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If you live in Ohio, you already know that First Choice Kratom is the North Coast’s premier kratom vendor. This family-owned business serves as both a brick-and-mortar shop and an online store. The company wasn’t founded until February of 2020, but in the short time since, it has drawn acclaim from enthusiastic Ohio natives. First Choice Kratom’s Dayton storefront currently enjoys a five-star rating, with nearly three hundred seventy-five Google reviews. Discover all the pros and cons of this Dayton, OH, brand in our comprehensive vendor review. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about this Montgomery County kratom supplier and their products so you can shop securely.

First Choice Kratom Product Review

Although it was only established around two years ago, First Choice Kratom has swiftly become a solid option for in-person kratom products. If you’re from southwestern Ohio, you’ve probably frequented its Linden Avenue apothecary on more than one occasion. First Choice carries the best in green, red, and white kratom powder, as well as gold strains and yellow strains. Its product line is simple and streamlined—what you see is what you get.

This vendor exclusively offers kratom in powder form on its online store, though you may find kratom capsules and kratom extracts available at its Dayton location. There are twelve shops offering Mitragyna speciosa products in the Dayton area, but First Choice Kratom is at the very top of everyone’s list. It has distinguished itself from its competitors by providing courteous service, knowledgeable answers, and an impressive selection.

Its prices blow the other guys away, particularly in terms of prices charged by local head shops. Not only does it have the smoke shop circuit beat, but First Choice Kratom’s prices compare favorably to those of many online vendors. More on this in a moment. Their packaging is secure, attractive, and professional. Like others in the industry, this vendor uses slick resealable pouches and sturdy bottles to deliver its Mitragyna speciosa plant matter. You won’t find third-party certificates of analysis on its website, but you can inquire about one prior to checkout. The Bruce Brothers are open and honest about their business practices and kratom origins.

It is a bit lacking in the bells and whistles that some customers have come to expect. For instance, there does not appear to be an affiliate program or any way to earn loyalty rewards. There is no indication that First Choice Kratom is GMP compliant, nor does the AKA approve this vendor as part of its Good Manufacturing Practices program. That being said, the First Choice Kratom website is one of the slickest we’ve seen in awhile. There isn’t anything overly flashy about it, but it is well-built, easy to navigate, and pleasant to look at with its clear black-and-white grids.

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First Choice Kratom’s green vein line includes classic strains like Green Bali and Green Maeng Da, along with Green JongKong, Green Malay, Green Sumatra, and Green Vietnam. Its line of red vein kratom powders consists of strains as exotic and varied as Red Bali, Red Borneo, Red JongKong, and Red Maeng Da.This seller also carries white veins, such as White Bali, White JongKong, White Maeng Da, White Sumatra, and White Thai. Additionally, it offers enhanced strains, such as Super Green, Super Red, Super White, and Super Yellow. If you need help finding which kratom strain is right for you, check out our comprehensive kratom strain reviews.

First Choice Kratom’s shipping options are limited to flat rate, the price of which varies depending on the volume of kratom you are purchasing. This vendor ships all of its orders via the United States Postal Service (USPS).

What It Costs & How It Compares

Each of this vendor’s kratom powders starts at eight dollars for an ounce, with four ounces going for $28.00. You can get eight ounces for $50, sixteen ounces for $80, or a kratom kilo for $130.00. These prices are excellent by smoke shop standards and relatively fair compared to those charged online. For the sake of comparison, Mitragaia sells kilos for $120 per one thousand grams, while vendors like Happy Hippo Herbals charge as much as $290 for the same. At $130 for a kilo, First Choice Kratom gives you its kratom powder for thirteen cents per gram. You can pay by credit/debit card or money order. VISA and MasterCard are both accepted, along with many other cards both new and old. Contact the Bruce family at bruce@firstchoicekratom.com to discuss payment types.


