Bikhuk Kratom Vendor Review

Also known as the Bikhuk International Trading Company, this Kratom vendor has been on the scene since 2006. At one point, they even had a reputation as one of the biggest and best Mitragyna speciosa shops in the world. Unfortunately, this caused the DEA to place a lot of scrutiny on their shipments, many of which were seized at the border. So, what has Bikhuk Kratom done to recover its business? And can you trust them to get orders to you in a timely manner? Let’s find out!

Bikhuk Kratom Review

The overly simplistic design of this vendor’s website is shocking, quite frankly, due to its long history and previously wonderful reputation. The homepage contains poorly written blog posts that appear to be several years old (with the second one down dating back to 2016). The first thing you’ll see beneath the site’s header are the words “Hello you.” Next, you’ll be told that their US based site is “temporarily not available,” but that’s been up for quite some time. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for it to come back online, as it probably never will.

Design complaints aside, we know what you really care about is the quality of Bikhuk’s Kratom and their customer service. We’re going to elaborate on these factors below, but in a snapshot, the DEA’s actions really hurt this vendor’s ability to do quality business in the US.

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Bikhuk Kratom Product Line

Shoppers can choose from 11 different Kratom products sold by the Bikhuk International Trading Company, including powder, extracts, and crushed leaves.

  • Powder – Borneo Red Vein, Sumatra White Vein, Sumatra Red Vein, Green Malay, Green Riau, Red Riau, Red Thai, & Stem and Vein.
  • Crushed Leaves – Red Borneo
  • Kratom Extract Powder – E.R.I.K.
  • All in One – Comes with 8 powder strains (150g each) and 5g of Kratom Extracts.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Bikhuk Kratom comes in bulk quantities. Prices vary based on the exact strain and type of Kratom you select.

  • 76 pounds of powder sells for $99.90 to $124.90
  • 74 pounds of powder costs between $199.90 and $244.90
  • 95 pounds of powder starts at $307.90 and goes up to $369.60
  • Crushed leaves come in a 1.76lb to 5.95lb package for $95.90 to $284.90
  • Kratom Extracts sell for $69.95 (50g), $129.90 (100g), and $599.90 (500g)
  • Kratom Stem and Vein comes in the same sizes as powder and runs $89.90 to $279.90
  • All in One has a total of 2.65 pounds of Kratom for $149.90

Bikhuk Kratom Coupon Code

image of bikhuk kratom cuopon code and discount

It’s always smart to look for promo codes before you buy Kratom. Unfortunately, there are no known active Bikhuk Kratom coupon codes as of late April 2020. The good news, though, is that the prices listed above always include free worldwide shipping. Bikhuk also offers wholesale resellers the opportunity to carry their products, so you might be able to find a discount code for another vendor that has Bikhuk Kratom in stock.

Bikhuk Kratom Consumer Reputation

It’s very interesting that the Bikhuk website doesn’t appear to have been updated in approximately four years as that’s exactly when things started to fall apart with their reputation (in the US, anyway). There have been numerous threads about the issues that began occurring on Reddit. For example, one thread had a single positive comment: “I have been very happy with their quality.”

Others issued dire warnings, with one Redditor proclaiming “they are on the FDA blacklist so you may have trouble getting it through customs.” Another commenter explained their take on Bikhuk’s dwindling reputation: “Their quality is terrible for the price. The market has come a long way in the last few years, and they haven’t kept up. If anything, they’ve moved backwards.”

A separate Reddit thread isn’t exactly encouraging. The original poster proclaimed, “of everything I’ve tried so far, it’s been the worst.” A second commenter said, “Bikhuk has been demoted in my mind to subpar Kratom…poor quality…smelled and looked like dirt.”

In yet another thread on Reddit, a Kratom enthusiast complained about Bikhuk’s “huge quality decline” and dubbed the vendor “a waste of money.” Two people did stand up for Bikhuk Kratom in this thread, though. The first said, “last year I bought their Borneo and it was fine.” The other stated, “Dude, Bikhuk has never once let me down.”

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Bikhuk Kratom Customer Service

The last Reddit commenter in the section above elaborated on their opinion about this vendor by saying, “Bikhuk is a great site with great customer service.”  Others on Reddit complained about it being difficult to get a response to emails.

  • “I been trying to contact them, and I haven’t gotten any reply through the email.”
  • “They’ve also been known to ignore people who are too impatient, demanding, or wordy.”
  • “Order too much? Email them with a question they do not like? etc. BANNED.”
  • “He always gets back to me but [it takes] up to a week.”

Aside from these complaints, there’s also the concerning fact that the Bikhuk site has no information at all about the company’s refund policy. In most cases, this means that the vendor in question doesn’t offer refunds for any reason. As regular readers of our posts know, we are always a bit suspicious of any company that doesn’t stand behind its products.

Bottom Line

Once upon a time, we would have been recommending Bikhuk Kratom as a good resource, but we can no longer do that in good conscience. They have quite simply slipped too far down the list of showcasing important vendor priorities such as offering refunds and remaining up to date. If you do choose to order from Bikhuk, be aware that shipping may take a while. Additionally, there’s a higher than normal risk that this particular vendor’s shipments may be seized during customs.

Do you want to avoid issues with customs and purchase Mitragyna speciosa through a vendor that stands behind their product? Head on over to The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors! You’ll find more than 60 other vendor reviews to help you make the right choice for your needs.

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