Eclipse Kratom Vendor Review


Eclipse Kratom was a wholesale kratom brand with placement in nationwide stores. Although this kratom powder lacked the popularity of major smoke shop brands, its name recognition has increased in recent years. Find out why Eclipse has generated so much buzz in our comprehensive review.

Eclipse Kratom Review

When it’s time to buy kratom, you should avoid products like those once available from Eclipse Kratom at all costs. This was a brand that needed to correctly analyze its kratom. As a result, it ended up recalling its products due to possible Salmonella poisoning. This action killed the brand, and we believe it was for the best.

Eclipse Kratom’s recall issues happened in 2018. We believe its manufacturers pulled it for good shortly after that. Nevertheless, kratom enthusiasts continue to look for it online. Before you join the throngs of eager heads seeking out the headshop bunk, we recommend researching kratom recalls.

Eclipse was manufactured by Tamarack, a Utah-based company specializing in retail products. More on this in a moment. After being informed of contamination by the FDA, this manufacturer swiftly ceased production of its kratom powder and kratom extracts.

Eclipse Kratom Product Line

image of eclipse kratom products

Eclipse Kratom used to sell kratom powder and capsules. One of its most popular items was Maeng Da. EK’s recall issues happened in 2018. We believe its manufacturers pulled it for good shortly after that. Nevertheless, kratom enthusiasts continue to look for it online.

As the photo above illustrates, Eclipse Kratom Liquid Extract was once widely available. Liquid kratom extracts can be highly concentrated and are frequently found to contain synthetic additives. While we cannot speculate about the contents of Eclipse Liquid Kratom, we wouldn’t be comfortable recommending it.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

This brand’s items have been off the market long enough that we no longer have access to a price chart. Smoke shops are notorious for price gouging. We have no reason to believe that Eclipse Kratom was treated differently than more prominent brands.

Eclipse Kratom Consumer Reputation

The only mention of EK that we can find online is from when they had their recall. No one appears to have supported this brand. Once again, there needs to be online evidence of this company’s customer service. Even though the company is long gone, it’s telling that no one had anything to say.

Top Eclipse Kratom Alternatives


Like Tamarack, Inc., MIT45 Kratom is a Utah manufacturer. That is where the comparisons begin and end. Unlike others on the market, MIT45 is an industry-approved operation with GMP certification and a lengthy and successful history. This magnificent kratom brand has been in business for a decade.

Originality and potency have kept MIT45 at the forefront of the marketplace. Those searching for a quality kratom extract will be enchanted by its exquisite MIT GO Black Extra Strength Kratom Gel. This first-of-its-kind product is as innovative as it is affordable, with two servings for just $11.95.

New Dawn Kratom

New Dawn Kratom is a Centennial State kratom supplier with a slew of potent strains and some deep discounts on split kilos. New Dawn Kratom Super Green Malay and Yellow Vietnam are just two of its many celebrated products. New Dawn Kratom Trainwreck Blend may be its most beloved kratom powder.

This Colorado Springs kratom vendor may not carry cut-rate kratom extracts, but each of its potent strains are available at economy prices. You can get a standard kratom kilo for $79.99, a two-way split kilo for $80, or a four-way split for $85.00. What’s more, its coupons and seasonal sales save you beaucoup bucks.

Bottom Line

image of kratomEclipse Kratom is long gone, and we have to say good riddance. Most kratom providers that actually have the goods will stay in business, at least for a few years. EK didn’t, and it’s not especially surprising.

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