CBDKratomShops.com Vendor Review

CBDKratomShops.com Review

CBDKratomShops.com provides the online home for the CBD Kratom chain. This vendor operates an online store, but they also have four brick and mortar locations. Anyone in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, or St. Louis can stop in at one of their locations. Because they began their chain in the Midwest, CBD Kratom prides themselves on offering affordable prices for Midwestern shoppers.

CBDKratomShops.com Review

CBDKratomShops.com features an overview of their flagship Chicago store’s wares. Those who want to visit in person will find the largest selection in Chicago. You can also order online by going into the ‘Shop’ section of the store, clicking on ‘Products,’ and then selecting your product line of choice. The setup isn’t exactly the easiest online shopping experience we’ve ever encountered, but the website is fairly well put together and aesthetically pleasing. CBDKratomShops.com gets bonus points for having pictures of their actual products too.

CBDKratomShops.com Product Line

CBD Kratom Chicago has 45+ Kratom strains, all of which can be purchased online. They offer each strain in powder or capsules. Your options include:

  • Red Kratom: Bali, Vietnam, Maeng Da, Borneo, Dampar, Indo, Sumatra, Malay, Gold, Bantuagie, Dragon, and Horned Maeng Da.
  • Yellow Kratom: Borneo, Kapuas, and Gold.
  • Green Kratom: Maeng Da, Malay, Vietnam, Dampar, Cambodian, Borneo, Sumatra, Indo, Bali, Dragon, Kapuas, Dark Green Borneo, Horned Maeng Da, and Bantuagie.
  • White Kratom: Bali, Borneo, Maeng Da, Dampar, Kapuas, Sumatra, Bantuagie, Indo, Gold, Horned Maeng Da, and Dragon.
  • Other Kratom Strains: Chocolate Borneo, Dark Brown Bantuagie, Super Indo, Mixed Maeng Da, Mixed Malay, Hulu Kapuas, and Kalimantan.

As their name suggests, CBD Kratom does sell more than Mitragyna speciosa. They also offer an extensive variety of CBD products. Other retail items include hemp products, Kava chocolate bars, and various supplements.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

CBDKratomShops.com has a simple to understand price structure. Any vendor that does this definitely makes life easier for customers, which is always appreciated.

Kratom capsules are available in sizes ranging from a 10-pack to 210-pack. Prices start at $7.95 and go up to $109.95. Alternatively, you can buy bulk Kratom capsules with ½ kg or 1 kg for $360.95 – $590.95. If you prefer Kratom powder, you’ll find 10g to 1kg (1,000g) packs. Prices are between $9.95 to $490.

CBDKratomShops.com Coupon Code

When you spend more than $49.95 in a single order, you’ll receive free shipping (no promo code required). There’s one CBD Kratom coupon code floating around as well. However, it may not be valid anymore. Since it never hurts to try, enter the code ‘Slyng’ during checkout.

CBDKratomShops.com Consumer Reputation

On Reddit, Kratom forum members have discussed the high-quality of the products available in the Chicago store. At the same time, they’ve pointed out how expensive the prices are. Additionally, a local St. Louis newspaper published a long report about some potential legal issues with the St. Louis location. Essentially, the owner has made some bold claims that aren’t verifiable or legal to make. So far, that hasn’t led to them being shut down, though.

In another Reddit thread, one person referred to the Chicago store’s Kratom as “garbage.” Of course, that’s all subjective, as proven by the Redditor who said “the quality has been really good.”

Per Google, the Chicago store has a 4.7-star average out of 286 reviews. Customers say that the shop’s employees are “super helpful and knowledgeable,” “extremely welcoming,” and “informative.” The St. Louis location gets similar marks with a 4.7-star average out of 231 reviews.

CBDKratomShops.com Customer Service

Kratom leaves

The CBDKratomShops.com website has some contradictory statements about their return policy. In one area, the site says that no refunds or exchanges are accepted. But in another area, they encourage customers to send them a photo within 24 hours if there’s something wrong with their shipment.

Expanding upon the comments listed above, it’s difficult to find negative reviews that don’t focus on the vendor’s high retail prices. When you put that issue to the side, you get a lot of comments such as:

  • “This place is awesome!”
  • “Super helpful and knowledgeable.”
  • “Great service and positive attitude.”
  • “Super professional and inviting environment.”
  • “I had an issue with the product, but the company was able to fix it.”

Bottom Line

Many of you already know that you can buy Kratom for much better prices than those offered by CBDKratomShops.com. And this isn’t just a brick and mortar problem, either. Getting 10g for $9.95 off the website is tough to justify when you can get 28g for $4.99 – $9.99 from most Kratom vendors. If you’re in a pinch, though, CBDKratomShops.com and their four physical store locations seem to have it where it counts in terms of quality products and good customer service.

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