Glass Gone Wow Kratom Vendor Review

Glass Gone Wow has become one of the most successful independently-owned chain stores on the East Coast, with nine locations throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Glass Gone Wow Wellness is a brand that’s all about offering high quality and superior variety. To this end, it has sold a profusion of powerful and compelling ethnobotanical products, including CBD and Kratom.

This Quaker State supplier has received four-star plaudits from its ever-growing base of regional customers, many of whom shop in-store with frequency. In the past, these patrons have been able to choose from an abundance of exotic kratom strains in powder and capsule form. Alas, things have changed and you may not get what you’re looking for when you visit Glass Gone Wow.

If you are looking for Glass Gone Wow Kratom you are probably coming up wanting. Wanna know what’s going on? We will tell you everything we know in today’s post. Read on to learn everything there is to know about this brick-and-mortar kratom brand in our comprehensive vendor review.


Glass Gone Wow Kratom Product Review

Glass Gone Wow, AKA Glass Gallery Wellness, is a land-based novelty shop first established by Rick Sallade, a Pittsburgh businessman with big dreams and big talent. Mr. Sallade swiftly turned his dream into a reality by rolling out no fewer than nine locations in Boardman, OH; Cranberry Township, PA; Gibsonia, PA; McKees Rocks, PA; Monroeville, PA; Morgantown, WV; Pittsburgh, PA; Weirston, WV; and Wexford, PA.

As the store grew so, too, did its inventory; Glass Gone Wow now carries hundreds upon hundreds of handmade pipes, concentrated vaporizers, vape flavors, and supplements. Glass Gone Wow Kratom has been a longtime favorite, with several customers pointing out how generous they are with their product.

In the past, the Glass Gone Wow Kratom product line has included green vein, red vein, and white vein powder. Popular strains have included Maeng Da, Red Borneo, and Super Green Malay. We believe this proprietor once carried White Sumatra as well, though the evidence is slim in terms of its old inventory. This doesn’t really matter, however, as the store has undergone some changes, of late.

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Glass Gone Wow Kratom doesn’t appear to be offered any longer; when you attempt to navigate from the company’s website to its online shop, a message comes up, which reads, “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. The shop has been closed. Please try again in a few days.”

The company may still be Pittsburgh’s number one choice for marijuana pipes, but it has discontinued its sale of Mitragyna speciosa items, including plain leaf, kratom capsules, and kratom extracts. Based on information culled from a Lit Culture page dedicated to Glass Gone Wow, it would seem that this vendor has done away with kratom products as a result of changes in the law.

According to the page in question, “Counties and States within the US have, unfortunately, banned the sale of Kratom within their jurisdiction.” Although the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania have not sought to ban kratom, select residents have urged lawmakers to regulate or otherwise outlaw the plant. Recent legislation has aimed to classify kratom as a controlled substance, but this legislation has died in committee.

In what appears to be a preemptive move, this supplier has done away with its Mitragyna speciosa catalog and now focuses exclusively on providing CBD products, glass, and vapes. This may look like bad news for East Coast kratom enthusiasts, but area aficionados have plenty of options right at their fingertips.

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Best Glass Gone Wow Kratom Alternatives in Ohio

If you live in Northeast Ohio, Glass Gone Wow Kratom may have been quite the boon. While there are literally dozens of smoke shops selling speciosa in the greater Youngstown area, Glass Gone Wow had some of the best “thang” in all of Boardman. Fortunately for you, there are still a number of solid choices at your disposal.

Alleaf Kratom is a relatively new business, but it has already established itself as a winner. With a 4.7-star rating and nearly thirty-five positive Google reviews, Alleaf is on the cusp of becoming the next big thing. This vendor’s fresh, finely-ground kratom powder comes in clean, secure, and discreet pouches that fit neatly into most compact storage containers.

Though its homepage is slow to load and its menu is a little basic, Alleaf Herbals is a viable option if you want to try something new. This new kid on the block offers kratom coupon codes, low-priced kratom kilos, and noob-friendly kratom sample packs.

Moonlite Botanicals has been around for a minute and its consumer recognition reflects this. The brand carries a 4.9-star rating among eighty-three reviews and maintains a hygiene-friendly storefront in the heart of Canton. As one reviewer wrote, “Awesome place, great family feeling. Their products are incredible. Their kratom is top-notch…All strains 10 out of 10!!!”

Last but not least, you’ve got the OG of the bunch—PA Botanicals. This long-established brand serves as a nexus between Ohio and Pennsylvania. With a 4.7-star rating from more than two hundred glowing reviews, PA Botanicals is the time-honored vendor so many of us have been searching for.

PA Botanicals offers in-store pickup and delivery in addition to its many other perks. Unlike its competitors, PA Botanicals can provide authentic, up-to-the-minute lab results that demonstrate its purity and potency.

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Best Glass Gone Wow Kratom Alternatives in Pennsylvania

This list will be short since we just named the number one source in the state. Suffice it to say, PA Botanicals isn’t the only supplier worth their salt in the State of Independence.

  • Black Market – CBD & Kratom
  • Philly Kratom

Black Market is a chain store with three locations in Philadelphia, all of which get lots of foot traffic thanks to their proximity to historic museums and shopping plazas. These three shops have nearly nine hundred four-plus-star reviews between them and it’s easy to see why. Customers praise their nice selection of CBD and kratom, as well as the array of funky accessories.

Philly Kratom is a 4.9-star kratom supplier with an upmarket appointment-only shop on Castor Ave and a slick online store to match. Its website, yourleafyourlife.com, features third-party certificates of analysis, convenient payment options (credit card, crypto, and more), a kratom military discount, and a wealth of information on its FAQ page.

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Best Glass Gone Wow Kratom Alternatives in West Virginia

If you live in the Mortgantown area, you may be wondering where you should go for the choice of kratom alternatives. The answer: head down High Street. 300 High Street, to be exact.

  • Cool Ridge
  • Glass Lab

If you’re one of the cool kids, you’ve probably already heard of Cool Ridge. This psychedelic Silver Pennies Jewelry kiosk is also an online vendor with more than one hundred four-plus-star reviews.

Established in 1986, Cool Ridge has been a cultural feather in the cap of Morgantown ever since. The chill vibes and killer threads of this hygiene-conscious shop are just icing on the cake that is kratom. In addition to its hemp-based apparel, handmade items, and assorted novelties, Cool Ridge carries a wide selection of green, red, and white vein kratom powders.

There is always Glass Lab as a last resort; this university-adjacent shop (located at 2005 University Ave) provides in-store shopping and delivery. It currently holds a 4.4-star rating among eighty-four reviews, most of which are largely positive. While it doesn’t have the selection or reputation of its older counterpart it is a good place to go if you’re in a pinch.


Closing Thoughts

In summary, Glass Gone Wow Kratom was a sublime line of superior kratom strains, but its absence does not spell the end of M. speciosa on the East Coast. There are hundreds of vendors to choose from and you needn’t look far to find one. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for more information.

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