CBD Kratom Vendor Review


CBD Kratom provides the online home for the CBD Kratom chain. This vendor operates an online store but has four brick-and-mortar locations. Anyone in Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, or St. Louis can stop in at one of their locations. Because it started its chain in the Midwest, CBD Kratom prides itself on offering affordable prices for Midwestern shoppers.

CBD Kratom Review

CBD Kratom Shops features an overview of their flagship Chicago store’s wares. Those who want to visit in person will find the most extensive selection in Chicago. You can also order online by going into the ‘Shop’ section of the store, clicking on ‘Products,’ and selecting your product line of choice.

Site navigability doesn’t make for the easiest online shopping experience, but the design is aesthetically pleasing, and the products are solid. CBD Kratom also gets bonus points for having pictures of their actual kratom plant matter. This vendor specializes in high-quality kratom powder and Delta-8 THC.

If you put a lot of stock in variety, you’ll find CBD Kratom most alluring. This vendor carries over 50 so-called strains and a host of proprietary CBD and kratom products, including Delta-8 THC Gummies and Calm-Ageddon Dog Chews.

CBD Kratom Product Line

image of cbd kratom product

All of CBD Kratom’s illustrious items can be purchased online. It offers each strain in powder and capsule form. There are dozens of specimens to choose from, such as Chocolate Borneo, Dark Brown Bentuangie, Dark Green Borneo, Green Cambodian, and Green Dampar.

CBD Kratom’s red veins include Red Bali, Red Bentuangie, Red Borneo, Red Dampar, Red Dragon, Red Gold, Red Horned Leaf Kratom, Red Horned Maeng Da, Red Indo, Red Maeng Da, and Red Sumatra. Its whites include White Borneo, White Dampar, White Indo, White Kapuas, White Horned MD, and White Sumatra.

This vendor produces several yellow kratom strains, such as Yellow Borneo, Yellow Gold, and Yellow Hulu Kapuas. Other items include enhanced kratom powder (Super Indo) and specialty blends (Mixed Maeng Da and Mixed Malay, respectively).

As its name suggests, CBD Kratom sells more than mere kratom. They also offer a wide variety of headshop wares. Other retail items include hemp products, Kava chocolate bars, and various supplements.

What It Costs and How It Compares

CBD Kratom has an easy-to-understand price structure. Any vendor that does this makes life easier for customers, which is always appreciated. Its kratom powders are sold individually, while its kratom capsules come in bundles.

Kratom capsules are available in sizes ranging from a 10-pack to a 210-pack. Prices start at $8.00 and go up to $110.00. Alternatively, you can buy bulk kratom capsules with ½ kg or 1 kg for $360.95 – $590.95. You’ll find 10-gram to 1-kilo (1,000 grams) packs if you prefer kratom powder.

Kratom powder prices start at $10.00 for 10 grams, with 30 grams for $25.00. You can score 75 grams for $60 or 150 grams for $110.00. These prices do not conform to the current industry norm. Most vendors charge around $90-120 for a kratom kilo.

CBD Kratom Coupon Code

You’ll receive free shipping when you spend more than $49.95 in a single order (no promo code required). There’s one CBD Kratom coupon code floating around as well. However, it may not be valid anymore. Since it never hurts to try, enter the code ‘Slyng’ during checkout.

CBD Kratom Consumer Reputation

On Reddit, Kratom forum members have discussed the high-quality products in the Chicago store. At the same time, they’ve pointed out how lofty the prices are. A local St. Louis newspaper also published a long report about some potential legal issues with the St. Louis location. Essentially, the owner has made some bold claims that aren’t verifiable or legal. So far, that hasn’t led to them being shut down, though.

In another Reddit thread, one person referred to the Chicago store’s Kratom as “garbage.” Of course, that’s all subjective, as proven by the Redditor who said, “the quality has been really good.”

The Chicago store has a 4.7-star average out of 286 reviews. Customers say that the shop’s employees are “super helpful and knowledgeable,” “extremely welcoming,” and “informative.” The St. Louis location gets similar marks with a 4.7-star average out of 231 reviews.

CBD Kratom Customer Service

image of cbd kratom customer service

The CBD Kratom website has some contradictory statements about its return policy. The site says no refunds or exchanges are accepted. But in another place, it encourages customers to send in a photo within 24 hours if there’s something wrong with their shipment.

Expanding upon the comments above, it’s challenging to find negative reviews that don’t focus on the vendor’s high retail prices. When you put that issue aside, you see a lot of positive feedback. People have publicly admired its incredible staff and top-shelf service.

Over on Yelp, a reviewer said, “Great spot. Alex is very knowledgeable about kratom. I walked in not knowing what the store was and left very happy. Highly recommend you stop in!”

Another user said, “I actually inquired about OPMS Kratom, reading great things about the product, but Alex told me that she would suggest trying out the powder or capsules first before jumping to OPMS since I’m so new to it. I really appreciated her honesty even though it meant less profit for the business.”

Glassdoor reviews indicate employee morale as high as customer satisfaction, with one staff member raving about the extraordinary work environment and another discussing their great co-workers.

Bottom Line

Many of you already know that you can buy Kratom for much better prices than those offered by CBD Kratom. And this isn’t just a brick-and-mortar problem, either. If you’re in a pinch, though, CBD Kratom and its four physical store locations seem to have it what it takes in terms of quality products and customer service.

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