  • Wide variety
  • Potent leaf
  • Enhanced kratom teas
  • Fair pricing
  • Third-party lab testing
  • Awesome consumer reputation
  • Offers kratom kilos
  • Accepts credit cards
  • Fast, affordable shipping


  • Lacks GMP certification
  • Does not disclose third-party labs
  • Does not provide multiple shipping carriers
  • Limited availability
  • No kratom caps or kratom tinctures
  • No affiliate program
  • No rewards points

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First Choice Kratom Customer Review

As a new vendor, First Choice Kratom lacks the Reddit presence of long-established brands. However, it has received more Google reviews than many older companies. Those who require more convincing will find plenty of evidence to support this vendor review. One customer said, “This place is awesome and has great products and knowledgeable staff. I have always had problems [with] kratom from other places … I’m loving the product and blends that this shop provides … this product works and is wonderful.”

“This place is amazing and would highly recommend it to anyone,” said another customer, while still another wrote, “Love this place already. Been looking for amazing quality since I moved to Ohio a year ago. Just drove thirty miles to visit this place … there was a super nice older couple there. Loved them … This company has won my loyalty already.”

First Choice Kratom Complaints

Our research shows that no complaints have been lodged against this vendor, either with the Better Business Bureau or any watchdog group. What’s more, it is the only kratom shop we’ve come across with a flawless track record; there isn’t a single zero star review among the three hundred seventy write-ups on Google. Thus far, the closest thing to negative criticism we could find was in a blogger review, which claimed that First Choice doesn’t carry enhanced kratom powder. This is clearly not true, as this seller regularly stocks Super Green, Super Red, Super White, and Super Yellow.

First Choice Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

First Choice Kratom accepts promo codes at checkout, but you’ll have to subscribe to its e-mail newsletter to get the latest verified discount codes. Don’t forget to follow it on socials if you want to hear about upcoming events and potential giveaways.

Is It Lab Tested?

First Choice Kratom claims to test each of its kratom products, but its site does not delve into the details concerning laboratory testing. If you would like to find out what laboratory it uses or how it goes about testing for purity and potency, we recommend contacting the vendor directly. Some see a lack of public lab test results as a red flag, but realistically, there are numerous vendors who prefer to keep these results private. When in doubt, go right to the source for the answers.

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American Kratom Association Status

This vendor is not listed as a participant or pending participant in the AKA’s GMP program. This is not uncommon among smoke shop proprietors, but it is appropriate for many legitimate online retailers to participate in the program. The AKA’s GMP program enables the nonprofit organization to safeguard consumers against unlawful or dangerous products by holding vendors accountable. By participating in the program, vendors agree to abide by the AKA’s thorough manufacturing, testing, labeling, storage, distribution, marketing, and verification prerequisites.

Is First Choice Kratom Legit?

Yes. Based on our research, this family-operated company is totally legitimate. Unlike many online brands, First Choice Kratom is a registered company that follows proper state, city, and federal guidelines. The Bruce Brothers run First Choice Kratom as something of a chain, with firstchoicekratom.com serving the nation, while First Choice Kratom Reynoldsburg and First Choice Kratom Dayton serve the counties of Fairfield, Franklin, Licking, and Montgomery. First Choice Kratom Reynoldsburg is one of only two shops offering Mitragyna speciosa in the city and it has earned far better ratings. Its sole competitor, Brice Park Smoke Shop Carryout, has a 3.9-star rating, while First Choice Reynoldsburg carries a five-star rating among one hundred fifty-six Google reviews.

While we are not ecstatic about First Choice Kratom’s refusal to accept refunds, we understand where the owners are coming from. In light of the ongoing pandemic it does not make sense for an independently-owned business to accept returns. As a matter of fact, its refund policy speaks to the value it places on customer safety and privacy.

Closing Thoughts

Despite its lack of AKA approval, First Choice Kratom is a trusted Midwestern supplier with a great selection and clean facilities.

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