Divine Shaman Kratom Vendor Review

Divine Shaman Kratom was a UK company that opened in 2007. In 2016, they spread their wings and opened a second shop, this time in Canada. Unfortunately, both shops have been shut down since at least 2019, with the Canadian shop closed since 2017. Will they come back? Read on!

Divine Shaman Kratom Review

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This vendor used 100 percent recycled material for their packaging before that was in vogue. They also did a tree-planting project to keep the forests thick and healthy. It’s really sad when a vendor that does so many good things for the earth closes its doors. Especially when you consider that most people raved about them, too.

Divine Shaman Kratom Product Line

Divine Shaman used to carry more than 30 strains of Kratom. There’s no way of knowing which strains they’d carry today, but here’s a partial list of their old products.

  • Powder – Green Kuat Malay, Green Malay, Green Riau, Red Bali, Red Patani Thai, Red Riau, Bentuangie, HK Kali, & Indonesian.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

The prices for Divine Shaman Kratom are unknown at this time. Because it was 2019 when they closed down, there’s no way of knowing if their old prices would continue or if they would have raised them by now.

Divine Shaman Coupon Code

You should always look for a coupon code before you buy Kratom. However, you’re not going to find anything for Divine Shaman because they’re out of business.

Divine Shaman Kratom Consumer Reputation

This vendor once had a great reputation. In fact, a Reddit thread shows that they were “pretty awesome.” Another member said, “I have tried their Green Thai Maeng Da, which is top quality.”

Interestingly, two people agreed that “The cheap to mid-range strains were the best bang for your buck.” Over on I Love Kratom, a member said, “They have great quality with various prices for each variety.”

Divine Shaman Kratom Customer Service

We don’t know what this site’s return policy was like, so it’s hard to grade them on their customer service. What we do know, though, is that someone on Reddit said, “I’ve been chatting with him this morning and the customer service has been amazing, did everything he could to try and get me same day delivery.”

That may only be one comment to go on, but it’s a good one!

Bottom Line

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We don’t know why Divine Shaman decided to close up shop. We do know that as of last year, there was a note on their old URL that said to join their mailing list just in case. Sadly, that’s now gone, so it looks like Divine Shaman has probably gone the way of so many other Kratom vendors. They’ll be missed.

Now, you’re probably looking for a Kratom vendor that’s still open, right? The Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors has 90+ open vendors to choose from, which makes it a great choice for anyone! Be sure to check it out!

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