Clover Kratom Vendor Review – Pros, Cons & Best Products

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Clover Kratom is the kratom vendor the Windy City has been waiting for. This East coast business is less than a year old, but it has already captured the hearts of Prairie State patrons with its inviting brick-and-mortar establishment and an enormous selection of kratom products. This northeast Illinois brand serves as both a land-based shop and an e-commerce business. In under twelve months, it has managed to earn five-star ratings and a true-blue clientele that swears by its collection. Find out what we love about this exciting new brand and what we think merits improvement in our complete Clover Kratom Vendor Review.

Clover Kratom Review

Clover Kratom, LLC, was registered with the City of Chicago’s Dept. of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection in February 2021. The company was founded by Francis and Katherine Dyon as a family affair. This Chicago, IL, kratom vendor specializes in plain leaf kratom strains and kratom extracts. Unlike so many of its direct competitors in the head shop space, Clover Kratom gets its quality kratom powders directly from farms in Indonesia. No third-party wholesalers are involved. No middlemen. No nonsense. Just plain ole traditional Mitragyna speciosa leaf in its finest form.

Clover Kratom carries an astonishing 48 kratom strains and blends, including gold strains and yellow strains. These diverse and dynamic powders are optimized to the sordid needs of a demanding public. Customers appreciate the fastidious work that has obviously gone into sourcing and/or manufacturing these magnificent specimens. Our own staff has marveled at the peculiar aroma of Clover Kratom Chocolate Tayon.

As a fairly new company, Clover Kratom hasn’t had much time to acquaint itself with kratom advocacy groups, such as AKA (American Kratom Association) or the BEA (Botanical Education Alliance). No evidence exists on its site to suggest it has been GMP-compliant or approved as a vendor. However, its powders are fresh, clean, bracing, and long-lasting. You couldn’t ask for anything more … except, perhaps, deeper discounts.


  • Wide variety
  • Awesome products
  • Fair pricing
  • Fast, free shipping
  • Accepts PayPal


  • Does not disclose third-party labs
  • Does not accept Bitcoin
  • No refunds

Clover Kratom Product Line & Pricing Guide

Clover kratom product line

As we mentioned earlier, Clover Kratom stocks nearly 50 kratom strains, some of which are blended with Maeng Da and other Horned Leaf cultivars. This vendor checks all our boxes in terms of availability, accessibility, and overall affordability. Between its free shipping incentive and its kratom kilos, we’ve found plenty to admire about these new kids on the block. Clover Kratom carries 17 variations of the green veins, including Elephant, Green Borneo, Green Dragon Horn, Green Hulu Kapuas, Green Ketapang, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Green Sandai, Green Special Kali, Green Sumatra, and Slippery Rock.

Our pick for the best green vein kratom powder has gotta be Green Sumatra, a cultivar from the second largest of the Greater Sunda Islands in Indonesia. While visiting Indonesia for business we were able to witnesCheck out our review of Clover Kratom including products, prices, best strains, reputation, and how this vendor compares to Golden Monk.s the harvesting of these North Sumatra kratom trees for ourselves and became familiar with their unique fragrance. From the look and smell of Clover Kratom Green Sumatra, it is evident that it is sourcing directly from the actual regions west of Java. The Green Sumatra kratom strain is smooth, mildly bitter, and redolent of moss. It has an earthy scent that is counterbalanced by its sweet dark berry finish.

Clover Kratom’s line of red vein kratom powder consists of Bentuangie, Dragon Blood Borneo, Red Bali, Red Red Borneo, Red Horn, Red Hulu Kapuas, Red Indo, Red Ketapang, Red Maeng Da, Red Malay, Red Sandai, Red Sumatra, Red Special Kali, Red Thai, and Red Vietnam. This vendor’s white vein collection includes White Bali, White Borneo, White Horn, White Hulu Kapuas, White Ketapang, White Maeng Da, White Malay, White Sandai, White Special Kali, and White Sumatra. If you are local to the Chicagoland area and want to visit Clover Kratom’s store, you’ll have a number of payment options at your disposal, such as cash and credit/debit card.

