Break Free Herbs Kratom Vendor Review

Break Free Herbs Kratom Vendor Review

Break Free Herbs is a California-based vendor. In 2016, they had several customers leave a 5-star review on Facebook. However, by 2017, the tide had turned against them.

Break Free Herbs Kratom Review

This is a case that requires you to be very careful before you buy Kratom. The facts are pretty simple: after having a slew of positive ratings left on Facebook (all of which have no review, just a rating, and were suspiciously left on two different dates), their ratings turned negative. Be careful with this vendor.

Break Free Herbs Kratom Product Line

This vendor only offers four varieties of Kratom. They have a banner on top of their page that says, “New Kratom in stock!! Very potent click here!!” When you click on the items, though, they’re all out of stock and haven’t been updated since mid-January 2021. For context, this is mid-April 2021.

  • Powder – Red Bali, White Maeng Da, Super Green Malaysian, & Gold Maeng Da

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Break Free Herbs uses different pricing for each product. However, since there’s only four products, it’s pretty easy to keep track. Every product is sold with 100g. The pricing is:

  • Red Bali – $23
  • Gold Maeng Da – $25
  • Super Green Malaysian – $25
  • White Maeng Da – $27

Break Free Herbs Kratom Coupon Code

You will find several promo codes for this vendor by checking Google.

Break Free Herbs Kratom Consumer Reputation

image of break free herbs kratom product reviews

This is where the rubber truly meets the road. And, sadly, it’s not good. According to Facebook:

  • “So far it has been 9 days since i ordered website says 2 to 3 days. Sent numerous emails and Facebook messeges to find out when i could expect it as there has not been anything added to the tracking info no response to anything. “
  • “I also ordered 9 days ago. Still nothing… Emailed and got no response. Called the number associated with the email and it was for receptionist? All very strange to me and starting to think I got ripped off. Not very happy about this.”
  • “Bought some Super Green Malaysian. Very disappointing stuff. “

Break Free Herbs Kratom Customer Service

There aren’t a lot of reviews for this vendor. When it comes to customer service, though, they’ve been raked over the coals.

  • “Horrible customer service to not at least make up an excuse or say something i mean anything but no they just take your money and ignore you.”
  • “They don’t offer refunds. Gee I wonder why? Will not be doing any further business with this sorry excuse for a company.”

Bottom Line

image of break free herbs kratom leaves and powder

It’s hard to imagine how Break Free Herbs has existed and continues to sell out their products. From what we’ve seen, we’ll be passing on their Kratom. We suggest you do the same.

Are you looking for a worthwhile vendor? Head on over to The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors. With over 155 different vendors to choose from, there’s no reason to try a company with such a bad reputation.

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