Eden’s Ethnos Kratom Vendor Review

Eden’s Ethnos Kratom was a San Francisco-based vendor. No one is 100 percent certain when they closed, but it appears to have been sometime in the year 2017.

Eden’s Ethnos Kratom Review

Perhaps the reason that Eden’s Ethnos closed permanently is because their Kratom just wasn’t very good. They were known for selling headshop Kratom, and that’s only going to get you so far. Additionally, they lied by telling customers that refunds were no longer being accepted due to the “upcoming ban” on Mitragyna speciosa.

Eden’s Ethnos Kratom Product Line

Once upon a time, you could get Kratom products from this vendor’s website. However, the site was never very clear about what type of products were in stock. Here’s an example of what Eden’s Ethnos sold:

  • Powder – Red Bentuangie, Ultra Enhanced Indo Extract, Maeng Da, Green Riau, & Yellow Sunda
  • Tincture – Tincture
  • Capsules – Maeng Da

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

You can no longer buy Kratom from Eden’s Ethnos. Even when you could, though, finding prices was like pulling teeth. We do know that a 30-count bottle of Maeng Da capsules sold for $22.95.

Eden’s Ethnos Kratom Coupon Code

This vendor is no longer in business, so you won’t find any promo or coupon codes for them.

Eden’s Ethnos Consumer Reputation

Here’s where the rubber meets the road, and it’s not good. It appears that Eden’s Ethnos went out of business because most people did not like their products. According to Reddit:

  • “I recently acquired some capsules of this brand and wow…it was horrible.”
  • “They sell in the head shop by me. I wouldn’t mess with any of that stuff anymore.”
  • “They are a scam! I ordered from them a week ago and they have NOT sent me my product.”

Of course, there’s always someone with something good to say:

  • “My first experience with kratom over 2 years ago was with Eden’s Ethnos Maeng Da capsules. Just as good as any decent online vendor I have ordered from.”

Eden’s Ethnos Kratom Customer Service

image of eden’s ethnos kratom

We don’t like it that Eden’s Ethnos didn’t offer refunds because of a lie. However, we did find this one positive review about their customer service:

  • “They are busy, so my order had a few hiccups. It did take longer than I expected, but the customer service was excellent as they made up for any delay with a free 30g.”

Bottom Line

Whether you liked them or hated them, the bottom line is that Eden’s Ethnos is no longer in business. In fact, it says on their Facebook page that they’re permanently closed. The last post was in 2017, so they’ve been out of business for a long time, at least according to Kratom’s standards.

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