Fresh Alternative Kratom Vendor Review

FreshAlternative.net is your standard “Lifestyle Shoppe,” which means that people who are really into Mother Earth run it. In fact, Lisa (the owner) says she’s been involved in eco-friendly practices for more than 25 years. If this is the type of thing that attracts your interest, then please read on!

FreshAlternative.net Kratom Review

Do you want to buy Kratom from the “friendliest family ever?” This really isn’t a marketing line, either. Lisa and her family are extremely nice and live up to their pledge to make their customers “our number 1 priority.” For a while, this no longer mattered because they stopped carrying Kratom. Well, I’m happy to announce that their Kratom is back!

FreshAlternative.net Kratom Product Line

This vendor is low-key trying to hide their Kratom products. This means that you’ll find them by clicking on the Tea section of their menu.

  • Powder: GB Spring Blend, RMD Summer Blend, WB Spring Blend, GM Special Blend, WMD Summer Blend, WH Winter Blend, RBL Special Blend, YV Fall Blend, GMD Summer Blend, RH Winter Blend, RB Spring Blend, GT East Blend, & WHK North Blend.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

The pricing on this site is very easy to understand. It costs $35 for 125g or $45 for 250g. You can also opt for 4x250g bags for $160.

FreshAlternative.net Kratom Coupon Code

We couldn’t find any promo codes online for Fresh Alternative. This is a real shame because they’re Kratom is a bit expensive.

FreshAlternative.net Kratom Consumer Reputation

Reddit seems to love FreshAlternative.net.

  • “I love all of her leaf. All strains are awesome, and then you can blend them to create your own personal🔥”
  • “I gotta say, was shocked last year at the Maeng Da quality, bought a split kilo GMD, RMD, and WMD X2 ~ that White MD stays in my rotation!!”
  • “I always like her White Maeng Da and Red Borneo”
  • “She’s been my go to for years.”
  • “The wmd and red vietnam are excellent!”

FreshAlternative.net Kratom Customer Service

There’s no mention of refunds on their site. However, people seem very happy with their products and service.

  • “Shipping was super fast and she was very generous with the samples! She also threw in some candies and ginger candy.”
  • “Lisa is awesome!”
  • “Yeah Lisa at F.A. is great! I definitely have gotten every order in about 2 days, it’s amazing! And the lil goodie bags usually included are awesome too!”
  • “1 customer service, super rapid shipping. I ordered midday Saturday and will be on my doorstep when I get home. WHAT! That’s crazy fast. Free samples can’t name a better vendor.”

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves

FreshAlternative.net has been through many changes. They used to be a subscription site, then they stopped selling Kratom all together, but now they’re back and with no subscription required. Their prices aren’t the same as they once were, but everybody on Reddit loves them for a reason.

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