Garden of Eden Herbals Kratom Vendor Review

Garden of Eden Herbals has long faced issues with one website after another being shut down. Now, there’s only a Facebook page left, and it hasn’t been updated since July. Even weirder, it has an overseas phone number listed, despite the fact that this vendor is in California.

Garden of Eden Herbals Kratom Review

The reality is that no one seems to know if Garden of Eden Herbals is still in business. Most likely, this store has closed and is no longer eligible to sell Kratom. If you happen to know differently, please leave us a comment below. Although there are many companies with a similar name, none of them appear to be connected to Garden of Eden Herbals.

Garde of Eden Herbals Kratom Product Line

This vendor doesn’t have an active website anymore. Therefore, even if they are still around, they don’t have an active product list. All we can tell you is that they used to sell White Sumatra and Green Riau. Do they still sell these? Do they sell anything at all? No one seems to know.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

How much does Garden of Eden Herbals sell Kratom for? Do they even still sell Kratom? We can’t answer these questions. But we can say that they used to sell Mitragyna speciosa for $10 an ounce.

Garden of Eden Herbals Kratom Coupon Code

Usually, this is the part where we’d urge you to look for a coupon code before you buy Kratom. Although, in this instance, that’s not going to help any. If Garden of Eden Herbals is still alive somewhere, they’re not advertising that through coupon codes.

Garden of Eden Herbals Kratom Consumer Reputation

image of garden of eden herbals kratom reviews

Once upon a time, this vendor has serious issues with rule breaking. This did get settled, though. Three years ago, a Reddit member said, “GoE is awesome! Loved the grandfather strains. All of them. The king red was probably the best mood boosting red I’ve had to date!” Of course, this was when their website was, which no longer exists. Another Redditor opined that “I definitely love GoE!” This was backed up by a third forum member, who said, “Glad to hear this because GOE is the best!”

Garden of Eden Herbals Kratom Customer Service

Again, the only information about this vendor’s customer service dates back three years. At that time, a Redditor opined that “They have always had outstanding customer service and decent product on the few orders I have made with them.”

Bottom Line

image of kratomAfter looking at the above comments, it’s definitely a shame that Garden of Eden Herbals appears to be no more. Unfortunately, that’s the way the cookie crumbles for some sites, no matter how many times they try to change locations.

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