Unfortunately, ordering online is another story altogether; you can only pay by PayPal or by invoice. To inquire about additional payment methods you should email You can get ten grams of kratom powder for $8.99, twenty-five grams for $19.99, fifty grams for $34.99, one hundred grams for $64.99, or two hundred fifty grams for $149.99. A half-kilo goes for $249.99, which is pretty steep by online standards, but it’s well below the nationwide average for a head shop kilo. This seller offers each of its kratom products in both powder and capsule form. Encapsulated kratom is the preferred choice of many athletes, entrepreneurs, and working professionals.

Clover Kratom’s kratom capsules are convenient, discreet, and easy to store. Each cap masks the natural bitter flavor of kratom plant matter. Kratom capsules start at $6.99 for ten caps, with twenty-five caps going for $15.99. You can score fifty caps for $29.99, one hundred for $49.99, two hundred fifty for $119.99, or five hundred for $199.99. Other highly-rated items include Lucky 80 Extract Tincture, InKratable Kratom Gummies, Zion Herbals’ Focus Tea Blend, and Zion Herbals’ Speciosa Soda. Prices vary, depending on item, size, and availability.

Clover Kratom also offers CBD products, Delta-8 THC, and hemp products. In the interest of full disclosure, we have not sampled any of Clover Kratom’s CBD or hemp products. Therefore, we cannot provide any opinions on their potency (or lack thereof). That being said, Clover Kratom has selected one of the industry’s finest brands—Zion Herbals—for its kratom extracts.

Clover Kratom Best Strain

image of clover kratom products

Our pick for the number one spot goes to Slippery Rock, AKA BatuLicin Kratom. This robust and rather rare white vein kratom powder has an aroma reminiscent of a freshly mowed lawn, but its nutty finish differentiates it from many other kratom strains. Slippery Rock is one of the world’s oldest and rarest M. speciosa cultivars, one that packs a punch. It is grown at the edge of a strait connecting the Java sea to the straits of Makassar. This remote tropical region contributes to Slippery Rock’s singular alkaloid and flavonoid profile, producing a plant that is mature and somewhat unpredictable. This is definitely not for beginners. Like all of Clover Kratom’s products, we have enjoyed Slippery Rock as part of a toss ‘n wash and were pleasantly surprised by the earthy yet saccharine taste.

If you still need help to find the right strain for you, check out our list guide to the best kratom strains based on color and regional source.

Shipping & Returns

Free shipping is provided on orders of $75 or more, which gives customers the added incentive to buy in bulk. However, you will not be penalized for being more frugal; if you spend less than $75, you’ll pay a flat rate of eight bucks for standard shipping. Clover Kratom enforced a strict no-returns policy. As the website clearly states, “All sales are final; no returns, no refunds.” No exceptions are made under any circumstances. For this reason, online buyers are encouraged to shop around to compare prices before making a purchase. You’ll want to be absolutely certain you’re getting what you want since you will not be able to exchange it.

Clover Kratom Consumer Reputation

image of clover kratom customer reviews

This vendor’s low-key approach to advertising has kept it from acquiring national attention, but its variety and affordability have been recognized by native Chicagoans. Neighborhood consumers have given Clover Kratom high marks in their Google reviews. One visitor wrote, “This store has every kratom strain on the planet. More affordable than CBD KRATOM and of better quality. A real mom-and-pop business. I’ll be back thanks Clover Kratom.” Another satisfied customer said, “I would give more stars if I could. Best Kratom(CBD, & more..) place and has the lowest prices I’ve found in Chicago! It’s a small business with a super nice owner, and still has the best prices on kratom and CBD, their prices are even lower than the big chain CBD & kratom stores … I especially love the kratom candy gummy worms!

“The owner and his wife are so nice and honest, not out for your money, actually there to help you get the best and most for your money. He knows a lot and they have tons of options. Once he … even told me to wait till the next day … to buy something because it was going on sale to save me money, even though the place is still pretty new and could use the sales [dollars] … honesty and integrity … I highly suggest you support this small local business!” In short, Clover Kratom has successfully conveyed its commitment to product purity and customer service. Those who visit its land-based storefront recognize its authenticity and buy accordingly.

Bottom Line

In spite of its relative inexperience and short time in business, Clover Kratom has proven its worth as a brand. This is a top-notch choice for small-batch kratom and bulk kratom products alike. While we would love to see a Lab Results page on its website, we are pleased with what the site has had to offer up until now. This is definitely one worth recommending.