Front Range Kratom Vendor Review

Front Range Kratom is an Aurora, CO-based vendor. They had a bit of a run-in with the FDA back in 2018 over misleading claims. Since that time, they’ve cleaned up their website and have been left alone.

Front Range Kratom Review

Based on their Google Reviews, this is a good place to buy Kratom from. They offer a wide variety of products, and they also ship for free on orders of $100+.

Front Range Kratom Product Line

If you like choices, Front Range has got you covered:

  • Powder – Blue Boost, Bumblebee Fuzz, Chocolate Bentuangie, Gold Bali, Gold Maeng Da, Gold Sumatra, Green Bali, Green Bentuangie, Green Borneo, Green Devil, Green Dragon, Green Horn, Green Hulu, Green Jawi, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Green Monster, Green Ori, Green Sumatra, Green Thai, Green Tiger, Green Vietnam, Red Bali, Red Bentuangie, Red Borneo, Red Dragon, Red Devil, Red Horn, Red Hulu, Red Jawi, Red Maeng Da, Red Monster, Red Malay, Red Ori, Red Sumatra, Red Thai, Red Tiger, Red Vietnam, Super Blue, Super Green, Super Green Bali, Super Green Borneo, Super Green Elephant, Super Green Horn, Super Green Indo, Super Green Maeng Da, Super Green Malay, Super Green Thai, Super Red, Super Red Bali, Super Red Borneo, Super Red Elephant, Super Red Horn, Super Red Indo, Super Red Maeng Da, Super Red Malay, Super Red Thai, Super White, Super Yellow, White Bali, White Bentuangie, White Borneo, White Devil, White Dragon, White Horn, White Hulu, White Jawi, White Maeng Da, White Malay, White Monster, White Ori, White Sumatra, White Thai, White Tiger, White Vietnam, Wild Green, Yellow Borneo, Yellow Sumatra, Yellow Vietnam, Super White Bali, Super White Borneo, Super White Elephant, Super White Horn, Super White Indo, Super White Maeng Da, Super White Malay, & Super White Thai
  • Capsules – Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, & White Thai

image of front range kratom products

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Most of Front Range Kratom’s products cost between $15 and $140, though a few of them cost $17 to $150.

  • 1 oz – $15
  • 3 oz – $30
  • 6 oz – $60
  • ½ kilo – $70
  • 1 kilo – $140

Capsules cost between $27 and $30.

Front Range Kratom Coupon Code

This vendor offers a rewards program that gives you 1 point for every $1 you spend.

Front Range Kratom Consumer Reputation

This vendor has over 100 reviews on Google, and they’re average rating is 4.8 stars.

  • “Honestly one of the best shops I’ve been into of any kind. The guys who work there are friendly but not uncomfortably so and really know their stuff.”
  • “The only shop I go to or WILL go to for kratom! Great deals and super inviting employees are a nice touch (:”
  • “Owners and employees are very nice. They have a huge variety- must go.”
  • “Only have been to this place once so far but it will now be my go to. Nothing but super friendly staff and good vibes!”
  • “This place is great. The staff is very helpful and knowledgeable. The best Kratom in town.”

Front Range Kratom Customer Service

Here’s a look at what Google Reviewers think about Front Range’s customer service:

  • “Exceptional product, and remarkable service!!! This place has it down to a science!”
  • “Phenomenal management and stellar customer service! Ultra high quality products!”
  • “Awesome staff. This place has staff that is friendly, informative, kind and they have competitive pricing.”
  • “Incredible experience! Bri (Bree) however it’s spelled is amazing! Thank you!!”
  • “I love Front Range Kratom. They always go above and beyond. Their products are always fresh and their prices are fair… customer service is outstanding. Always friendly and compassionate.”

Bottom Line


As you can see, Front Range Kratom has inspired many people to leave a positive review. Their pricing is a bit on the higher end, but if you’re nearby and in a jam, definitely check them out!

Are you looking for high-quality Kratom at cheaper prices? Head on over to The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors!

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