brand, though, so let’s take a closer look.

Gold Label Kratom Review

The Gold Label Kratom brand doesn’t appear to have its own website, nor does their owner, Pure Extract Lab. This is an unusual choice in today’s marketplace, but it’s more common than you might think for brands like Gold Label to steer clear of their own internet marketing. Instead, they leave the marketing and sale of their products to wholesale vendors.

We always prefer brand manufacturers to be more transparent by putting up a site that discloses more information about their products. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Gold Label Kratom isn’t up to snuff.

Gold Label Kratom Product Line

image of gold label kratom products

Here’s where things get interesting, and somewhat confusing. Unlike the typical Kratom brand or vendor, Gold Label doesn’t differentiate between strains or veins. All they sell is their Gold Label brand, which has been described as a Gold Maeng Da by some vendors.

It’s easiest to find this Kratom in capsule form, but at least one review site claims that Gold Label also makes Liquid Kratom Extracts, Powder, and Kratom Tincture Extract. We were unable to find these products during an online search, which may mean that they’re only sold via brick and mortar vendors.

Pure Extract Lab produces Gold Label Kratom, and they do sell a variety of other products with different brand names. For example, Ultra Enhanced Gold Extracts are made by Pure Extract. Since they use different labeling and don’t fall under the Gold Label name, we don’t consider Ultra Enhanced Gold Extracts to be part of the Gold Label Kratom product line.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

As a headshop brand, Gold Label products will come in a wide variety of prices. Each site and in-person shop can set and change prices at will, so be sure to shop around for the best deal.

  • Extract Capsules (10 count) – The MSRP for a 10-count package is $9.99, but you’ll typically find them selling online for $8.99 – $12.99.
  • Extract Capsules (120 count) – These have an MSRP of $79.99. However, we found them online for as little as $53.29.
  • Retail Case (12 packs of 10-count capsules) – The 10-count capsule packages are most commonly sold by headshops and smoke shops out of a retail display box that contains 12 packs. The wholesale MSRP for this is listed as $119.95. We found this case from an online outlet store for only $83.88.

Gold Label Kratom Coupon Code

Promo codes can make it much more affordable to buy Kratom. Of course, they’re very difficult to find for brands instead of vendors, and Gold Label is no exception. If you want to find a better deal on this brand, your best bet is to look for a coupon code for an online vendor that carries these products.

Gold Label Kratom Consumer Reputation

image of gold label kratom product review

Oddly, we didn’t find a single peep about Gold Label Kratom on Reddit or any of the other common online forums. In fact, the only place where we could find any type of consumer reviews about this brand was on a site that sells some of their products.

We encourage you to take these reviews with a grain of salt, especially since they’re all 5 stars. Here’s what’s some people are saying about Gold Label Kratom’s 10-pack extract capsules.

  • “Love, love, Kratom Gold Label!”
  • “Great product… will definitely buy again.”
  • “Gold Label Kratom is as good as their name and packaging.”
  • “A must have staple in my Kratom repertoire… quality, potency, and consistency without fail.”

Gold Label Customer Service

Again, it’s difficult to judge the customer service for a brand that doesn’t sell directly to consumers or even have a website. By looking at reviews for the products themselves, though, we can see a common thread. Most reviewers seem to agree that the Gold Label brand sells quality products, and that’s a big indicator of a company’s commitment to pleasing their customers.

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves and capsules

The few reviews we’ve found for Gold Label Kratom make it sound like one of the better headshop brands. At the same time, we’re troubled by the brand’s lack of a website and the fact that we couldn’t find any reviews outside of one online shop. It wouldn’t strike so oddly if any of the reviews on said shop were below 5 stars, but that’s the way things currently are. As a result, we caution you to consider starting with the 10-count pack. After all, it’s always wise to make the smallest possible investment when you’re not sure if you’re going to like a product that’s new to you.

Do you prefer to steer clear of headshop Kratom or, at the very least, to select products that have been widely reviewed? Click the link to visit The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors! This will give you access to in-depth reviews of more than 60 vendors and brands.

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