Dash Kratom Vendor Review

The Kratom market is full of mass-produced products that are of questionable quality. A lot of manufacturers are simply trying to capitalize on the growing popularity of this herb, without any regard for product quality and consumers’ safety. Due to the lack of regulations surrounding Kratom, many companies are selling whatever they can get their hands on and then charging as much as possible. The Kratom supply chain is a bit of a mess, and this is partly due to the fact that there are so many shady companies trying to get a piece of the pie.

There are many manufacturers out there in the market, but not all of them are reputable and trustworthy. In this review, we will check whether Dash Kratom is different from other Kratom wholesalers or if they are just another scam that is just trying to make a quick buck. We will be looking at all aspects of their Kratom products, from quality and packaging to customer service and price.

Dash Kratom Products and Services

Dash Kratom is a brand under Valgous USA, a company that specializes in selling e-liquids, herbal supplements, CBD, Kratom, and more. Valgous USA is a wholesale distributor that only accepts B2B sales, which means that they do not sell directly to retail consumers. The good news is, that Dash Kratom’s products are available on a number of third-party retailers like UD Vape Distribution and NTX Wholesale.

On NTX Wholesale’s website, we managed to find Dash Kratom’s Kratom products – both in powder and capsule forms. Their Kratom powder is available in 85g, 200g, 500g, and 1kg while their Kratom capsules are sold in quantities of 40pcs, 60pcs, 120pcs, and 300pcs. When it comes to packaging, Dash Kratom uses green transparent bottles for their Kratom capsules and black resealable mylar bags for their Kratom powder. There’s nothing special about their packaging but it is good enough for a wholesale company like them.   Dash Kratom   In terms of Kratom selection, Dash Kratom carries a decent range of Kratom strains including Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, and Trainwreck (blend). When it comes to product quality, we did not see any third-party lab reports for Dash Kratom’s products, so we cannot be sure about the purity and potency of their Kratom powder and capsules.

Dash Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

Dash Kratom stands out in the market when it comes to price. They are one of the cheapest Kratom wholesalers that we have reviewed, and this is partly due to their low overhead costs. If you are a small Kratom business owner, you can definitely take advantage of Dash Kratom’s low prices. Below are the prices of Dash Kratom’s products on NTX Wholesale’s website:

Kratom Powder

  • 85g – $7.99
  • 200g – $13.99
  • 500g – $29.99
  • 1kg – $54.99

Kratom Capsules

  • 40pcs – $4.49
  • 60pcs – $5.49
  • 120pcs – $9.99
  • 300pcs – $21.99

Dash Kratom’s products are way more affordable than their competitors, and you can easily save a lot of money by ordering from them. If you are a Kratom dealer, you can definitely make a profit selling their products. However, you need to be extra careful because there’s no way to verify the quality of their products. This practice is quite common in the industry, especially among Kratom wholesalers. Many of them are looking for ways to save money and gain profit by selling products of questionable quality.

Dash Kratom Customer Reviews

Unfortunately, we did not find any customer testimonials for Dash Kratom products. We’ve searched high and low for reviews on Google and NTX Wholesale’s website, but we also did not find any. This is a major red flag because there’s no way to know if Dash Kratom is trustworthy or not. Customer reviews are very important in the Kratom industry because they give you a better understanding of the product you are buying.

In addition, they give you an idea of how effective the product is. It is always best to see if other people have similar experiences with the product you are interested in. If you find a lot of positive reviews, it’s a clear sign that the product is good and it will likely be the same for you. The lack of any reviews about Dash Kratom presents a very big problem for consumers. However, it is worth mentioning that this is not the first time we see a company selling Kratom products without any customer reviews. In fact, this is very common in the Kratom wholesale industry. That’s why we recommend Kratom users be extra careful when buying Kratom online.

Dash Kratom Customer Complaints

We also did not find any complaints about Dash Kratom products on the internet. We cannot guarantee that Dash Kratom is 100% legit because there is no way to verify the authenticity of its products.

Dash Kratom Coupons

Dash Kratom Coupons

There are no Dash Kratom coupon codes available on Valgous USA’s website. Your best bet is to check out their partner distributors’ online stores to see whether they have any discounts or promo codes that you can use to buy Dash Kratom’s products.

Is Dash Kratom Legit?

We find it very hard to believe that Dash Kratom is a legit Kratom brand. We are quite skeptical about the quality of their products, and this is the reason why we gave them a below-average rating. We have seen many companies in the Kratom wholesale industry selling products of questionable quality. This is why we are not sure if Dash Kratom is a scam or not.


The only great thing about Dash Kratom is their very low prices. With no third-party lab reports and customer reviews to back up their claims, it is very hard to trust their products. They also don’t have any quality control measures in place, that’s why we are not sure if Dash Kratom can really be trusted or not. For now, we highly recommend that you stick to the big names in the Kratom industry to prevent getting ripped off.

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