Earthly Mist Vendor Review

Earthly Mist is more than a mere online kratom vendor. This multifaceted operation is also a lifeline of sorts for the people of Tulsa, OK, and surrounding neighborhoods. As the Sooner State’s first self-service kratom station, Earthly Mist has become an instant hit. As of this writing, Earthly Mist has hundreds of four-star ratings.

Rave reviews have earned Earthly Mist a reputation for unbeatable prices and plentiful rewards. In addition to its kratom vending machines, this vendor offers nationwide customers access to its online collection. You can find its shop at: Read on for our full review.


Earthly Mist Kratom Review

Founded by LeJuan Williams, an enterprising and adventurous entrepreneur-explorer, Earthly Mist is an herbal boon for the folks of Tulsa County. Since the opening of its first 24-hour kratom kiosk in 2022, the famous online vendor has become a celebrated brick-and-mortar brand. 

Earthly Mist is special because it’s number one on multiple levels. Not only is it the first kratom kiosk in the state, but as its owner has been quick to point out, the brand is the first to find support from the Oklahoma State Health Department. This is no small feat given the stigma surrounding Mitragyna speciosa.

Earthly Mist’s runaway success has resulted in the owners Tweeting out #restocked each time the place is sold out and subsequently replenished. At $5 per ounce, you can imagine how often this kiosk needs to be refilled. But standing in a line of eager kratom enthusiasts isn’t your only opportunity to sample Earthly Mist’s delights.

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This Oklahoma kratom supplier has long maintained an online store that’s every bit as popular as its in-person locations. The site has been called an easy-to-use option with amazing products. It serves as an Internet-based apothecary, serving up everything from raw akuamma seeds and blue lotus to kava extract and cat’s claw.

Clearance items and other deep discounts are advertised across its site. As for kratom, you’ve got your pick of the litter. This vendor carries 11 greens, 15 reds, and 12 whites. It also stocks a handful of fermented kratom powders. Items include Green Kapuas, Green Malay, Red Maeng Da, Red Thai, White Sumatra, and Yellow Kapuas. If you’re interested in learning more about these popular kratom strains, check out our complete guide of strains including our own product line of Maeng Da kratom

In addition to its online shop, Earthly Mist maintains multiple locations across the state. You can visit its fine establishments in Oklahoma City, Roland, and Watts. Alternatively, there are two land-based shops in Tulsa. Those who order online can expect next-day shipping.


What It Costs and How It Compares

Earthly Mist generally charges around five dollars per ounce in person or eight dollars via its website. You can get an ounce worth of kratom capsules for $15, a kratom kilo for $100, a two-way split kilo for $120, a three-way split for $140, or a four-way split for $160.00. 

These prices compare nicely to those charged by the average online kratom vendor. For the sake of comparison, Austin Organic Village charges $121 for a kilo, while New Dawn Kratom charges $79.99 for the same. As such, Earthly Mist represents the upper end of the industry low.

This vendor currently accepts CashApp and crypto. Acceptable currencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Stellar. Additional altcoins may be accepted upon request. You can inquire about payment methods by filling out the online contact form.

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Earthly Mist Coupon Code and Discounts

Unlike its competitors, Earthly Mist does not appear to advertise kratom coupon codes. There is no information on its website about promo codes, giveaways, or loyalty rewards. No affiliate program seems to exist for this business, nor does it disclose any information about its refund policy.

You won’t find any promotions on Facebook or Instagram either. Earthly Mist has not established a very strong social media presence. On the contrary, its only credentials appear to be its Health Department license and Better Business Bureau registration. We do not find any information about this vendor at I Love Kratom.


Earthly Mist Customer Reviews

In spite of its absence from most social platforms, Earthly Mist has managed to hold sway over the notoriously capricious Reddit community. Through a series of posts at various kratom subReddits, Earthly Mist has earned a national following. Its kratom powders have kept them coming back.

One reviewer said, “Pure, unadulterated kratom. Best vendor I’ve had in a long time and the only vendor I have used for years. I’m soooo thankful for the 24hr vending machine, it is great when I run out… the quality is very consistent as well.”

Another reviewer said, “Loved going to this store for 4 years. Now I order online and get my order mailed to me the next day. Kratom is very good and the price is nice. Great customer service. Highly recommend!”

Earthly mist customer reviews

Earthly Mist Complaints

Several former customers have lamented the changes that have taken place at Earthly Mist’s in-person locations. Some have complained about the employees refusing to honor the store’s price match promise, while others have suggested its quality is no longer up to snuff. Still, others are less than pleased with the staff.

One disgruntled customer said, “This year … it seems really hit or miss. I’ve gotten some pretty mediocre bags of strains that used to be good, and one that was not only weak but was the worst-tasting kratom I’ve ever had. I typically like the taste, but that one was completely unusable without getting sick.”

Others have alluded to rude employees, malfunctioning equipment, weak strains, and failure to compete with a rival shop next door. One reviewer said, “Very strange. Good product, but customer service leaves a bit to be desired. The explanation for cash-only in-store policy makes zero sense.”


Is Earthly Mist Legit?

Earthy Mist may be a celebrated brand, but that doesn’t necessarily make it a legitimate business. There are a number of sketchy companies out there, many of them without any proper business registration or return policies, which select customers nevertheless adore. Quality, like beauty, can be in the eye of the beholder.

When it comes to legitimacy, consumers should always be cautious around vendors who lack accreditation. Although Earthly Mist has been accepted by its regional Health Department, this supplier fails to disclose third-party lab results or company strategies. Strain information is also scarce.

Earthly Mist does not participate in the AKA (American Kratom Association)’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program, nor has it submitted an application for consideration by the ILK (I Love Kratom). We are given precious little data on which to draw our opinion of its honesty or reliability.

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Bottom Line

In summary, Earthly Mist is a well-regarded kratom vendor with approval from the Oklahoma State Health Department and accolades from the Reddit community. Its fair market prices and acclaimed quality make it worthy of exploration. We recommend checking it out while prices remain low.

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