Big Kratom Vendor Review

Big Kratom is the Lone Star State’s latest kratom supplier and it is already earning four-star reviews or better. In the span of two-plus years, it has established itself as something of an ethnobotanical crossroads between Austin and San Antonio. This vendor specializes in kratom powder and kratom capsules.

The folks at Big Kratom claim to source their kratom powders from plantations in Southeast Asia, but an insufficient amount of information is given on its website. If you’re in the market for some legit Indo kratom powder, you may want to think twice before buying Big Kratom. We will tell you everything you need to know in our comprehensive Big Kratom Vendor Review.


Big Kratom Product Review

This domestic kratom vendor from Caldwell County, Texas, offers kratom powder and kratom capsules in nine variations, including green vein, red vein, and white vein. You will also find yellow kratom strains in its online collection.

Big Kratom’s prices compare nicely to those charged by your average online kratom supplier. However, certain volumes of kratom powder will cost more than what the top dogs typically charge. Like many others in the industry, Big Kratom tends to reward those who try a sample for the first time (see: bargain-basement one-ounce pouches) or go the whole hog with a bulk kratom bundle (see: industry-low kratom kilos).

We are not entirely sold on Big Kratom’s packaging. Although its plain black pouches are sturdy enough and relatively easy to reseal, we find their labels to be inferior to those of more reputable kratom brands; each label carries a small warning (for liability purposes) on the front of each package, but it bears no vital information about instructions, origins, or potential dangers. In this way, it falls short of the labeling required by the Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

This vendor’s online reputation appears to be all but non-existent, as we were unsuccessful in our search for any substantial comments regarding Big Kratom. There were no customer reviews or brand references at the usual online kratom forums, nor were there any ratings or Google reviews.

On the bright side, Big Kratom is registered with the Chamber of Commerce, where it has received six-starred reviews, five of which consisted of five stars. Additionally, Big Kratom has landed on the ILK (I Love Kratom) list of 2022’s Approved Vendors. According to its profile, here and elsewhere, you can reach Big Kratom at the following address: PO Box 124 Luling, TX 78648. Its manufacturing facilities and office address do not appear to be listed on the internet, which is uncharacteristic of legitimate kratom processors.

Big Kratom isn’t without its strong points. For instance, kratom same-day shipping is provided on most orders, provided they are placed during normal domestic business hours. Same-day shipping is delivered on orders placed before 2 PM on weekdays. Packages are shipped quickly and discreetly, but there is no guarantee of freshness.

Quality seems to be hit or miss for this brand, which does not surprise us. In light of its PO Box contact info and lack of industry credentials, we believe Big Kratom may be buying its kratom from a third-party entity. This may consist of purchasing Indonesian kratom from a middle man or simply buying kratom from a kratom farm in Florida.

Speculation aside, Big Kratom is not forthcoming with information; where others would be promising a money-back guarantee and next-level alkaloid content, Big Kratom simply discloses shipping speed and payment options. They even manage to be vague about this, which is really saying something. Frankly, we have never seen a so-called Frequently Asked Questions section so short and devoid of frequently asked questions.



In light of its poor brand visibility, lack of credentials, low-rent packaging, and lousy consumer reputation, we feel comfortable suggesting its quality is less than stellar. As with other brands, results are likely to vary. However, we would approach this vendor with due caution.

This vendor carries Green Borneo, Green Indo, Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red Borneo, Red Maeng Da, White Bali, White Borneo, White Maeng Da, and Yellow Bali, respectively. These strains are offered in a variety of sizes. Unfortunately, these strains are bereft of any descriptions. Ordinarily, a kratom vendor will give buyers a sense of where their kratom was grown and how it was cultivated. Big Kratom does none of this. Such an absence of detail is more than a little perturbing.

What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices start at just $7.50 for twenty-five grams, with fifty grams going for $15, one hundred grams going for $24.95, and two hundred fifty grams selling for $45.00. While $7.50 is an excellent price for an ounce (the current industry average is about $19.95), $45 for two hundred fifty grams is staggeringly high. For the sake of comparison, Star Kratom charges $34.99 for two hundred fifty grams, while the same amount of Pure Leaf Kratom often sells for $29.99.

