Botanical Remedies Vendor Review

Today’s review throws a spotlight on the #1 veteran-owned kratom vendor and its supposedly superior kratom powder. The reviews of its kratom capsules and kratom extract are in and so is our verdict. Find out why kratom enthusiasts are calling Botanical Remedies their home away from home.

What is Botanical Remedies Kratom?

Located somewhere between Madera and Sacramento Counties, Botanical Remedies LLC is a California kratom supplier with a reputation for serving up sublime kratom blends, such as the Botanical Remedies Moon Dust. Customers have called it the best kratom ever. While that’s hardly an original sentiment it doesn’t make it untrue.

For many kratom enthusiasts, Botanical Remedies Kratom is the finest example of Mitragyna speciosa leaf they’ve encountered. The cash-strapped consumer will find this vendor’s free samples a welcome bonus when purchasing small-batch kratom. Whether its beloved freshness is matched by purity remains to be seen.

This brand purports to be lab-tested by a third-party entity, but the name of this third-party laboratory is never disclosed. There are no certificates of analysis available on the company’s website, nor is there an outbound link to such results. Apparently, we are expected to take this vendor’s word for it.

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The most perplexing and, perhaps, the alarming thing about this seller is its contact information. Its mailing address is never listed. Rather, a P.O. Box is provided, a P.O. Box located in Gatlinburg, TN. Meanwhile, the vendor’s phone number carries a 209 area code, which encompasses Madera and Sacramento Counties.

This is significant because there are at least 2,360+ miles between Gatlinburg and Sacramento County, CA. While it’s not uncommon for kratom vendors to maintain offices in multiple states or warehouses in cities far from their headquarters, it still seems odd for a California company to get its mail in a Butternut backwater.

Sketchy details such as this may give some consumers reservations about doing business with Botanical Remedies. However, it’s worth remembering that it has been around for years. In that time, it has received largely positive responses from its many patrons.

Examples of Herbal Remedies – What It Has to Offer

There are six pages of products to choose from, including CBD + Kratom tinctures, kratom capsules, kratom extracts, gold and yellow vein kratom powder, and more. Examples of herbal remedies in this vendor’s collection include CBG Oil Tincture, CBN Oil Tincture, and Full Spectrum 10:1 Tincture.

This vendor stocks a preponderance of premium kratom strains, such as Gold Vein, Green Bali, Green Horned Leaf, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Green Thai, Red Bali, Red Kalimantan, Red Maeng Da, Red Malay, Red Sumatra, Superior Red Dragon, Red Vein Thai, White Bali, White Bentuangie, White Borneo, White Horned Leaf, White Hulu, White MD, White Thai, Yellow MD, and Yellow Vietnam.

Its notable blends include Hippie Dip Blend, Serenity Blend, Solar Stew Kratom, Space Dust, and the appropriately named What the Funk Blend. These blends vary wildly from each other, so be sure to check their contents before placing an order of your own. Some are a mix of green, red, and white veins, while others are a mix of multiple greens, and so forth.

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What It Costs and How It Compares – Pricing and Perks

This is where things get sus for us. Freshness and potency are all well and good, but they’re certainly not as rare as many vendors would have you believe. In other words, you can find crisp, potent kratom from any number of e-commerce vendors, and they won’t rob you blind in the process.

Botanical Remedies does not appear to be one of these vendors. Although its small-batch kratom pricing is reasonable ($9.99 for an ounce of kratom powder is perfectly average), its bulk kratom prices are a slap in the face to any experienced buyer.

At $104.99 for a kratom kilo, it isn’t half bad (neither the cheapest nor the most expensive), but its enhanced kratom prices are absolutely ridiculous. $304.49 for 50 measly grams of anything is highway robbery. Period. Full stop.

It’s especially ridic when you realize that Hush Kratom has 50 grams of enhanced kratom for $69.99! Meanwhile, MIT45 has a squeezable pouch of its MIT GO Black Extra Strength Kratom Shot that contains 150 milligrams of 45% Mitragynine kratom extract for only $11.95, and you can buy a 12-pack for just $136.46.

Botanical Remedies Kratom Coupon and Discounts

It seems everyone’s learned how to be an edgelord over the last few years and even Botanical Remedies Kratom has gotten in on the action. Rather than simply advertising its email newsletter in the modest way so many vendors do, it’s opted to take the low road by implying that other vendors are beneath them.

Its homepage reads, “Emails Suck. Ours Don’t,” a statement that is both presumptuous and difficult to prove. After all, customers sign up for a kratom brand’s email newsletter for one reason and one reason only: to receive kratom coupon codes. How, then, is Botanical Remedies any different from anyone else’s?

On the positive tip, you don’t have to sign up for anything, not even its email newsletter, to receive a Botanical Remedies Kratom coupon code. You can find 10% off promo codes on its Facebook page. You can use the seasonal code ‘FALL15’ to get 15% off any product(s) sitewide.

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Botanical Remedies Kratom Customer Reviews

This vendor has attracted thousands of friends, follows, and searches across social media. It currently enjoys a 4.8-star overall rating among Facebook reviews. It’s even managed to curry favor with members of the notoriously fickle Reddit monarchy.

The opinions of these self-appointed know-it-alls might mean the most to prospective buyers. Who better to tell you what a brand is worth than the peeps who routinely pander to select vendors to the exclusion of others?

It might seem like a poor choice, given the incidents of cross-talk and distraction, but kratom subreddits can be invaluable. Users regularly post vendor warnings, bad experiences, and recommendations. Put simply, it’s a strong judge of kratom because its members are quick to call out a shill when they see one.

One Reddit member said, “Botanical Remedies is awesome. Just wish they had better rewards for frequent small orders,” while another said, “A little high [priced], but I know it will always be a good leaf. Tried to go cheaper a few times…the quality just wasn’t there compared [to Botanical Remedies Kratom].”

Over on Facebook, a loyal patron said, “Great products and wonderful customer service,” while another said, “Great product, fast shipping and very quick response to any questions that I have. Plus great packaging and I love the samples!”

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Bottom Line

Its supporters may love it, but there’s little to recommend this one beyond simple variety. Botanical Remedies’ lack of GMP certification and its unpredictable pricing leave a bad taste in our mouths. If you’re on the fence about buying, we strongly urge you to consider our list of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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