Eclipse Kratom Vendor Review

Eclipse Kratom Vendor Review

Eclipse Kratom was a headshop and smoke shop brand.

Eclipse Kratom Review

When it’s time to buy Kratom, you should avoid products like those once available from EK at all costs. This was a brand that didn’t properly vet their Kratom. As a result, they ended up recalling their products due to possible salmonella poisoning. This action killed their brand, and we believe it was for the best.

Eclipse Kratom Product Line

EK used to sell powder and capsules. One of their most popular items was Maeng Da. Oddly, we found out that the owner of Tamarack (the company behind EK) was former reality show star Tony Beets. In 2017, Beets was fined $31,000 for letting employees pour gas into a dredge pond, which they then set on fire. EK’s recall issues happened in 2018.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

EK’s items have been off the market for long enough that we no longer have access to their price chart.

Eclipse Kratom Coupon Code

Since EK is no longer available, there’s no need for promo codes.

Eclipse Kratom Consumer Reputation

The only mention of EK that we can find online is from when they had their recall. No one appears to have supported this brand.

Eclipse Kratom Customer Service

Once again, there’s nothing online to showcase this company’s customer service. Even though the company is long gone, it’s still really telling that no one had anything to say.

Bottom Line


EK is long gone, and we have to say good riddance. Most Kratom providers that actually have the goods will stay in business, at least for a few years. EK didn’t, and it’s not surprising why not.

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