To bring it back to the big shots at Big Kratom, five hundred grams go for $59, while a kratom kilo sells for $99.99. The latter represents the current industry average for a kratom kilo (Amazing Botanicals,, Titan Kratom and others charge $99.99 for one thousand grams), the former is a tad expensive for a ½ kilo. For the sake of comparison, Bulk Kratom Now offers discounted ½ kilos for as little as $45, while Koko Kratom charges $50.00 for a full kilo.

Big Kratom Coupon Code & Discounts

You can save a whopping twenty percent off your first order when you sign up for Big Kratom’s mailing list. Big Kratom’s email newsletter affords you exclusive access to elite-level promotions, including exclusive kratom strains, coupon codes, kratom contests, and more.

Big Kratom Customer Reviews

There is a troubling lack of information regarding this brand on the internet. Normally, we would find a minimum of two to four reviews at places like Double M Herbals or Reddit, but we were unable to locate so much as a single one for Big Kratom.

The only review we could find came from someone claiming to be new to kratom. This review appeared at, an industry news aggregating website. In their review, they write: “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! There are no words to describe my joy … The cost at the local business cost SO MUCH more I knew there was no way I was going to be able to continue and then I found your website WOO HOO!!!!”

We were unable to authenticate this review, as its supposed author is listed as ‘pharmacy center,’ a generic internet handle that gave us little to go on. However, the utter scarcity of additional reviews gives us serious pause.

Big Kratom Complaints

We were unable to find any negative comments concerning this supplier. Ordinarily, we would point to such a lack of complaints as a sign of a vendor’s good standing, but this does not seem to be accurate. In Big Kratom’s case, we have found there is such a lack of brand recognition that no one has had the opportunity to file a complaint.

No formal grievances have been lodged with the Better Business Bureau, no reviews have appeared on Google, and no lawsuits have been filed against this company. It has not been named in any court filings, nor has it received so much as a lick of attention at kratom forums.

Is It Lab Tested?

Big Kratom’s Lab Testing page is nearly as lackluster as its FAQ page. Here we are treated to four short sentences – eight if you count brief headers and a short note with an asterisk – in which this Texas kratom vendor explains third-party laboratory testing in vague and unnecessary terms without once furnishing actual third-party lab results.


Most insulting of all is its intro to the Lab Testing page, which promises the finest and purest kratom available anywhere, a statement one would hope a vendor could back up with some semblance of scientific evidence. Big Kratom is unable or, at least, unwilling to do so, which leaves a sour taste in our mouths.

Is Big Kratom Legit?

No. In our humble opinion, Big Kratom is not a legitimate company. Of course, this is largely subjective; there are many ways that a business can qualify itself as legitimate, whether it is being listed on the Chamber of Commerce website or receiving Approved Vendor status by a trusted kratom forum. However, the truly legitimate are able to demonstrate their legitimacy by means of certification and consumer reputation. Big Kratom has been unable to do either.

There are no certificates of analysis from an established independent laboratory, nor are there any verifiable reviews from consumers online. This may not be uncommon among newer kratom businesses, but it is alarming for a company to fail so spectacularly and in a myriad of ways.

American Kratom Association

Big Kratom has yet to participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. This may seem unfortunate to some discriminating consumers, but it is worth remembering that Big Kratom was only established within the last three years.

The GMP Standards Program was conceived as a way to keep customers safe while keeping vendors honest about their proprietary methods. Participants are expected to submit to follow program guidelines, while voluntarily submitting to a third-party audit. The program’s requirements encompass everything from manufacturing techniques and labeling practices to transparent distribution, sale, and verification of the same.

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Big Kratom might have market-appropriate pricing, but it does not strike us as such a great deal. The value of its kratom powders should be evaluated in direct proportion to the number of reviews it has received and the amount of confirmation it can provide. Still on the fence? We strongly recommend shopping around online and joining some kratom forums. There you will find recommendations, vendor warnings, and up-to-the-minute information about kratom-related initiatives. You can also check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for suggestions and relevant information.

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