Dragons Den Kratom : Can You Believe the Reviews?

dragons den kratom : can you believe the reviews?

This Chi-town vendor’s kratom has been called fluffy and lovely by an incredible number of people. At this very moment, there are more Dragons Den Kratom reviews online than reaction videos to the #1 movie in America. You may be wondering whether you should believe the hype.

If you’re looking for answers, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to keep things honest with a thorough review of this vendor’s products, pricing, policies, and more. We’ll tell you where this brand stands when compared to its competitors and whether you should give them a shot (or not).

Dragon’s Den Kratom Review

Dragons Den Kratom is an e-commerce vendor with offices in Chicago, IL. This newly-minted kratom supplier has only been in business for about a year, at least if we go on the evidence available on its homepage. However, it’s accomplished quite a bit in that relatively short period.

Some vendors find their followers via Facebook or Instagram, but Dragons Den took a different route. Instead of wasting time on social media branding, it went directly to the source by introducing itself to the online kratom forum community. It gained traction in no time by informing customers of its bountiful sales and special offers.

The superior texture and long-lasting aroma of its kratom powder immediately caught on. While Dragons Den Kratom reviews have continuously rolled in, only some have felt comfortable giving the brand a try. After all, the online store is woefully underdeveloped and doesn’t give visitors much to go on.

There is no About Us Page, no FAQ, or information about third-party laboratory testing. More alarmingly, we are still looking for a business registration record for this brand in the state of Illinois. This may be a simple oversight by Dragons Den or a delay on the part of the Secretary of State’s web administrator.

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On top of this, the Dragons Den online store is pretty low-tech. Its homepage’s moving background and general aesthetic are reminiscent of the late-90s/early-2000s Internet start-ups. Usually, we wouldn’t put too much stock into such an amateurish website, but you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Regardless of its overall look and lack of credentials, this vendor strikes us as a legitimate business. More importantly, Dragons Den Kratom seems to care for its customer genuinely. In the past, it’s given out 100-gram samples with every single order, however big or small.

Although it has yet to participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program, it seems to have what it takes to pass with flying colors. If we go on look, texture, and aroma, Dragons Den Kratom Powder has what it takes to pass any purity or potency test.

Like most trusted kratom vendors, Dragons Den gives clients a 30-day window for seeking a refund. You may request a return at any time within those 30 days. If your return is approved, you will receive email instructions for returning your item(s) within 48 hours.

What It Has to Offer

This East Coast kratom supplier produces a vast assortment of novel kratom powders, including Al-Khidir, Chai Maeng Da, Chocolate Indulgence, Dragon Glass, Gold Maeng Da, Golden Sahar, Green Maeng Da, Green Crushed Leaf, Green Monster, Khaleesi, Red Crushed Leaf, Red Dragon, Red Drogo, Viserion White, White Euphoria, and White Maeng Da.

Many of these powders are kratom blends, mixing various vein colors and strains. Others, made from horned leaf kratom, have been harvested through grafting, such as Red Dragon. All Dragons Den Kratom powders have their own singular textures, especially its kratom blends.

image of what dragons den kratom has to offer

What It Costs and How It Compares

Prices range from powder to powder, with most starting at $8.99 for 50 grams of powdered kratom. This price point places Dragons Den well under the current industry low. For example, top names like Austin Organic Village charge eight dollars for 20 grams, while Phytoextractum charges $8.96 for 28 grams.

Dragons Den Kratom charges $13.99 for 100 grams, with kratom bundle packs starting at $20.99 for three 50-gram pouches. You can also score a four-pouch Dynasty Pack for $45.99. Alternatively, you can score a three-strain 100 x 3 Red Wedding Pack for only $33.99.

These prices are competitive with those charged by others in the space. For comparison, Austin Organic charges $39.50 for 250 grams. Meanwhile, Phytoextractum charges $33.26 for a mere 112 grams of powder.

Payment Methods and Coupons

This vendor currently accepts a plethora of convenient payment options. They include Bitcoin, MasterCard, PayPal, and VISA. What’s more, you can get a Dragons Den Kratom coupon code by signing up for its email newsletter. This will enable you to save money on your first purchase.

Dragons Den Kratom Customer Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, consumers have lavished acclaim upon this new kid on the block. Dragons Den Kratom is blowing up faster than Colorado’s New Dawn Kratom, and its collection is nearly as great. One Reddit member called this vendor the kratom family, while another said, “Awesome shop…prices are very reasonable!”

Another Dragons Den Kratom Reddit post said its product came basically overnight, adding, “The Green MD is so fresh smelling and has a beautiful color,” while another user raved about how fast they received viable tracking information, exclaiming: “Crazy fast. That’s a big win for the company already. I’m super impressed.”

Elsewhere, a reviewer said, “Same love was put inside as was put outside the box.” And, as another reviewer noted, “I haven’t seen one bad review…That’s rare on Reddit. I’m glad so many people like it besides myself.”

We were unable to find any negative comments regarding this brand. Furthermore, Dragons Den Kratom has not been named in any lawsuits, pending or otherwise. This brand appears to get a unanimous thumbs up from the kratom community.

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Bottom Line

To sum things up, Dragons Den Kratom is a relatively new vendor with a lot of buzz about it. This vendor’s exotic strains and collectible packaging make it a brand that’s hard to resist. Still on the fence? You can compare providers and pricing by visiting our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

3 Reviews for “Dragons Den Kratom : Can You Believe the Reviews?”

  1. Angela says:

    This Brand is the real deal.
    It’s not overpriced and it’s very high quality.
    I won’t have to try different brands now, finally found THE one.

  2. Leisa Bailey says:

    Dragons Den is certainly on the list of the best vendors around! I’m in the Reddit kratom community & have seen nothing but praise for the Dragon’s! I’ve personally had the red wedding bundle & there’s no loser strains. The Gold MD stands out as being my favorite personally. Beautiful euphoria with very strong sense of peace

  3. SoulExpressn says:

    Dragon’s Den hits very different. It’s subtle, and even normal fast strain might take a little longer. With the prices being that low, you are going to see a rush of reviews with people wanting to try it.


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