Borneohale Kratom Vendor Review Kratom Vendor Review is an Indonesia-based seller. They also offer partnerships to retail establishments. Kratom Review

The good news about buying Kratom from Borneohale is that they offer fantastic pricing. The bad news is that is that if you’re in the US, there’s always a chance your package could be seized by customs.

Borneohale Kratom Product Line

Borneohale’s website is a bit confusing when it comes to what you’re going to get. On the other hand, they sell some Kratom strains that are very difficult to get, especially in the US.

  • Powder – Green Thai, Super Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red Sulawesi, Green Sulawesi, Green Malay, Red Kalis, White Cambodian, Gold Maluku, Red Maeng Da, Green Elephant, White Vietnam, Red Thai, Red Cambodian, Red Bentuangie, Green Maeng Da, Red Elephant, Green Bali, Green Kalis, Red Malay, White Kalis, Green Philippines, White Maeng Da, Green Cambodian, Green JongKong, Red Vietnam, White Elephant, White Thai, White Bali, White JongKong, Green Vietnam, White Malay, Red JongKong, White Sulawesi, Red Mentebah, White Philippines, Green Maluku, Red Maluku, Red Philippines, White Maluku, Green Aceh, Green Bentuangie, Gold Maeng Da, Red Borneo, Green Borneo, White Aceh, Red Aceh, White Bentuangie, Green Embaloh, White Embaloh, White Borneo, Red Embaloh, White Mentebah, Green Ketapang, Green Mentebah, White Ketapang, & Red Ketapang.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

This is where gets confusing. Each strain listed above has one price – $30. The problem is that they talk about selling Kratom in two different sizes – 500g and 1 kilo. We assume that $30 is for 500g and that buying 1 kilo or more requires a partnership, but we’re not really sure. Kratom Coupon Code

Promo codes are abundant for this vendor. One we found offers 17 percent off orders of 20 kilos or more. Enter code “FB-20” to get this deal. Kratom Consumer Reputation

image of borneohale kratom customer reviews

There hasn’t been a ton of activity surrounding this vendor. However, thanks to Reddit, we know that:

  • “Borneohale Super Maeng Da is fantastic! Then White Horn, Yellow Horn, Red Horn in that order. Bentaungie as an honorable mention.”

We also learned that:

  • “I got 4 kilos recently all good quality. The only thing is the super maeng da had a green malay label with all the powdered kratom so i am a bit skeptical of that strain althought it isnt bad. I also got the red vein which is the darkest kratom ive ever seen. Like almost a blackish color. Very fine consitincy [sic] of grind. Def worth the money if you can wait a couple weeks.”
  • “I got some. Good stuff. Very very fine. Like flour.”
  • “The white horn is great and the bentaungie is f***ing potent.” Kratom Customer Service

We don’t know much about their customer service, but we do know they’ve been in business since 2015. We also learned:

  • “Got 3kg to the east coast no problem in about 12 days.”

Bottom Line

Kratom definitely seems to please their customers. We do need to warn you again about buying Kratom from an international seller. You’ll definitely get the best prices, but your order may also be held at customs.

Are you looking for a domestic vendor instead? Be sure to head on over to The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors. We have 150+ vendors to choose from, so you know you’re going to find exactly what you’re looking for… and then some!

1 Review for “Borneohale Kratom Vendor Review”

  1. Tyran says:

    I had a good experience ordering from Borneohale.. Yes the shipping may require your patience, and mine was unfortunately held at customs. But their response was quick and they were collaborative enough to help me get my kratom from the customs. It’s also true they have rare strains, containing 2% alkaloid (it is their claim, backed with a lab test result). As with their website, I do agree it is not the best looking. It seems they don’t employ UX/UI designer. Pricing was good but the shipping cost was quite expensive. I suggest you to order at least 20 kilos to make it worth your money, which may not be a good fit for personal purchase. But if you are a vendor and want to have enough stock in your storage, you can definitely try Borneohale. Quality wise, I ordered 50 kilos of different strains for my shop and they were all good. Definitely will repeat order in the future. They also offer partnership at, which I may be interested if they continue their good services and I get discounted prices.


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