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Columbia Kratom is the number one kratom vendor in South Carolina and we’re not blowing smoke. In fact, this Lexington-based supplier has beaten out smoke shops and delivery retailers with its 4.8-star Google rating and its radical approach to online kratom sales.

Despite its success, Columbia Kratom has given some consumers pause with its packaging, products, and more. If you’re on the fence about making a purchase, you’ll want to read our comprehensive Columbia Kratom Vendor Review.

Columbia Kratom Product Review

Founded in 2015, Columbia Kratom was the first kratom shop in Lexington County. It has distinguished itself from other South Carolina kratom retailers by offering a Buy 3, Get 1 Free deal that’s unlike any other.

This vendor’s prices are firmly at the lower end of the industry average, with most customers paying no more for proprietary kratom blends than they would for plain leaf kratom powders. Compared to your typical head shop, Columbia Kratom is like the DD’s Discounts of Mitragyna speciosa.

The brand’s packaging may strike one as incredibly generic in design, with its buy-in-bulk black pouches, but its labeling is quite on target. The frontage of each package boasts an inviting image of tropical paradise and comes complete with warnings, batch numbers, and a QR code for reviewing third-party lab results.


Columbia Kratom does not appear to have much of a presence on online kratom forums, nor does it have any social media presence whatsoever. In spite of its lack of brand engagement, Columbia Kratom has managed to leave quite the impression on the public.

Shipping is fast, free, and nondescript; no one will be able to tell what you are receiving in the mail, as each package from Columbia Kratom is shipped discreetly in unmarked mailers with minimal information on the outside.

Columbia Kratom’s website is woefully underdeveloped – there is barely a Contact page, no About info, no FAQ page, no email newsletter, no affiliate program, and no kratom military discount. That being said, the site itself is ergonomic, with a simple, uncluttered design and easy-to-navigate pages.

This vendor’s many illustrious strains include green vein, red vein, and white vein, as well as gold kratom strains, such as Gold Malay. There are also proprietary blends, which may consist of a combination of two or more vein colors.

As of this writing, available green veins include Good Green, Green Asia Pure, Green Bali, Green Boo Boo, Green Borneo, Green Boyan Pure, Green Elephant, Green Hulu, Green JongKong, Green Ketapang, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Green Thai, and Green Vietnam.

Columbia Kratom’s red veins include Bigger Red, Red Bali, Red Bentuangie, Red Elephant, Red Hulu, Red JongKong, and Red Maeng Da, while its white veins include White Banjar, White Borneo, White Elephant, White JongKong, and more.

There is a wide range of blends and specialties, such as Columbia Kratom CK White and Columbia Kratom Great White, as well as Cash Blend, Hurricane Blend, and King Blend. Fermented kratom and/or sun-dried kratom powders include Orange Bali and Yellow Thai.

What It Costs & How It Compares

Columbia Kratom’s biggest draw is its Buy 3, Get 1 Free Deal, which holds that you can try four of its kratom strains by purchasing three separate pouches containing two hundred fifty grams each. You can make your own kilo for what others charge for less than a single-strain kilo.

For example, you can get two hundred fifty grams of Green Malay, two hundred fifty grams of Chocolate Borneo, two hundred fifty grams of Red Bentuangie, and two hundred fifty grams of White Banjar for $107.69. This is well below the average for a four-way split.

To put this in perspective, Oasis Kratom charges $119.99, while Kreed Botanicals charges $140.00. Kilos are but one of Columbia Kratom’s many discount offers, which also include ten packs of kratom extract tablets for as little as $44.84, jumbo kratom capsules from $15, and kratom-infused honey sticks for just two dollars.

General prices start at $12.72 for thirty grams of kratom powder, with one hundred grams going for $22.97. You can also get two hundred fifty grams for $37.67. A Kratom Beginner Pack is available, which gets you six thirty-gram pouches of various strains for $65.00.

The latter is a bit steep for a variety pack, but its base prices are absolutely excellent. Whereas most e-commerce vendors charge $15 to $30 for an ounce of kratom, Columbia Kratom gives you a full thirty grams for under $13.00.

