Glazba Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

Glazba Botanicals took the Kratom world by storm back in 2016 and 2017. They quickly rose to a spot of prominence on “best of” lists and impressed a lot of customers. Sadly, their fall came as swiftly as their rise.

Glazba Botanicals Kratom Review

As you may have guessed, Glazba no longer exists. So, what happened? A single photo, apparently. If you’re wondering how that could be possible, take a look at the image in question. Yes, that appears to be a bug that was mixed inside their Kratom. This denotes very bad and unhygienic practices. Even worse were warnings that “this vendor’s site may not handle data in a secure manner.” When you put those two things together, you get a former vendor.

Glazba Botanicals Kratom Product Line

Glazba sold the basics, but they also had a few products that were rarer. Back when they were open, they carried:

  • Powder: Tungsten, Yellow Hulu Kapuas, White Horned Leaf, Green Monster, Gold Elephant, Green Elephant, Red Sumatra, White Bali, Red Ketapang, Green Agatha, Red Monster, & Green Anjungan.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Those who would buy Kratom from Glazba got a good deal. Their prices ranged from $3.75 to $55.

Glazba Botanicals Kratom Coupon Code

Since they’re no longer in business, there are no promo codes for this vendor.

Glazba Botanicals Kratom Consumer Reputation

image of glazba botanicals kratom review

Before the image that started their downfall, lots of people really liked Glazba. On Reddit, for example, there are two pages raving about their products and services.

  • “Big fan of glazba, check em out gents.”
  • “I just ordered some more White Bali from Glazba, that is quickly becoming one of my favorites.”
  • “I ordered from these guys and they took care of me. Came in fast. The red Keta is top notch.”
  • “Glazba Botanicals is a great vendor that I will now be adding into my rotation of go to vendors. I have been happy with every product received.”

Glazba Botanicals Kratom Customer Service

This vendor didn’t offer refunds, which was definitely a sign that something might have been wrong. However, people were generally quite happy with their customer service.

  • “I can vouch for these guys. The guy that runs Glazba, Andrew, is an awesome dude. absolutely top notch Kratom, and great prices… Shipping is also really fast, which is always a bonus.”
  • “He included some very generous samples in my order which for me more than made up for the small delay.”

Bottom Line


Whether or not the bug photo was fair, it definitely soured most opinions on Glazba. It’s not surprising that they fell as quickly as they rose. Be sure to steer clear of other companies that have similar problems.

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