Christopher’s Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals, AKA Christopher’s Organic Kratom, is an East Coast herbalist. Each of its kratom products is sourced directly from its place of origin before undergoing independent third-party analysis.

The owner of Christopher’s Organic Botanicals understands how purity affects the safety and appeal of this herb. That is why he personally oversees each shipment of Indo Kratom.

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals has provided customers with unsurpassed quality by taking a clinical approach to the cultivation process. Learn all about the products and services offered by Chris in today’s comprehensive vendor review.

What is Christopher’s Botanicals Kratom?

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As the company’s About page says, Christopher’s Botanicals is all about “plants, not pills.” Their alternate tagline, “God bless Kratom and share the love,” also tells you much about this business.

Christopher’s Organic Botanicals is located in Deepwater, a rural town in Carney’s Point Township, N.J. The company was founded in 2016 by Christopher Deaney, a Jersey resident with a history of physical problems. Mr. Deaney’s passion for kratom led him to develop a relationship with Indonesian farmers.

Unlike many online brands, Christopher’s Organic Botanicals is AKA-certified and guaranteed to be free of impurities. By participating in the AKA’s Good Manufacturing Practices program, this vendor ensures that proper sanitary guidelines are followed.

Mr. Deaney’s commitment to cleanliness and excellence has paid off in the form of historical documentation—in June of 2021, he was included in Marquis Who’s Who, a compendium of biographical data chronicling the lives of successful innovators.

It’s easy to see why Marquis Who’s Who would want to include him. Deaney regularly spreads the word about kratom advocacy and became a 2020 member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Where other kratom vendors post old and irrelevant lab results for a single kratom strain, Christopher’s Organic gives its customers access to a whole catalog of lab certificates covering every phenotype. Its wide variety is matched by detailed inspection measures.

Its flash sales and deals on Bitcoin purchases are the icing on the cake with Christopher’s. Suppose you’d like a Christopher’s Botanicals coupon code. You can sign up for this vendor’s email newsletter to receive exclusive promo codes and unique opportunities, such as giveaways and rewards points. You can also expect to receive seasonal offers as the holidays approach.

What It Has to Offer

The fruit of Christopher Deaney’s labors can be found at the brand’s online store. There you will find a plethora of superb kratom strains, many of which are on sale. Strains come in variations of green, red, white, and yellow veins.

Christopher’s line of green vein kratom powder consists of eight variations—Green Bali, Green Borneo, Green Indo, Green Maeng Da, Green Mahakam, Green Malay, Green Riau, and Green Vietnam. Its red veins include Red Agatha, Red Bali, Red Borneo, Red Indo, Red Maeng Da, Red Riau, and Red Vietnam.

This vendor also carries white veins, such as White Borneo, White Indo, White MD, White Mahakam, White Riau, and White Vietnam—and yellow fermented kratom, such as Yellow Maeng Da.

Green Mahakam is a highlight of the green family, a bright and mysterious underground cultivar embraced for its vibrancy and duration. Green Vein Mahakam is moist and rich, with a dense core to its leaves and a mild aroma that stands out.

Red Vietnam is a true enigma among the Mitragyna speciosa genus. Where most kratom strains are earthy and bitter in taste, Red Vein Vietnam is sweet-scented and surprisingly fruity in flavor.

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Christopher’s Organic Botanicals best kratom strain has got to be White Riau. Although some users have called White Riau’s taste and odor repellent, we find it to be the main draw. It’s fluffy, fun, and long-lasting, with a headiness lacking in other strains.

White Riau Kratom was a once-rare cultivar originally from the central-eastern coast of Sumatra. Today, it is one of the most in-demand iterations of kratom in the global marketplace. White Riau delivers a dynamite aroma that’s clean, bracing, and hard to resist. The finely textured powder makes it a breeze to brew.

What It Costs and How It Compares

You can get two ounces of kratom powder for $17, four ounces for $27, nine ounces for $47, or sixteen ounces for $77.00. These may not seem like the most outstanding prices on the market, but they are far from the highest.

The frugal user will be happy to learn that kratom kilos go for $130.00, and you can get a split kilo of your choosing. Split kilos can be split up in four ways for $135.00.

These prices are relatively high by current standards. For comparison, New Dawn Kratom offers four-way split kilos for $85, while Amazing Botanicals charges $89.99 for a standard key. Mitragaia is famous for its $120 kilo.

This vendor gives you many options for paying, including Bitcoin, credit/debit card, Dogecoin, eCheck, Ethereum, Litecoin, money order, paper check, and Shiba Inu.

Christopher’s Botanicals Customer Reviews


We were unable to find any verifiable reviews on Google or similar platforms. However, there are select consumer reviews for this brand on Reddit. One member said, “Just finished a 4-way key of green and yellow maeng da, green Vietnam, and white indo… All four bags were quality… Overall quality product and will buy again at some point.”

Another member praised its product but lamented its purchasing options, writing, “I really enjoyed the ‘Christopher’s Mix’ he sent. He gave me that as a sample. It was gone quickly. He’s got really good stuff. Super nice guy, and he ships pretty quick. I just wish those 2 oz sizes would come down in price a bit because if you’re not willing to go the 8oz route, it’s not very cost-effective.”

Other members have shouted out their favorite strains, but few have much to say about how Christopher’s Botanicals compares to current brands. On the contrary, several members mention moving on to other vendors after initial loyalty toward Chris and his kratom.

Bottom Line

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Christopher’s Organic Botanicals is good stuff, at least according to several reviewers. With their relatively low prices (at least for their smaller quantities), we recommend that any kratom enthusiast check them out.

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