For the sake of comparison, My Brave Botanicals charges $15 for twenty-eight grams, while Kratzilla charges $29.99 for the same. As if all of this wasn’t impressive enough, consider Columbia’s straight kratom kilos, which start at $75.57. That is literally the lowest price you can expect to find anywhere in America.

Columbia Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

This vendor does not offer email newsletters or social media promo codes typical of e-commerce businesses. You are unlikely to find a kratom coupon code for this brand.

Unlike other vendors who advertise specials and free kratom samples on social media, Columbia Kratom keeps all of its prices low so that discounts are unnecessary. However, it would benefit from showing some love for the less fortunate.

Columbia Kratom Customer Reviews

image of columbia kratom product reviews

As mentioned earlier, customers have been effusive in their support for this Palmetto State seller. One customer said, “I have been coming here for a year or so for all my Kratom needs. I’m always taken care of and the quality of their Kratom is far superior to every other place I’ve been around town.

“It’s also priced very fairly for the quality you get! Lots of Kratom strains you will not find in any other stores from Lexington to Columbia and even online. Definitely check them out!”

Another customer wrote, “This is the best shop in Columbia to buy from. The staff is patient, knowledgeable, and friendly. They run great specials and carry high-quality products. If you decide to order from the website the process is fast and easy, and the packaging is discreet.”

Yet another customer said, “I’m a kratom veteran, and the quality and prices are analogous to the online shops that are considered the best deal in the kratom community. The employees have always been extremely nice and respectful towards me.”

Still another customer said, “This place is absolutely insane! Every type of kratom you can imagine! Even stuff I’ve never heard of! Can easily spend half an hour in this store just looking and another half hour talking to the amazing employees. All in all, this place has it going on.”

Columbia Kratom Complaints

There has been little to no negative feedback regarding this brand. Of more than one hundred twenty Google reviews, we only encountered a few one-star comments. The most prominent complaint seemed to stem from a customer’s purchase of a store brand they blame for a bad experience.

It is worth noting that this same customer admits to purchasing multiple kratom extracts from multiple brands. Therefore, any (or no) product could have been responsible for their ill feelings.

Another one-star review concerns a poor customer service experience, wherein an employee of Columbia Kratom cut off a first-time customer who was inquiring about the difference between kratom powder and kratom capsules.

Is It Lab Tested?

Yes. Columbia Kratom may be short on vital information, but it puts in the effort where it counts. This extends to its laboratory testing, which is confirmed by the QR code which appears on its labeling.

Each QR code can be scanned in order to view private records regarding laboratory results. Every pouch of kratom you purchase can be traced back to a batch, which has been approved by an unbiased lab.

While it would be nice for this vendor to share such certificates of analysis on its website, where visitors could peruse those results freely, we understand why they feel the need to keep it private. Some shoddy brands have stolen lab results from rivals and passed them off as their own.

Is Columbia Kratom Legit?

Yes. Our research indicates that Columbia Kratom is a legitimate brand, with multiple locations and a user-friendly website. This vendor’s e-commerce platform provides customers with secure checkout and discreet shipping.

Despite its rather bare-bones website, we are inclined to classify this four-star brand as a trustworthy kratom vendor. The reviews and ratings attest to the generosity and quality of Columbia Kratom.


American Kratom Association

Columbia Kratom is not a participant in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. This is unfortunate, as it represents a visible way to demonstrate total transparency, but it does not necessarily mean anything in terms of Columbia Kratom’s credibility.

Although the GMP Standards Program allows vendors to prove they are trustworthy by submitting to a third-party audit it is not the only means by which sellers can prove their worth. Columbia Kratom already submits its kratom powders for independent third-party laboratory testing.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Columbia Kratom is a trusted vendor with some excellent deals and awesome variety. Its reputation is that of a top-shelf brand, one that’s acclaimed for its enormous collection, economy pricing, and informative staff.

Still on the fence? You can compare Columbia Kratom to other top brands by visiting our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors. See how it stacks up in terms of products, payment methods, policies, and more.

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