Element Kratom Vendor Review

Element Kratom is an East Coast kratom vendor with the purported goal of offering cleaner, more affordable kratom products to the general public. This family-owned business specializes in wholesale kratom powder and kratom capsules, but you can view its products at: www.element-kratom.com.

Element Kratom makes some big claims about its stock, but can its kratom powder hold up to scrutiny? Find out everything you need to know about this Pennsylvania kratom supplier in our comprehensive Element Kratom Vendor Review.

Element Kratom Product Review

Element Kratom was founded in 2021 by Grant Martin, the President and Co-Founder of MAG Industries Ltd, a wholesale distribution and manufacturing company. Located in Tyrone, PA, Element Kratom is only one of Quaker State’s many kratom shops.

There are approximately seventy-five brick-and-mortar establishments offering Mitragyna speciosa products in Blair County alone, but Element Kratom is the first brand to originate in the area. This vendor’s mission is in keeping with the county motto: Where Quality of Life Comes First.

According to its About page, Element Kratom was created to give you the quality you deserve. “We understand how important quality and consistency are to our valued customers,” the page reads. The brand’s Mitragynine content is supposedly superior to that of its competition.

Element Kratom’s prices seem to be less than desirable when compared to what most e-commerce sites would charge. You can easily access a variety of affordable quality brands online in the time it would take you to find a deal on Element Kratom at some head shop.

Element Kratom’s packaging is sturdy, secure, compact, and attractive. Each pouch is replete with a different eye-popping graphic, whether it is the tribal-style flames of its red hot Bali kratom capsules or the cool blue waves of its Maeng Da packet. These are kratom pouches you won’t soon forget.

Unfortunately, this kratom supplier’s online reputation is extremely limited, perhaps due to the newness of the brand. Element Kratom has only been around since 2020 and social media has only just begun to take note of its wares.


Google reviews are only now beginning to pour in, leaving new customers to ponder its place in an already over-saturated market. That being said, customers have lavished nothing but acclaim on this company, with reviewers giving it five-star ratings.

Element kratom’s actual quality is difficult to discern from the scarcity of online information. It is even more difficult to discuss its quality given the lack of imagery on its site. The same is true of its parent company, MAG Industries, whose catalog can only be accessed by retail customers.

The overall design of Element Kratom’s website is easy on the eyes, but there isn’t much to it. The menu is limited, the layout is simple, and the functionality is all but nonexistent. There is no FAQ page, no proper contact information, no satisfaction guarantee, and no refund information.

This vendor’s kratom collection is very selective, possibly to the detriment of its appeal. Element Kratom carries green vein, red vein, and white vein kratom powder in a small number of variations. Its greens include Element Kratom Green Malay and Element Kratom Maeng Da.

Element Kratom red vein powders include the much-coveted Red Horn and Red Bali, while its white vein strains include Element Kratom White Indo. This is, more or less, the extent of what it has to offer. It is possible that additional items may be available in stores, such as liquid kratom extracts.

Element Kratom’s powders come in pouches of two hundred grams or bricks of one thousand grams. You can also get its strains in capsule form, with kratom capsules available in bags of fifty grams, pop-top vials of one hundred, and pouches of two hundred.

What It Costs & How It Compares

Element Kratom’s prices vary depending on your location, which is part of the problem here. Although Element Kratom has consistently received good marks from the handful of people familiar with its brand, the company only distributes its products to a select number of stores across the country.

Each brick-and-mortar establishment that carries Element Kratom will determine its own unique price point. Regardless of whatever MSRP MAG Industries suggests to its clients, we have seen its kratom selling for as little as $10 for sixty grams and as much as $58 for two hundred grams.

The former is a reasonable smoke shop markup, while the latter is highway robbery. The vast majority of online vendors charge $50 or less for a ½ kilo (five hundred grams). For example, Pure Leaf Kratom charges $30 for Raw Red Maeng Da powder, while Acadia CBD charges $49.99 for the same.

Element Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

Element Kratom does not appear to offer visitors the option of subscribing to an email newsletter. Therefore, no information about kratom coupon codes or sitewide sales is accessible to consumers. No information exists about sales, clearance items, kratom military discounts, or promo opportunities.

Element Kratom Customer Reviews

Element Kratom Reddit posts have been somewhat supportive, with one reviewer giving it a three-star rating. Evidently, this rating is based as much on the value of the brand as it is on the inaccessibility of its kratom powders. We were unable to find any mention of Element Kratom in online kratom forums.


This reviewer says, “The thing with these guys is that they are actually extremely good quality, all across the board. However, limited purchase options and refusal to allow buyers to purchase apart from select shops put this vendor in the three-star category.”

Elsewhere, a retail customer said, “MAG Industries is a great wholesaler in PA. Shane is a great representative and always gets us awesome pricing!” There are other five-star ratings, though they do not possess the detail of this reviewer’s account.

Element Kratom Complaints

As we mentioned earlier, Element Kratom’s poor reputation has less to do with its actions and more to do with its lack of industry experience. After only two years in business, Element Kratom has yet to penetrate the popular consciousness in the way that rival brands have. OPMS or Krave Kratom this is not.

However, Element Kratom has a flawless reputation among consumers, at least in terms of its products. We were unable to find any truly negative comments about this seller or its wares. No formal complaints have been levied against it, nor has it been named in any lawsuits.

Is It Lab Tested?

Element Kratom claims to be a lab-tested kratom brand, but its third-party lab results are outdated by more than a year and a half. While it is almost always a good sign when a vendor volunteers certificates of analysis, the results can be troubling. For example, some brands post falsified labs or worse.

In Element Kratom’s case, the existing certification appears to be so old as to be irrelevant to the sale of current kratom stock. That is unless Mr. Martin and his team are selling two-year-old kratom powder. In which case, we have an even bigger problem than outdated paperwork.


Freshness is second only to purity, which is why proper lab testing and inventory practices are so important. The best kratom suppliers in the business routinely submit kratom samples to independent labs, while rotating their stock to keep things from becoming stale or otherwise ineffective.

Is Element Kratom Legit?

In lieu of industry approval, current certification, or consumer acceptance, Element Kratom lacks the credentials to qualify as a legitimate brand. This Pennsylvania kratom vendor does not disclose its refund policy, nor does it disclose its contact information.

The threadbare nature of its website combined with its poor online reputation is enough to give anyone pause. Add to that the expired laboratory results and the dearth of consumer incentives, and you’ve got a recipe for potential disaster. In short, Element Kratom does not seem to be legit in any way.

American Kratom Association

Element Kratom does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. This is regrettable as the GMP Standards Program has become the gold standard for accountability in the kratom industry.

The GMP Standards Program is designed to keep customers safe by demanding more transparency and responsibility from kratom processors. Participants are required to submit to a third-party audit while abiding by all program guidelines. These guidelines extend all the way from manufacturing to sales.

It isn’t uncommon for an online vendor to opt-out of the program, preferring instead to conduct testing and quality control in-house, the lack of participation is yet another example of Element Kratom failing to provide customers adequate proof of its legitimacy.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Element Kratom is an East Coast kratom brand whose absence of certification and paucity of support has kept it off most people’s radar. Alas, this is where it is likely to stay if it doesn’t reconsider its practices. Still on the fence? You can find plenty of viable Element Kratom alternatives if you shop around online. Kratom forums offer vendor warnings and recommendations that will point you in the right direction. You may also check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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